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  1.     A throughly flustered human stands before you, the round of flirting clearly making an effect on them. They play with their fingers, thinking, for a moment before asking you something. they stammer a little as they say it, would you like to go to their place? your response is to first placate your sense that they might be feeling pressured, "Are you sure?" you ask. Yes, the reply is much firmer and likewise their posture ceases the previously constant small hand motions. But just as soon as you notice it a tiny giggle comes out of them and those cute little hand motions begin again.
  2.     Settling those plesentries you arrive at their place, making small talk of the local happenings as you enter into their apartment, a joke rewards you with another giggle from them. As you bashfully bask in that noise you look up and see them staring right at you with a broad and mischevious smile. They pounce, and you fall backwards into the couch with them, they planned this and placed you just right and sprung the trap on you. On your back with legs tangling the human pauses, they soften their grip on you and stare at you again but this time not hiding anything behind it and look into your eyes with a mix of glee and anticipation.   
  3.     You think they’re a very erratic person, so quickly alternating between being able to go from embarassedly hesistant to being able to assert themselves on you and back in almost the same moment. It interests you, both sides, it’s unpredictable and every suprise draws you in further. You want more, finally you reach for their lips they have so tantalizingly dangle in front of you. First a peck you both slowly seperate from and then almost naturally they meet again with tongues suddenly clashing. Flush with so many feelings the human tightens their grip on your sides once more and prompts your next move, one of your hands seeks their midriff under their shirt while the other feels for their chest. This sudden move stuns the human and they lose the battles of the tongues, you explore their mouth more and receive short restrained moans. You press harder as if you can pull them any closer to you, to greedily feel like you’re getting as much of them as you can.
  4.     The time that passes during this is entirely not percieved, the moment ended only to fill you with more want. This must have been the same for them as they slowly but confidently push themselves off from that embrace, it was slow but still felt so sudden when they just before had thoroughly conceded to your exploration of their body with hands and tongue. Pressing on your midsection they continue to straddle you waiting for their own panting to recede, with a large smile and steady look into your eyes they remove their shirt and bra with a flourish for their audience. They help you remove your’s only to remove themselves from your body and the couch and motion for you to do the same. Once up they lead you by tugging you by your pants, reaching in just enough to make you feel a flutter of butterflies in your stomach. They walk you like this until you reach their bedroom, they walk a few steps into the room ahead of you give you another show of removing another article of clothing, this time pants with only panties remaining to tease you just that much more. Their final gift for your eyes is the slow strut they make for the rest of the distance to their bed, their panties pulled taut, colored stripes of purple and yellow tell you what you want to know about the shape and curves.
  5.     This ends as they reach their bed and fall backwards on it, being satisfied with the comfort of the bed they motion you once more to join them. Once your bodies are united again hands suggestively press your head towards their breasts, they want more of your tongue. You do as your commanded and try to find different ways to work their breasts. Alternating with licks, bites and sucks to see which can makes their breaths move faster. A stable configuration emerges when you notice a hiss from them you identify as a moan they attempted to stifle of sucking on their left nipple and massaging the other breast with your hand. Your other hand uses their bare back as leverage as their chest rises and falls increasingly fast as you continue. They rally themselves to free one of their hands that had since migrated to your back and had begun to claw themselves into you. Knowing if this went on for much longer they couldn’t hold out and signal for mercy by lightly pushing you away. Your onslaught ceases and you pull back and watch as their quickened breaths soon fall into giggles. They cover their face blushing and take a moment before looking at you again with those playful eyes. They say it’s their turn now, to give back for that and not to make it all about themselves.
  6.     Again the voice that was before so firm and demanding now showing a much different person, you’d chaulk it up to the rush of feelings they must be feeling but before you can finish that thought they begin to shuffle and escape from your weight. You still have it in you to be surprised when they reach for your belt buckle and undo it, with a bit of work they remove it and pull off your pants. What they find is your already erect dick, they look at it for a moment ending the previous momentum they had in getting to this point. They look to you and then away, then they laugh a little and apologize saying their just not used to it yet. Before you can say anything they grab it with one hand and get used to the feel of it, exploring it’s creases with their thumb for a second before they begin to slowly stroke it. They adjust themselves to be a little closer and slowly move their face towards it. Small ripples of raw feeling come from every movement so far and you look up at this point. Before you return your view on them you feel a warm wet feeling on the bottom of the tip of your penis. You can’t help but close your eyes as the second lick trails to to the top. After every lick leaves a small burn of cold from it’s absence and only gives more anticipation for the next. Tasting it several times they move slightly away from your cock leaving only their warm breaths to coat it. (blah blah blah unfinished)
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