LCD 1602

Mar 31st, 2021
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  1. VSS=0V, VDD=5V, V0=potentio 0-20K to 5V, BLA=5V, BLK=0V
  2. Pinout: VSS,VDD,V0,RS,R/W,E,D0,D1,D2,D3,D4,D5,D6,D7,BLA,BLK
  3. Write/Read:
  4. RS/RW ..0ns.. EN=1 ..100ns.. Dx ..40ns.. EN=0 ..10ns.. ..1.52ms..
  6. {RS}{R/W}-{D7}D6}{D5}{D4}-{D3}{D2}{D1}{D0}
  7. 00-0000-0001 Clear display
  8. fill space to DDRAM, DDRAM address to 00h
  9. 00-0000-001x Return home
  10. DDRAM address to 00h, cursor to original location
  11. 00-0000-01{I/D}{S} Entry mode
  12. 11/01 shift display to left/right
  13. 1x/0x cursor/blink move to right/left, DDRAM address increased/decreased
  14. 00-0000-1{D}{C}{B} Display on/off
  15. D=1/0 display turn on/off
  16. C=1/0 cursor shown/hidden
  17. B=1/0 cursor blink/not
  18. 00-0001-{S/C}{R/L}xx Cursor or display shift
  19. 00/01 shift cursor to left/right, address counter--/++
  20. 10/11 shift display to left/right, address counter stays
  21. 00-001{DL}-{N}{F}xx Function
  22. DL=1/0 8-bit/4-bit
  23. {N}{F}=00 1-line display mode, 5x8 dots format
  24. {N}{F}=01 1-line, 5x8 dots
  25. {N}{F}=1x 2-line, 5x11 dots
  26. 00-01{AC5}{AC4}-{AC3}{AC2}{AC1}{AC} Set CGRAM address
  27. CGRAM data now available to read/write
  28. 00-1{AC6}{AC5}{AC4}-{AC3}{AC2}{AC1}{AC} Set DDRAM address
  29. DDRAM data now available to read/write
  30. in 1-line mode, DDRAM address from 00h to 4Fh
  31. in 2-line mode, DDRAM address from 00h to 27h (line 1), 40h to 67h (line 2)
  32. 01-{BF}{AC6}{AC5}{AC4}-{AC3}{AC2}{AC1}{AC} Read busy data and Address counter
  33. BF=1/0, busy/not
  34. 10-{D7}D6}{D5}{D4}-{D3}{D2}{D1}{D0} Write data to DDRAM/CGRAM
  35. 11-{D7}D6}{D5}{D4}-{D3}{D2}{D1}{D0} Read data from DDRAM/CGRAM
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