MGE Side III Nevia's Maidens

Feb 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Duties of the Diva and Song Maidens
  2. I’ve done it again...
  3. You saw something like heart shapes in my eyes? Uuu... Truly, something so indecent... Really now, why must the Merrow race be so...
  4. Aah... Thank you for comforting me...♥
  5. Kind sir♥ Wonderful sir...♥
  7. What am I saying! Again!
  8. Umm, umm, next, I would like to explain what kind of duties the Diva and song maidens perform.
  9. All of Nevia’s song maidens are members of the “Nevia Theater” theatrical company led by the Diva, and they stand on the stage day and night to show people songs and plays.
  10. “Nevia Theater” represents this city full of much beauty...
  11. We practice every day to maintain our beauty and elegance so that we shall never let down the beautiful city of Nevia, the beautiful hearts of its people, and those that call us beautiful.
  13. The Nevia Theater company is divided into three groups according to their roles.
  14. There is the Lustre Group composed of male actors, the Blossom Group composed of female actresses, and the Night Group, which is in charge of screenplay and production.
  15. As you can see, I am a member of the Blossom Group.
  16. At Nevia Theater, these three groups work together to complete the stage.
  17. The Night Group is in charge of supporting the Lustre and Blossom Groups while they are on stage from behind the scenes, and many of its members are girls that aren’t song maidens, and they are always thinking up wonderful screenplays and making the stage production even more beautiful with magic and magical tools.
  18. Fufu, the Night Group’s magical tools are of extremely high level, and are used on other song islands, such as Al Mar’s wedding ceremonies, or Matori’s pirate demonstrations♪
  19. It’s the Lustre and Blossom Groups’ beauty that customers actually witness... However, of the three groups, the Night Group receives the most applicants... That’s because it has the greatest appeal to us monsters.
  20. That is, there are also many “gentlemen” working behind the scenes in the Night Group...!
  21. Once you’ve crossed the line with each other, you can work with your beloved husband every day! Heading to the theater every day, arms entwined, working together while flirting, and then heading home together and immediately returning to the bed!
  22. Even while we were practicing, there was a sensual, delighted little gasping from behind the stage... ♥Aah... I’m jealous...♥
  24. ...Eh? Y-yes! Let me continue!
  25. Nevia’s honorable Diva is chosen from these three groups, but as I explained earlier, the Song of Passion is not something you can sing just because you are good at singing or acting.
  26. For that reason, the Diva is directly nominated by “The Great Songstress”.
  27. And the most ideal opportunity for The Great Songstress to witness the stage is during the annual “Nevia Opera Festival”.
  28. Troupe Leader Nevi, the current Diva, and The Great Songstress choose the most outstanding actor of the year.
  29. However, although the Opera Festival is held every year, The Great Songstress has not chosen a Diva the past several years. After all, our current Diva, Lady Eustine, is the greatest of all time.
  30. In this way, it is one of the duties of song maidens to stand on stage and present Nevia’s beauty, but alongside that, unmarried song maidens also have the important role of sincerely escorting guests that have come for sightseeing, so that they may enjoy Nevia even more, and feel this city’s beauty...♥
  31. Ufufu♥ That person’s stage recitals may be harsh as is, but in order to fulfill this duty, we receive even more grueling training in the art of “Anthropomorphosis Spells”.
  32. Did you pass through Al Mar on your way here? Then you have noticed that compared to that city, Nevia has fewer waterways, correct?
  33. Like I am now, Nevia’s song maidens always nestle closely to our guests while guiding them, it’s not as if our mermaid limbs can’t move on land, but rather they can become a nuisance to taking our guest’s hands.
  34. That is why the “Anthropomorphosis Spell” is an essential skill for the song maidens of Nevia.
  36. Also, low proficiency in Anthropomorphosis Spell can cause a monster’s instinct to strengthen... That is to say, if you get excited, it will come undone.
  37. Normally... it won’t come undone unless you have sex, but Merrows... As you saw earlier, it’s rather easy for us to get excited...
  38. Indeed, although I’m particularly thrilled just to be locking arms with you right now, if you would happen to have something to touch me even more deeply, I’d...♥
  40. Yes? “How about we try it?”, you say...? Eh...... Ahh...♥
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