WarpedRealm release 1.21

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.21 Changes:
  2. - Fixed a bug where the store-purchase pictogram would cut off
  3. - Changed sound and particles of store purchases
  4. - Added missing store purchase announcements to non-rank items
  5. - Fixed some of the custom-item lores having too many empty lines or showing abilities etc. when not having any
  6. - Reworked all Bans, kicks and mutes with new messages, internal handling, rules and styling
  7. - Added /gallery link
  8. - Added /gallery to TCF
  9. - Fixed prices of phantom membranes being 50% too low
  10. - Reworked leave sounds and messages
  11. - Fixed a few more issues with sellwand selling as trusted members in claims
  12. - Refactored sellwand prefix and messages in chat
  13. - Added favicons to gallery
  14. - Added new rules and punishments to the wiki
  15. - Fixed quest wiki page showing the wrong numbers of quests (still stuck on 2)
  16. - Added /buyquests to the Questing wiki page
  17. - Fixed translation error when entering /delhome without any homes
  18. - Added a few more quests over the buyquests and the regular daily ones
  19. - Added /claimlist, /abandonclaim and /abandonallclaims to TCF
  20. - The /Ranks GUI has been completely remade, now shows proper messages when not having reached the previous rank, not having enough money and showing all purchased ranks through enchanting the icons
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