daily pastebin goal


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  1.     Login into Facebook
  2.     Go to Likelo | Increase Likes On Your Facebook Statuses -> http://likelo.com/
  3.     Click on where it says "Click Here"
  4.     Look where it says who can see the things posted by the app, select "Me only"
  5.     Install the app. It will open a new tab/windows and say success.
  6.     Copy the link in the address bar, go back to likelo.com or close the tab to get to it.
  7.     Paste the copied link in the box, click submit.
  8.     If you copied the link correctly, it will login and show your status updates / feed / and photos/
  9.     Then click on submit next to whatever you would like to boost the likes on.
  10.     It will say "Proccessing Request" or your request have been inserted in the database. Just wait a little and then go to your post / or photo
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