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  1. Clearly you know absolutely nothing about my relationship over the past year. There was plenty of love and there will always be feelings between Emily and I.  I ended the relationship because I know there is someone better out there for both of us and there's no point locking each other down for a relationship doomed for failure.
  3.  sure I might do nothing but work. But that's because i have these things called life ambitions and I understand that work is required to achieve my goals, which is something you seem to struggle with grasping.
  5. And if you think I paid for sydars attention you're clearly as delusional as all the other retards in this channel. I had RP on my league account. Sydar rejected crispys invite so I bribed her to accept mine. It was a joke to make crispy feel inferior. I don't expect an unemployed child to understand what it's like to have $$$ to throw away so I'll let that one slide.
  7. While I'm typing this you kindly listed all the things wrong with yourself which saves me the effort. I'm glad you atleast have the self awareness to identify your core issues.
  9. And implying that I hate myself then Calling me vain is one of the biggest contradictions I have ever heard... You claim the W but litterally defeated your own argument in the same paragraph.
  11. I'm glad you think I'm ugly, it's just a shame the only thing more irrelevant than your opinion is your existence.  
  13. It must be nice to sit their at your keyboard trying to talk shit about situations you know absolutely nothing about, making judgements based on Chinese whispers you have heard from snakes who want nothing more than to stir up drama.
  15. I never have and never will truely be honest about anything in my life with any of you pricks because you're all nothing more than judgemental snakes who stir drama as a way of misdirecting the attention away from your own insecurities.
  17. Crispy is a sad pathetic man child who attaches himself to the first bit of Epuss that opens it's legs, he's willing to completely throw away any form of friendship if he thinks there's even the slightest chance.
  18. Has no problem begging me to apologise to his Ethot but as soon as the tables are turned he "does not care"
  20. Donny is just a flat out snake who will sit on the fence and jump over to which ever side he feels will be more entertaining at the time.
  22. Wiggle is just wiggle....
  24. And Liam. You're just a sad desperate for attention teenager who is borderline unemployable. No qualifications. No life ambitions. No hope.
  25. Sure your girlfriend might be hot as fuck but that's litterally the only good thing you have going for yourself
  26. we will see who's laughing when she realizes that you're going absolutely no where in life and leaves your pathetic ass.
  28. I truely look forward to hearing all about your next sob story the next time you come begging for my virtual scraps.
  29. You're lucky you have friends that can sympathize with you enough to carry your dumb ass through entry level content, while you continuously switch class in search for something braindead enough for you to be viable on.
  31. I suggest next time you feel like dribbling shit atleast get your facts right. Because I promise you absolutely nothing you have heard from these clowns is even remotely close to the entire truth.
  33. To sum it all up in a TLDR.... you're a sad child who's been alive for 17 years and has absolutely nothing to show for it.
  35. I have worked at my current job for 6 months and have earned more money than you will earn in the next 5 years.
  36. I have more to show for my last 6 months of life than you can show for your entire life.
  37. I am on a completely different level from you and I always will be.
  39. Destroying wannabe trolls like yourself is what I do as a hobby so I suggest you stick to your lane.
  40. And by your lane I mean following behind the rest of the clowns here picking up their scraps and begging for attention like the friendless introvert you are.
  42. And yeah this took a while to type out. Had to keep stopping to reply to the countless females who find this toe face of mine attractive.
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