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Feb 14th, 2020
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  1. When talking about the Cabal local level operations, one of the most crucial factors of said operations are the local level operators.
  2. What motivates the local level operator into complying with the Cabal network (either by following direct orders, or by being silent about their operations):
  4. 1) Fear – the asset complies with orders or with silence due to implied or direct threat;
  5. 2) Greed – the asset complies with orders and silence by profiting from the Cabal network;
  6. 3) Manipulation – the asset is kept in the dark for the most of the part about the Cabal network but gets feed rumors or straight up lies that get him to act a certain way;
  7. 4) Ideology* (useful idiot) – the asset complies with orders and silence duo to an ideological belief, but he is being manipulated because the end result of the ideology he tries to advance will not result in something he wants to come to fruition;
  8. 5) Ideology* (puppet master) – the asset is a true believer in the ideology he got feed and he knows what the end result will be, and he probably tries to recruit as many useful idiots as he can;
  9. 6) Unknowing non-meddler – the asset does not know about the Cabal, and has a “I mind my own business as long as nobody tries to stick their nose in mine” towards local level operations, because he does not know that local level small time organized crime always responds to the Cabal network (local org → regional org → national org → trans-national org → top of the pyramid (Eye of Providence) );
  10. 7) Anti-social personality – the asset complies with orders and silence because he enjoys having control over others and/or causing and witnessing pain in others.
  12. Factors that affect the motivators:
  13. 1) Growing with a sense of lack of material possessions – the asset might be open to exploitation via Greed ( 2) ) if he grew up poor, or even if he did not grew up poor, by having a sense of lacking enough material possessions (example: middle class children who are not poor but compare themselves to those that grow up with more/easier access to material possessions).
  15. Case study:
  16. 1)
  17. Ronald Bernard:
  19. – Interview with Ronald Bernard, PT subtitles
  21. In the interview with banker Ronald Bernard we can see an example of a regular businessman who gets recruited to the high levels of the Cabal network (trans-national level) by another apparently regular businessman he knew from doing legit business. Eventually, he gets asked to rape and/or sacrifice children (pretty much certainly on tape, as an insurance policy and guarantee of total future compliance with the Cabal network) and has a mental breakdown, gets ill and cannot comply with the Cabal network anymore, he puts in place a deadman switch and gets tortured for over an year (the specific type of torture is not specified, probably some extreme form of gangstalking and/or energy weapon harassment, if I am allowed the speculation).
  23. So, analyzing the motivations of Ronald Bernard, we can see an asset which was recruited via Greed ( 2) ), and that according to himself was 100% OK with collapsing economies (which caused thousands if not millions of people to go into abject misery) and joking about it with his colleagues, but his Greed was not enough of a factor to keep complying with the Cabal once he found out that he was working for literal pedophile rapists and child killing people, and that everyone that was above him in the Cabal hierarchy at the very top levels was doing it, and that were the people pulling the strings of the world with their corruption and criminal schemes, and ultimately, who controls ALL organized crime, from the trans-national, to the national, to the regional, to the local levels.
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