Blow his mind (ChipFic)

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  1. >Lupa ran her fingers through her brother's hair
  2. >He has his head in her lap as they idly watched TV
  3. >Lemy had a smile on his face as he had his head lazily scratched
  4. >He has sex hair, she thought to herself with a blush
  5. >Sex. or phase three as she called it in her diary
  6. >The end game, her eventual goal
  7. >Its not that Lemy wasn't interested, but he was totally passive when it came to initiating things
  8. >It was always Lupa making the first move, though most of the time he would take over as Lupa became overwhelmed
  9. >Not that she minded, she preferred it this way, Lemy was a gentleman and didn't rush her into anything she wasn't ready for
  10. >And to be honest, she still wasn't ready to go all the way
  11. >But she had things she wanted to try
  12. >Leaning forward she kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth
  13. >Reaching into his shorts, she pulled him out, already rearing to go
  14. >"Eager?" she grinned
  15. >His eyes were half-lidded and he was out of breath
  16. >He could only nod
  17. >Lupa pulled him to a seated position next to her as she dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him
  18. >"I want to try something" she said, gripping him in her hand
  19. >Lemy's eyes were wide now
  20. >They had done some heavy petting before, some feeling around
  21. >Nothing like this however
  22. >He twitched in her grasp and she grinned again
  23. >"I take it that's fine with you?"
  24. >"Y-y-yeah" Lemy was stuttering hard
  25. >Lupa turned her focus to the task at hand
  26. >He was big for his age, maybe in general
  27. >The girl doubted she could take him to the base without practice
  28. >But she wanted to blow his mind
  29. >She kind of knew how to do this, work her tongue, use her hands
  30. >Like in the porn she watched for "research purposes"
  31. >Lupa gave the tip an experimental flick with her tongue
  32. >Lemy tensed and he shuddered in her hand
  33. >Smiling now she wrapped her lips around her brother, surprised with hot it felt
  34. >Lemy groaned and she struggled not to lift his hips and thrust into her mouth
  35. >"Always the gentleman" she thought to herself and she took him deeper
  36. >His eyes were clenched shut and his hands shot up to his mouth to muffle himself
  37. >Slowly, Lupa worked her way up and down half his length, using her hand to pump the other half
  38. >Lemy's knees were shaking and he was breathing so hard she wouldn't be shocked if he passed out
  39. >"L-Lu...I'm gonna..." he warned her
  40. >Suddenly she had an idea
  41. >Releasing him she grabbed his hands
  42. >He looked at her with hazy eyes filled with lust and confusion
  43. >Lupa put her brother's hands on the sides of her head
  44. >"Go ahead" she smiled at him as she took him into her mouth once more
  45. >Eyes wide Lemy didn't move at first
  46. >But as his sister worked her way back down, he put light pressure in assisting her movements
  47. >He quickened her pace, careful not to push her down futhur than she had gone on her own
  48. >Lupa felt a jolt run through her and nearly bit down
  49. >His toe was tracing lines up and down her panties
  50. >The morose girl was not about to give him time to get her off
  51. >She sped up, taking him as deep as she could
  52. >Lemy was gasping for air and his face was beet red
  53. >Lupa felt his hands force her head down and held her there as his hips bucked
  54. >He cried out as he exploded in his sister's mouth
  55. >Lupa's eyes nearly bugged out of her head
  56. >she wasn't expecting so much
  57. >And neither was her gag reflex as she shot her head up in a coughing fit
  58. >There was no time for Lemy to bask as he moved to her side in an instant, rubbing her back
  59. >"Are you ok?  I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that"
  60. >"I-I'm fine" she sputtered, eyes teared up "How was it?"
  61. >"Amazing" he replied "Can..."
  62. >He trailed off, not making eye contact
  63. >"Can I try?"
  64. >Lupa was sure she had the dumbest look on her face
  65. >She wasn't expecting him to suggest it on his own
  66. >Standing up abruptly, she made her way over to where Lemy was seated moments ago
  67. >Bringing her knees up to her chest slowly, she bared herself
  68. >Lupa felt her face burning, this was the first time she exposed herself to him
  69. >Lemy knelt there, eyes wide as saucers and face even more crimson than hers
  70. >The dour girl hid her face in her knees, she'd never been so embarrassed
  71. >She cried out when she felt his lips
  72. >Peaking at him she watched as he planted small kisses over her entrance
  73. >When he traced his tongue along her slit her legs shot forward, wrapping around his head
  74. >"Holy shit, Lem!" she ran her fingers through his hair and leaned into him
  75. >He explored, taking note of her reactions
  76. >In no time Lupa was shaking and spasming
  77. >Lupa cried out as her orgasm hit her like a truck
  78. >Arching her back in ecstasy she gripped her rocker's hair like a lifeline
  79. >She was breathing heavy as she came down from the most intense high of her life
  80. >Releasing her deathgrip on his mane, she started stroking and scratching his head in appreciation
  81. >"He totally has sex hair"
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