Jul 8th, 2017
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  2. USERNAME — @crybabyjoon
  3. PASSWORD — deep blue eyes
  8. FULL NAME — Jung Hee Su
  9. STAGE NAME — Quinn
  10. NICKNAMES — hazel, jungle, junghee
  12. BIRTHDAY — october 15, 1991
  13. AGE — 25 (int.) 26 (korean)
  15. NATIONALITY — korean
  16. EHRNICITY — asian
  18. BIRTHPLACE — bucheon, south korea
  19. HOMETOWN — seoul, south korea
  22. — korean
  23. — sign language
  24. (hopefully this is allowed?)
  26. HEIGHT — 168 cm
  27. WEIGHT — 50 kg
  28. BLOOD TYPE — B
  30. FACE CLAIM — somin
  31. BACKUP — heehyun
  32. BACKUP TWO — sowon
  35. PERSONALITY — though hee su claims she doesn't like aegyo, and even loses her shit when any of her members attempt to be cuter than everyone else, she's a real for within. of course, if you tell her, she won't believe you and disagree on everything you say. hee su believes that she's the coolest and most badass member in the group, though that can be true, at times she's a real child for someone whose one of the eldest. because she isn't the oldest of the whole group, she kinda doesn't see the point in being an adult and serious, so she's laid back and low key judges everyone. let say someone's trying to do aegyo, it being her most disliked attempted thing, she'll easily give the person a disgusted look at then point out why they weren't cute. or maybe let's say they're practicing and she'll keep pointing out that one person, she's not a bully but rather someone that just can't stop teasing. like said before, hee su believes that she's the coolest and many do as well. though, she loses her cool when around people she doesn't really know, or god forbid there be any boys around. she's never had any type of experience in any type of relationships, she's liked people before but it's never came out of her mouth, so all the awkwardness comes out from her when the opposite gender is standing close to her. at times, when the group is out and she sees another male idol, she'll quietly lose her calm, try to hide behind another member and try to make her cold escape. and though it never always works, because the girl easily catches attention I mean why wouldn't you look at her, and she ends up being forced to act as casual as she can as she has a decent conversation. the bigger problem is that it's not only with idol boys, just the male fans make her wanna run away. though fans do find this part of her cute, she's extra shy and timid when she's talking with a male fan, she's just exclusively different when the opposite gender. because of how cool her visuals look yet how dorky her personality is, hee su is always being question when at interviews or such. it playfully pains her that people don't really see her as a rapper but it's the thought that counts.
  37. BACKGROUND — hee su was your average korean girl with an average family and an average life. she lived with both of her parents, had an older brother, and went to school everyday for half of the life she's been living. she wasn't the greatest student, the type of student that wins awards or the type of student that's known for being the smartest in the whole school. she is smart, but she's an average student who carries good grades but isn't at the top. she had her academic life done, she could go to any university she wanted to go to though she strongly believed that school wasn't exactly for her. but, she didn't want to leave her parents in the gutter, so she went job hunting. she took the job of a waitress of an always busy restaurant and would gain tips easily. though after her fourth month of having the role, she was scouted by a man who said to be from CUBE ENTERTAINMENT. hee su had never heard of the entertainment, the girl never really noticing where groups or singer came from for she never really paid attention, only knowing the top companies. though, she still went and after figuring out what the whole set up was about, she fell in love with the idea of music. she was always into it, but school had kept her busy for a long
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