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An "Internet Ten Most Wanted List"

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  1. In 2012, internet users worldwide have come under fire.  Our recent
  2. reactions to SOPA, ACTA, PIPA, etc., have been DEFENSIVE in nature.  Even
  3. if these negative laws are defeated, dozens more appear - and those laws
  4. are binding upon you, while at the same time, they benefit business and
  5. government interests which you may not challenge.  Here is the silver
  6. lining in all of this: it is now unmistakeably clear that a minority now
  7. intend to directly attack your freedom, your lives, and your happiness.
  9. The answer lies in the internet itself.  There are strategies that assert
  10. the omnipresent and anonymous nature of the internet.
  12. First, the creation of an "Internet Ten Most Wanted List".  Currently,
  13. those who attack the internet do so with the feeling of perfect immunity.
  14. The names of those who unethically attack internet freedoms (often
  15. politicians), are listed in all the media outlets.  A "Ten Most Wanted
  16. List" focuses attention on them and removes this immunity.  Whistleblowers,
  17. hackers and leakers would be focused on them, so that we could examine
  18. their true interests in impeding the free flow of information.  A chilling
  19. effect on internet attacks would soon follow.
  21. Second, mass anonymous emailings can advise employees of specific
  22. businesses and governments on how best to "blow the whistle" on unethical
  23. activity.
  25. We will win in the end.  They have more information to protect, and fewer
  26. people willing to help them.
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