tamaki fantasy au

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  1. Name: Tamaki Amajiki
  2. Age: 21
  3. Gender/Pronouns: He/Him (Cis male)
  4. Height: 5'11"
  5. Profession/Position: Royal Guard
  6. Magic (Innate, Academic, branch): Innate: Manifest. When he eats something, he can manifest it physically! Sometimes it's an extension of his body (his hands become chicken hands) and sometimes it's a weapon (a bow and arrow with chicken feathers on the shaft). He never knows what he's going to get! It's a surprise!
  7. Romantic Attraction/Sexuality: Bi, but too anxious to reach out to anyone he's interested in.
  8. History: The only son of influential court magicians, Tamaki had some pressure put on him since he was young. He was supposed to be great, effortless, and something that made a name for his family beyond the one that they had. Understandably, the pressure got to him, leading to a restrained kid that was more willing to eat himself alive than actually put himself out in the world. Beyond that, he never quite settled anywhere. His parents were constantly moving throughout the kingdom to research magic, so he never had a chance to make a name for himself beyond in passing.
  10. This changed around puberty. His family moved to the capital, and he had a chance to make actual friends. His nature had settled at around this point, his nervous personality becoming firm and his innate magic manifesting. He wasn't good at the magic his parents taught, and his nigh explosive innate magic was a nearly a disgrace. Still, despite any reservations, he found a home with the best of the best. An old-friend turned new friend and a new friend came on an adventure with him, and there he decided he'd make a name for himself in his own way. Welcome to the royal guard!
  12. Even if he feels like he's dragging his team down, he pushes forwards with great ideals in mind. He wants to do the right thing despite the odds, and he's well on his way to doing it. He's coming for whatever uncertain future lays before him- whether either of them want it or not.
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