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  1. Wealth:
  2.     8452 silver(433gp, 1957sp); Quite wealthy, seldom little is beyond your price range.
  4.     Investments:
  5.         -Siege! First Edition (30gp, Co-ownership with Demetrios Zabat, 50/50 profit split)
  6.         -Abdul-Hakim Fleet (6000sp, 8% of profit earned from the cargo for 15 years)
  7.         -Lapis Lazuli Mine (4000sp, Partial Ownership, 12% of profit, Additional 15% of profit on trade goods to be invested)
  9.     Not in your Possession but recorded here:
  10.         19,019 silver (959gp, 4634sp);  Chrys' money.
  11.         23,789 silver (1277gp, 4634sp); Skull Kid's money.
  12.         25,934 silver (1420gp, 4634sp); Fulvia's money.
  13.         13,684 silver (622gp, 4354sp);  Prof's money.
  14. Gear:
  15.     Weapons: (Stored in Void Cloak)
  16.             Snarer Handgun      ([Range: Distant] 10 shots, 2 shots/round, Armor Penetration, -4 on the second shot) [70 shots remaining]
  17.               Custom Spear      ([Range: Medium] +4 Dodge, Spell Amplification)
  18.              Ornate Dagger      ([Range: Close] +1 Dodge)
  19.        Vys-Leeching Dagger      ([Range: Close] Leeches 5 vys/round from target)
  20.              Compact Sword      ([Range: Close] +10 Smuggle)
  21.   Rhynian Officer's Pistol      ([Range: Distant] 2 shots, hidden effects) [18 shots remaining]
  22.               Dragon Staff      ([Range: Medium, Close, or Distant] Limited control of plant life, 1/2 cost nature magic)
  23.                    Blowgun      ([Range: Distant] 16 Sleep Darts)
  24.              Hiacian Sabre      ([Range: Medium] +4/[+6] Attack, +2/[+4] Dodge, [+2] Soak, Affinity Bonus with Warlock Armor Variants, Hidden Effects) [Charge: 4]
  25.           Fiendish Trident      ([Range: Medium] Deals soul and sanity damage, Hidden Effects)
  26.          Amplified Falcata      ([Range: Close] +4 to Attack Rolls, Increased Damage, Hidden Effects)
  27.          Spear of the Seer      ([Range: Medium] +6 to Attack, +2 to Dodge, Hidden Effects)
  29.     Armor:
  30.         Centurion Armor [STORED]: (+5 Soak, Spell Amplification, Magic Detection (Active), Hazmat Gear (Active), Self-Repairing (Active), Health Improvement (Passive), Boost Physical Attributes (Active), Hidden Effects)
  32.         Warlock Armor [STORED]: (+4 Soak, +2 Attack, +2 Dodge, +2 to Meditation Rolls, The Sight (Active), Elemental Strikes (Active) Hazmat Functions (Active), Attribute Enhancement (Active), Vys Gain (Passive [2/hr]), Health Improvement (Passive), Self-Repairing (Passive/Active), Hidden Effects)
  34.         Heavy Warlock Armor [STORED] (+10 Soak, +6 Attack, -4 Dodge, +4 to Meditation Rolls, Attribute Enhancement (Passive), The Sight (Passive), Hazmat Functions (Passive), Attribute Enhancement (Passive), Vys Gain (Passive [10/hr]), Health Improvement (Passive), Self-Repairing (Passive/Active) Hidden Effects)
  36.         Shield of the Scorpion [STORED] (+4 Attack, +4/[+6] Soak, +2/[+4] Dodge, Affinity Bonus with Warlock Armor Variants)
  38.         Stone Sleeve [STORED] (+8 to Earth Magic, Fires stone darts, +2 to soak rolls, Hidden Effects)
  40.     Jewelry:
  41.         Attuned Communication Brooch: (Chryssa, Mikhael, Profectus, Demetrios/Aisha, Darzi, Fulvia, Skull Kid, Mortia, Master Karim, Zaahir)
  43.         Ruby Pendant: [0 vys stored] (Able to store a theoretically infinite amount of vys. Hidden Effects)
  45.         Forrest King's Crown: (+6 to Nature Magic, +4 to Soak rolls, +4 to meditation rolls)
  47.         Vys Ring: [60 Vys Stored] Gains 5% (rounded) of Mik's total reserves each day, to a maximum of 80. Prevents passive leeching of his excess vys.
  49.         Golden Horn Caps: (+4 to Fire magic, Hidden Effects)
  51.         Key to Mahana's Realm (Capable of teleporting you to either Mahana's throne room or your personal realm and back to your initial location instantly)
  53.         Ring of Acumen (+6 to Nature Magic, +4 to Finalization, +4 to Resisting Outside Influence, +2 to Meditation, Hidden Effects)
  55.     Clothing:
  56.         Phoenix Belt (Stores a large portion of the wearer's soul in order to resurrect them upon death. One use only.)
  57.         Void Cloak (+6 to Stealth, x2 in Darkness, Dimensional Storage, Spell Eating, Hidden Effects)
  58.         Courier's Bag (Comfortably Carry up to 50 lbs, hidden effects)
  59.         Belt Pouches (Carry an additional 15 lbs of small items)
  60.         Vine Bag (Comfortably Carry up to 30 lbs, hidden effects)
  61.         Black Linen Robe
  62.         3x Shirts
  63.         3x Pants
  64.         1x Cotton Turban (White)
  65.         1x Fine Silken Turban (Blue)
  66.         1x Fine Silken Sash (Blue)
  67.         1x Fine Silken Robes (Solid black robes fastened with a silver sash about the waist and over the shoulder. Hidden Effects)
  68.         1x Woven Leather Sandals
  69.         1x Dhotar (Black)
  70.         1x Black Vest
  72.     Misc. Gear (Stored in Void Cloak)
  73.         Rope
  74.         Mirror
  75.         Lantern
  76.         Lantern Oil
  77.         Enchanted Emerald (Spirit Larva)
  78.         16x assorted gemstones
  79.         3x large lumps of iron ore
  80.         Two pound bag of black pepper
  81.         Smoldering Blanket (Burns constantly at a low heat, without itself catching fire)
  82.         Letter from Padishah Kadir (Allows you passage through Pidjata so long as you obey the laws of the land)
  83.         Ornate Lockbox (Unlocked)
  84.         Well Made Oud (+4 Perform, should you know how to play)
  85.         Satrap's Token (Permits entry into the Satrap's Library when within the confines of Marqash)
  86.         Tiny Golem (Might help with stuff?)
  87.         Three Candles (???)
  88.         Talking Statue (Great conversationalist, may know something about enchanting)
  90.     Tools
  91.         Crowbar
  92.         Hammer
  93.         Lockpicks
  94.         Grappling Hook
  96.     Potions:
  97.         1x Incorporeality Potion (Allows you to pass through solid objects, and turns you nearly invisible)
  98.         1x Poultice (Provides a +6 bonus when taken before meditation)
  99.         10x Painkiller (Allows you to ignore one level of the wounded condition, and the maluses there-in)
  100.         9x Vitality Extract (Increases resistance to disease and insanity, as well as speeding healing)
  101. Books/Writings: (Stored in Void Cloak)
  102.     A Treatise on Advanced Water Magic by Master Yusef  (Finished)
  103.     Angry Water Priest's Letter             (Finished)
  104.     Dux's Letter                            (Finished)
  105.     The Shaping Arts                        (Finished)
  106.     Hierarchy of the Cosmic Bureaucracy     (Finished) (By Ricky)
  107.     Ancient Report: Regional Mint           (Useless)
  108.     Excidium                                (11/13 Chapters Read)
  109.     Breaking the Ninth Barrier              (5/18 Chapters Read)
  110.     On Empire: The Rise of Civilization     (Unread)
  111.     A History of Pidjata                    (Unread)
  112.     Devotional Booklet to Pani              (Unread)
  113.     The Fall: A Hiacian Perspective         (Unread)
  114.     Metamagic Instructions: Beam            (Unread)
  115.     Metamagic Instructions: Delay           (Unread)
  116.     Cradle of Hiacia                        (Unread)
  117.     The Forms of Gods in Nature             (Unread)
  118.     Manual on the Art of Vital Points       (Unread)
  119.     Alchemical Treatise                     (Unread)
  120.     Journal of a Hiacian Enchanter          (Unread)
  121.     On the Forbidden Arts                   (Unread)
  123.     Utility Effects                         (3/15 Chapters Read)
  124.         {Mark, (Animate), (Create), [Confuse], Sleep}
  126.     Enhanced Interrogation                  (Unread)
  127.         {Pain, (Poison), Hallucinate}
  129.     Varistha's Chest:
  130.         The Varistha's Notes (56/67 Pages Read)
  131.         The Varistha's Memoirs (Unread)
  132.         The Prism (Allows one to view anyone from anywhere in the world so long as you know them well enough)
  133. Survival:
  134.     10x crates of assorted foodstuffs. (~3 months of food)
  135.     9x barrels of water. (~3 months of water)
  136.     5x small tents
  137.     Ominous Carriage
  138. Loot:
  139.     13x Magic Lanterns
  140.     2x Good Wine
  141.     1x Wine
  142.     1x Date Liquor
  143.     4x Honeyed Sorghum Beer
  144.     3x Bandit's Personal Chest
  145.     1x Crate of High Quality Opium
  146.     1x Armor Sets (Eastern)
  147.     1x Weapons (Elaudian Axe)
  148.     1x Bandit's Personal Journal (Unread)
  149.     1x Rhynian Map (Shows near-by Ruins)
  150.     4x Hazardous Materials Shipments
  151.     1x Rhynian Officer's Pistol
  152.     1x Surgeon's Tools
  153.     1x Clavichord
  154.     1x Brass Horn
  155.     2x SMGs [45 shots remaining]
  156.     2x Shotgun [5 shots remaining]
  157.     1x Oversized Handgun [5 shots remaining]
  158.     1x Needlegun
  159.     3x Gargoyle Hides (750 square feet, 350 lbs)
  160.     1x Gargoyle Corpse (Skinned, Beheaded, 2900 lbs total, ~2500 lbs of meat and organs, ~400 lbs of bones)
  161.     1x Dragon Corpse (Skinned, Beheaded, 185 lbs total, ~150 lbs of meat and organs, ~30 lbs of bones)
  162.     1x Gargoyle Head Trophy
  163.     1x Dragon Head Trophy
  164.     1x Piece of vys leeching crystal
  165.     1x Silver-Banded Pipe
  166.     6x Pidjatan Lion Tails
  167.     2x Gigantic Ruby Halves
  168.     1x Boar Spirit's Tusk (~120 lbs of spirit ivory)
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