Fubuki Cancer Short

Aug 30th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. ... -Buki.... Fubuki, did you hear what I said?
  2. > Yes... Stage 4 breast cancer, metastatic.
  3. Yes. See, usually if caught early, the cancer will generally have only spread to the lymph nodes under your arm, inside your breast, and near your collarbone, but given how late this diagnosis is... It metastasized into more areas of your body. There are treatments, but unfortunately.... unfortunately the survival rates aren't very likely. 3 years or more is 22%.
  4. >... What treatments?
  5. Well, first, we would have to remove the tumor that is lodged in the tissue of your breast. This would mean, of course, an amputation. After that, we would have you started on chemotherapy.
  6. > No chemo.
  7. But the chemo is the-
  8. > I said no chemo. I don't want to spend the last few months of my life puking and being bed ridden. I want to entertain my fans. I want to hang out and collab with my friends. I... I want to...
  9. Ms. Fubuki, the chemotherapy may have terrible side effects at first, but if it works, your lifespan can be increased for over 2 years. I would highly recommend th-
  10. > No is no.
  11. I see... then I'll have your surgery scheduled for as soon as I can. Thank you for your time.
  12. > ...
  13. -----------
  14. Hey Fubuki, me and Ayame have been waiting for quite a while. You sure took your time there. Sooo, what did the doc say?
  15. >...
  16. Fubuki?
  17. > It's nothing to worry about, he said... he said I'm just tired because of some weird new strain of the flu. I'll be fine after I take some pills. Let's go now, Ayame is waiting for us.
  18. Fubuki? W-why are... crying?
  20. ----------
  21. > As you may have noticed in the title, I have an important announcement to make...
  22. Fubuki is smiling at the camera but... something seems off about her voice today, and the fans notice.
  23. > Lately, I haven't been streaming as much, and I'm sorry for that.
  24. Her voice makes it sound like she is in pain, like something is stuck in her throat. Fubuki may be smiling but it doesn't seem genuine.
  25. > A-and I know that the friends have been worried about me for a while...
  26. A tremble can be heard in her voice, she mutes the stream for a moment to recollect herself. 30 seconds go by... then a minute. After this long period of deafening silence, she finally speaks up again.
  27. > But I'm fine. However...due...
  28. > ...
  29. > ...due to unforseen circumstances, I will be graduating from Hololive effective immediately.
  30. The text shows up sliding on the bottom of the screen, first in Japanese, and then in English. The fans start asking what is going on over and over again. Fubuki unmutes herself, one final time.
  31. > And that's it! I'm sorry it had to be like this. I made many memories with my friends... and you... my fans... in the past 3 years of Hololive.
  32. > I was... I was happy. And I'm glad I got to share this happiness with you.
  33. > So... even if it's just for this brief moment... I'll be your waifu.
  34. > T-thank you, every one of you.
  35. Fubuki can barely hold in her tears, her mouth biting at her lip to hold it back.
  36. > Goodbye, husband.
  37. The stream ends, and just like that, she was gone. The recommended shows her latest collabs, her having fun with her friends just last week. And now... it was over.
  39. ---------
  41. Matsuri starts streaming a couple hours later, a chatting stream. She explains that Fubuki will be in our hearts forever and that her impact in Hololive was unlike any other.
  42. >She was always there for us, even in the darkest times...
  43. > And even though she may be gone now, she will never be forgotten... I'll make sure of that.
  44. > As her colleague, as her friend... as her fan... I loved her, just like all of you do.
  45. > And I'll let every single person know... just how amazing of a friend she was.
  46. The stream doesn't last long, Matsuri is clearly crying every 3 minutes, muting herself so the fans don't hear it, but they know. A couple of other Hololive members stream as well. Mio, Korone, Okayu, Marine do it first and take in most of the fallout. In the end, none of them ever explained the reason why she graduated, possibly due to a contract, or to respect Fubuki's wishes. The fans will never even get to know.
  48. -------
  49. Fubuki sits on the edge of a rooftop, watching the cars go by as the cold snow begins to fall. Matsuri stands behind her, leaning against a wall and enjoying a hot beverage. Other than the sounds of the cars passing by and the whistling winds, there is only silence.
  50. > it's very relaxing up here, isn't it?
  51. > ...yeah.
  52. Matsuri doesn't really initiate conversations as much, Fubuki had stopped engaging long ago, not giving more than simple answers or maybe only a nod. She doesn't blame her, Matsuri has no idea what may be going through Fubuki's mind right now. It has been about a month since she graduated from Hololive, two since she was diagnosed with cancer. After the surgery, Fubuki was never the same. Always absent minded, not as cheerful as she used to be, barely making an effort to get out of bed. She lost weight too, but apart from that, there weren't many visible changes to her physique.
  53. > You know... I hear Mio is getting a new outfit soon. I think the theme was to match with the "Gamers" stuff.
  54. > ...I see.
  55. Fubuki takes a small sip at the can of coffee in her hand, putting it down next to her and staring at streets below again.
  56. > You know... Matsuri...
  57. > Yeah?
  58. > I've lived a good life. I had many friends. I had money, friendship, love, a good and well paying job. I was happy.
  59. > ...
  60. > And I think that... being diagnosed with cancer helped me really understand just how loved I was.
  61. > Fubuki...
  62. > Even if my time was cut short with my fans, I know that they never will forget me and that I'll always be someone dear in their hearts...
  63. > And I think that... even if it was only one person... that I got to make happy... it still would've all been worth it in the end.
  64. > ...
  65. > Matsuri. You're still young. You're loved by many people, just like I was... You've got your whole life ahead of you.
  66. > So I ask of you... live life the best you can. Never have any regrets as to what you could have done. Live it to the fullest... so you don't end up like me...
  67. > ...Fubuki?
  68. Fubuki starts sobbing, her voice strains itself to keep going.
  69. > I was... such an idiot.
  70. > I should've... never declined the chemo...
  71. > Fubuki, no, you still have time!
  72. > It's not that simple Matsuri.
  73. > And now I'm left... full of regrets. Regrets that I'll never be able to spend more time with my fans... my friends...
  74. > I was such a fool.
  75. Fubuki starts crying out, tears flow down her face without end. Matsuri comes up behind her and hugs her.
  76. > It's all right Fubuki... don't say these things. I'm still here, you know?
  77. > I'll always be here, with you.
  78. > ...Until the end?
  79. > Until the end, and forever after. I'll always love you, Fubuki.
  80. Matsuri hugs her tighter, Fubuki puts her hands on her face as starts crying even harder. Matsuri pats down her hair as she rests her face against her back. The warmth comforts Fubuki, and the two of them stay like that for a good while.
  82. --------
  84. Finally, Fubuki stops crying. Matsuri lets go of her and gets back up, patting off the snow from her knees, red from the cold floor.
  85. > Let's go now, it's cold outside.
  86. Matsuri extends out her hand to Fubuki with a smile.
  87. > ...yeah.
  88. She takes her hand and gets off the ledge of the rooftop. The snow continues to fall as the door to the rooftop closes up.
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