Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 46: Northern Blues (Part 29)

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  1. [2013-07-24 13:29:19] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart backs away from the entrance doors, closer to the overmare's office, enough so to catch sight of the turret within. She wasted little time in turning her head as another bolt of lightning streaked across the room to scramble the turret's circuits. "CopyCat! Get Lost! Get inside and take the turret out. We shall guard the door as long as We can."
  2. [2013-07-24 13:29:26] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart's blast of lightning fries the turret.  It won't be doing any more shooting.
  3. [2013-07-24 13:29:32] <Kkat> 3CopyCat turns to Noble_Heart, already heading towards Shatara and Bookwright defending the door to the stairwell. "I can help, and I have the I.D. badge. That might be enough to turn the robots away."
  4. [2013-07-24 13:29:38] <Kkat> 3Shatara's rifle tears into the spiderbot as it begins to ascend the starewell, followed closely by a second.
  5. [2013-07-24 13:29:45] <Kkat> 3The first spiderbot raises a needler gun and fires several shots at Bookwright, two of the needles sinking into his flesh to deliver their poison.  The second spritebot aims an identical weapon at Shatara, but the needler gun jams.
  6. [2013-07-24 13:29:59] <Kkat> 3The spiderbots demand in chorus, "Lay down your weapons and be subdued, scum!"
  7. [2013-07-24 13:30:05] <Kkat> 3CopyCat moves to the doorway with Bookwright and Shatara, holding Overmare Innocence's I.D. badge in front of her. She floats the  badge into view of the robots. "This isn't what we meant!"
  8. [2013-07-24 13:30:13] <Kkat> 3CopyCat continues. "Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction but uh... everything's all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?"
  9. [2013-07-24 13:30:20] <Kkat> 3The robots stop, holding position, blocking the stairs but no longer firing.
  10. [2013-07-24 13:30:50] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Forty-Six: Northern Blues (Part Twenty-Nine)
  11. [2013-07-24 13:33:51] <Kkat> 3Below, more spiderbots slowly converge.  Whatever the elevator disgorged, if anything, has yet to show itself.  Members of the group are wounded, and two of them are beginning to suffer the ravages of a poison -- part of Stable-Tec's efforts at non-lethal security measures.  But, for now, the fighting has stopped.
  12. [2013-07-24 13:33:58] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  13. [2013-07-24 13:35:40] * Shatara reloads his rifle, taking a couple tries from the disorientating poisons.
  14. [2013-07-24 13:35:45] * Bookwright puts away his weapons and tries not to stagger. "So, uh, whatever those needlers are dipped in... *huff* It makes me feel like I got hit in the solar plexus.
  15. [2013-07-24 13:36:32] * CopyCat smiles nervously and stiffly talks to Shatara and Bookwright out of the corner of her mouth. "I'll try to keep them busy here. There must be some way to get them to stop... I don't think we can fight all the security in this building."
  16. [2013-07-24 13:36:40] * Noble_Heart frowns after CopyCat rushes away, following more cautiously and stopping short so as not to block the door for any retreating allies. "Friends! We suggest you withdraw! There is a safe space above, which might let Us find a way to stop them."
  17. [2013-07-24 13:37:06] * Kid is still very unconscious.
  18. [2013-07-24 13:39:46] * Shatara blinks, staggering roughly in Noble_Heart's direction. "Yeah...sure thing, Princess Purple..."
  19. [2013-07-24 13:43:44] * CopyCat continues floating the I.D. in front of herself like a talisman.
  20. [2013-07-24 13:47:24] * Kid stirs slightly, eyes creeping open. There's a tile floor there. Hi, floor.
  21. [2013-07-24 13:48:54] <Kkat> 3Pink-E swoops down to Kid.  "Oh, I'm so happy that you're alive!  Don't worry.  You'll be right and chipper in no time!"
  22. [2013-07-24 13:50:13] * Bookwright "Hey, could you shay hi to th' floor fer me, Kid? I have a feeling I might be vishiting shoon..."
  23. [2013-07-24 13:50:59] * Kid groans. Alive? Alive. Oh, right. I shouldn't be alive. Why am I alive? She looks over herself. Yup. Singed, bruised, shot up. Right where she left it. "Already did, Bookie." She slurred out.
  24. [2013-07-24 13:51:30] * Noble_Heart was now confident that her friends were either crazy, or smart enough to retreat. So she did the next logical thing. Moving back into the overmare's office to hack that arcanotech terminal! If she was lucky there'd be a way to shut down the security system...
  25. [2013-07-24 13:57:36] <Kkat> 3The terminal's hold screen is swiftly replaced with a menu.  Innocence Bright is still logged in.  The menu lists:
  26. [2013-07-24 13:57:52] <Kkat> 3> Personal Memos
  27. [2013-07-24 13:58:03] <Kkat> 3> Inbox
  28. [2013-07-24 13:58:07] <Kkat> 3> Outbox
  29. [2013-07-24 13:58:26] <Kkat> 3> Activate/Deactivate Personal Security
  30. [2013-07-24 13:58:36] <Kkat> 3> Reconfigure Targeting
  31. [2013-07-24 13:58:49] <Kkat> 3> Open Private Safe
  32. [2013-07-24 13:59:02] <Kkat> 3> Activate Private Elevator
  33. [2013-07-24 13:59:07] <Kkat> 3> Log Out.
  34. [2013-07-24 13:59:26] * Kid holds back vomit, shakily getting on her own four legs. "Bookie?"
  35. [2013-07-24 13:59:36] <Kkat> 3The first option, "Private Memos", is highlighted.
  36. [2013-07-24 14:00:06] * Noble_Heart frowned. Pulling up Private Memos first. The targeting, she would assume, was purely for the turret in this room. And Copycat seemed to be doing well enough at keeping the robots at bay...
  37. [2013-07-24 14:04:12] * Bookwright had started blinking and lost the will to continue halfway through. His eyes are closed. "...Yeah?" he yawned.
  38. [2013-07-24 14:04:13] * Kid looks at Bookie. He's about on her level of "not feeling very good". So, she redirected the question. "Noble?"
  39. [2013-07-24 14:04:44] * Noble_Heart looked away from the screen for but a moment to respond to Kid. "Yes? Are you alright?"
  40. [2013-07-24 14:04:50] * CopyCat telepathically cheers on her weary friends. <You can do it Bookie, fight that blight! Come of Shatara, be a champ and beat that cramp! That's the spirit Kid, off the ground in a single bound!>
  41. [2013-07-24 14:05:18] * Kid blinks and looks back. Oh, he's back in the land of the living. "We ain't dead." She paused for a moment. "Why ain't we dead?"
  42. [2013-07-24 14:05:48] <Kkat> 3There is only one message in private memos.  The screen goes blank, save for the words "This isn't what we meant."
  43. [2013-07-24 14:07:08] * Bookwright "An old preacher I used to know had a saying about it being "for our sins" or something that he'd *yawn* break out for situations like this."
  44. [2013-07-24 14:07:42] * Noble_Heart looked up at the turret. "We believe We disabled the turret. CopyCat is holding the security robots at bay. We are attempting to find a way to stop them." She turned her attention back to the controls. That... Did not bode well. She attempted to navigate back to the main menu. Targeting ifnormation was next.
  45. [2013-07-24 14:10:24] <Kkat> 3> Warning!  Targeting data lost!  Do you still wish to reconfigure targeting? Yes/No
  46. [2013-07-24 14:11:55] * Noble_Heart answered the obvious way. 'Yes'. If no targeting data was available she'd have to give it new targeting data!
  47. [2013-07-24 14:12:26] <Kkat> 3> Dumping old targeting data.
  48. [2013-07-24 14:12:38] <Kkat> 3> Error! Device not found.
  49. [2013-07-24 14:14:43] * Noble_Heart sighs and backs up. Checking the Open Private Safe option. At this point she wasn't sure what to do. Well, no, she knew what was most likely to work. Hopefully...
  50. [2013-07-24 14:17:21] * Kid 's legs wobbled a little, and then her flank just decided that it wasn't having any of this getting up stuff. "If bein' an asshole lead t' you livin', then half th' folks I met is immortal." She looked up at the Pinkiebot. You know, she wondered sometimes what that thing could understand of the situation. Not that she was feelin' it right now. "Noble, what'cha doin'?" She sounded like she...
  51. [2013-07-24 14:17:23] * Kid ...just woke up from a 2AM scratch on the roof. Scraping corrugated tin is just the worst sound ever.
  52. [2013-07-24 14:18:33] * Noble_Heart frowns. "Attempting to find us a way out of here. Or at least a means to find where we might find one."
  53. [2013-07-24 14:19:06] * Bookwright frowns. "Hey... Kid? You're not pink, are you?"
  54. [2013-07-24 14:19:37] * Kid wobbles slightly. "Last I checked I was green. Why?"
  55. [2013-07-24 14:19:53] <Kkat> 3With a soft click, a picture (a pegasus filly trying to fly for the first time with the encouraging words "You can do it, kid!" underneath) swings from the wall as the safe door it is attached to opens.  
  56. [2013-07-24 14:19:57] <Kkat> 3> Private Safe Opened.
  57. [2013-07-24 14:20:19] * Bookwright "...oh, okay. I'm glad it's just me. I don't know what we'd do if we didn't have Princess Luna here with us."
  58. [2013-07-24 14:20:58] * Kid wobbles a little. "Bookie?"
  59. [2013-07-24 14:21:16] * Shatara looks around disorientedly. Believes is in the room with the others, but isn't sure. He wobbles a bit.
  60. [2013-07-24 14:21:32] * Bookwright "...Yeah?"
  61. [2013-07-24 14:22:01] * Kid "I just wanted you t' know. This started out normal."
  62. [2013-07-24 14:24:29] * Bookwright "...Kid? Does 'normal' mean 'giant robot spiders with poison needlers' and Princess Celestia standing over there operating a terminal?"
  63. [2013-07-24 14:25:18] * Noble_Heart looks up towards the wall terminal, opening the door to it fully to check its contents.
  64. [2013-07-24 14:26:51] * Kid "No, it meant 'we took somethin' someplace and then we got paid.' Not 'we wind up gettin' shot tryin' t' find th' worst thing ever.' I say this because I jus' remembered ya'll came a little late."
  65. [2013-07-24 14:27:19] * Get_Lost frowns at bookie's words "i don't see any princess celestia..."
  66. [2013-07-24 14:29:34] * Bookwright points awkwardly and misses. "Over there... The one standing at the safe? Isn't that the Princess?"
  67. [2013-07-24 14:32:46] <Kkat> 3The wall safe has brackets on the inside wall where the shotgun should have been mounted.  Inside were two cases of shotgun shells, one of which was opened, and a few scattered shells laying about it.  And finally, a folder full of files.
  68. [2013-07-24 14:32:56] * Get_Lost "ah... no? did you eat something spoiled?"
  69. [2013-07-24 14:35:14] * Kid rolls her eyes. "That's Noble. Yer friend, remember?
  70. [2013-07-24 14:36:05] * Bookwright frowns. "...Oh. Are you gonna tell me that the other one isn't Princess Luna now? I was really hoping the Princesses were here and they would take care of everything and we could all have a nice *yawn* nap..."
  71. [2013-07-24 14:36:09] * Noble_Heart pulled the two boxes of shells free, dropping them near Kid, before grabbing the files to put into her saddlebag. Read those later. Last thing to do now was to activate the private elevator. "Copycat! We are leaving soon!"
  72. [2013-07-24 14:36:22] * CopyCat attempts small talk with the spider-like floating robots. "Soooo did you patrol any good halls lately?... Um, it's a real nice place you got here... and how about that Sweetie AI, eh? She's a sight for sore visual receptors!"
  73. [2013-07-24 14:37:50] * Get_Lost checks on bookie's eyes, a little confused
  74. [2013-07-24 14:40:15] * Kid blinks. "Shells." She liked shells. She liked shotgun on corpse, too, so she took it. "Anypony want a new boomstick other than yours truly?"
  75. [2013-07-24 14:40:46] * Bookwright "...what is a stick that goes boom?"
  76. [2013-07-24 14:42:38] * Shatara ooohs drunkedly. "I liek booms~..."
  77. [2013-07-24 14:43:51] * Get_Lost "bookie, stay still for a moment let me check if i can fix this thing..." stopsfor a moment, pondering "well, probably you're happier the way you are now, actually..."
  78. [2013-07-24 14:45:08] * Kid opened the breach. Oh, yes. This was a classic coachgun. None of this in-house chop jobs that the caravans use to give a cheap gun to their users. This was steel, not zinc and rust. Sad to say, this isn't the first time she took something from a corpse of a suicide. "Here." She said, tossing Shatara four loose shells from the bounty. "There. I ain't got a lot of ammo left, so make 'em count."
  79. [2013-07-24 14:46:10] * Kid then checked just how many shells she had left from the bounty.
  80. [2013-07-24 14:47:39] * CopyCat responds over long distance. <I'll be ready Noble_Heart. These bots aren't very talkative anyway...>
  81. [2013-07-24 14:48:21] * Bookwright "...Um, can anypony... uh...*snqx* *snort*... I seem to be having trouble keeping my eyes open..."
  82. [2013-07-24 14:48:56] * Shatara attempts to catch the loose shells, but is about two seconds too late. One hits his forehead.
  83. [2013-07-24 14:49:25] * Get_Lost "ah... i can fix the poisoning but i need ingredients... if we run into them i'll try putting together an antidote.... in the meantime, they shouldn't die because of this"
  84. [2013-07-24 14:50:09] * Bookwright chuckles. "A-heh. Heh. Can you... Can you bake them into a cake? You say ingredients... Hee hee. I like cake..."
  85. [2013-07-24 14:53:54] * Shatara picks up the loose shells wobbily. "Cake? I liek cake too...s'long as it isn't topped with sediment shaped sediment..."
  86. [2013-07-24 14:54:53] * Bookwright nods sagely. "I do like fish shaped volatile organic compounds though..."
  87. [2013-07-24 14:56:11] * Get_Lost "sure, in fact, you know..." thje mare takes a breath "it's a piece of cake to bake a cake, if the way is hazy, you gotta do the cooking by the book, you know you can't be laxy!"
  88. [2013-07-24 14:56:16] <Get_Lost> *lazy
  89. [2013-07-24 14:56:32] * Kid released the drum magazine of her shotgun and began to load it. It wasn't like she had an infinite amount of magazines for this thing that top themselves off for her. That'd be stupid. Or awesome, if it happened to her.
  90. [2013-07-24 14:57:35] <Kkat> 3The large bookshelf on the far wall suddenly shifts and swings outward, revealing the ornate, textured-glass doors of Overmare Innocence's private elevator.  A soft orange light rises up behind the glass as the elevator car moves into place behind it.  
  91. [2013-07-24 14:57:43] <Kkat> 3*DING*
  92. [2013-07-24 14:57:56] <Kkat> 3> Private Elevator Ready.
  93. [2013-07-24 14:58:31] * Bookwright is cheered by the arrival of the elevator. "Yay! The dumwaiter's here! Let's all have an indoors picnic with Princess Luna and Princess Celestia!"
  94. [2013-07-24 14:59:03] * Get_Lost shrugs "well, whynot? maybe there will be some emergency medical supplies in the bunker...."
  95. [2013-07-24 14:59:38] <Kkat> 3The glass doors pivot open, revealing a rustic interior with age-cracked wood and tarnished brass fixtures under a pseudo-chandelier whose light has faded to a dime but pleasant orange.
  96. [2013-07-24 15:00:36] * Noble_Heart frowns, moving to the elevator and levitating Bookwright afterwards. "Copycat! Please help Shatara into the elevator. We are going, now!"
  97. [2013-07-24 15:01:28] * Get_Lost follows Noble_Heart "wow, i can see why bookie likes her. she is really sexy when she is all assertive"
  98. [2013-07-24 15:02:08] * Bookwright spins gently. "Weeee... I'm free of the tyranny of gravity... weeee..."
  99. [2013-07-24 15:02:31] * Kid groans lightly. But we just got into cover. It was comfortable. She wasn't ready to go away from it. She'd rather, like, play spin the bottle. She kept her bottles, it was a thing that could happen. She didn't look very stoked, but into the elevator she went. "You touch my big sis, and I'll buck your balls so hard, you'll be chewing on them." She was in an even worse mood than usual.
  100. [2013-07-24 15:03:55] * CopyCat bows to the robots on the stairwell. "Thaks, you've been a great audience. Try the fish, I'm here all week." Then she runs down the corridor towards her friends.
  101. [2013-07-24 15:04:40] * Bookwright "...tip your salad and try the waiter... hoh hoh..."
  102. [2013-07-24 15:05:35] * Get_Lost has best ideas when it is time to exploit a friend's low guard "hey bookie, do tell, do you loke nobl heart?"
  103. [2013-07-24 15:05:55] * Get_Lost "i mean like as in, want to kiss her and marry?"
  104. [2013-07-24 15:07:09] <Kkat> 3The moment Noble_Heart steps inside, the elevator's speakers begin playing relaxing, pedantically upbeat music while announcing "Welcome to Stable-Tec..."
  105. [2013-07-24 15:07:18] * Bookwright 's face flashes a look of confusion. "Who is... nobble heart? I love Princess Celestia!" His slow rotation turns him upside down. "I see London, I see Prance, I see.... uh... my own underpants...?"
  106. [2013-07-24 15:07:50] * CopyCat bounces off the doorframe, so she drops her shield and tries again. Success! "This way Shatara, just follow Princess Luna..." She ushers the woozy griffin towards Noble's elevator with her wing before stepping inside herself.
  107. [2013-07-24 15:08:58] * Noble_Heart frowned. "Do try to stay relatively still. Holding a moving object is taxing and We have already spent much of Our strength." She sighed quietly and looke dot the controls. Please let the controls be simple. Just this once.
  108. [2013-07-24 15:09:49] * Get_Lost checks the controls too "way, why you don't just... i don't know, put him on your back? no magic, no headache, everypony is happy?"
  109. [2013-07-24 15:10:07] <Kkat> 3Pink-E swoops into the elevator and starts humming along with the music.   Although not quite the same tune.
  110. [2013-07-24 15:10:10] * Shatara leans on copycat's wing while moving to the elevator.
  111. [2013-07-24 15:10:44] * Get_Lost "he gets to ride his favoured mare, you spare magic energy or whatever it is, everypony wins?"
  112. [2013-07-24 15:11:24] * Kid shuffles around uncomfortably, shotgun bared and ready. She looked significantly bored. "I heard these things always had really borin' music in 'em."
  113. [2013-07-24 15:13:08] * Noble_Heart eartwitches. "It has been Our experience that such is quite common, yes."
  114. [2013-07-24 15:13:09] * Get_Lost i do't know, i quite like it... it always playsin my head when the systems go in standby...
  115. [2013-07-24 15:13:23] <Get_Lost> ""
  116. [2013-07-24 15:13:46] * Kid slowly pans over to Get_Lost. "... Get, sometime, we gotta get yer headbox looked at."
  117. [2013-07-24 15:16:14] * Get_Lost "i dont' kow if it is safe... whatever it is, it's directly connected to my brain ,ad i dont' really thing that exposing brain to external atmosphere is a good idea..."
  118. [2013-07-24 15:17:15] * Get_Lost "also, this things has a lot of utilities! it tells me when it is a good moment to put a pony on fire.... actually, seems it is always.... okay it is a bit weird, sometines..."
  119. [2013-07-24 15:17:40] <Kkat> 3The controls are simple.  Just two buttons: up and down.
  120. [2013-07-24 15:18:46] <Kkat> 3The up button doesn't seem to work on this floor, leaving only one option.
  121. [2013-07-24 15:19:42] * CopyCat spots the buttons. "Let's try them both at once and see who wins!"
  122. [2013-07-24 15:19:44] * Noble_Heart presses the 'down' button once everyone was onboard. WIth luck, it would take them to the computer core..
  123. [2013-07-24 15:20:18] * Kid rolls her eyes. "Does that come with solitaire, too?" Okay, Kid knew that was mean. She paused and recoiled from her own blabbermouth. "Hey, look, sorry, I ain't in a very good mood right now." She looked at her chest. Yup. Those big pink dots ain't leaving.
  124. [2013-07-24 15:20:57] * Bookwright looks at Kid's chest too. She was doing it, it must be interesting!
  125. [2013-07-24 15:21:44] * CopyCat joins the Kid chest staring, not wanting to be left out.
  126. [2013-07-24 15:22:12] <Kkat> 3The a metallic grind, the elevator jerks to a start.  But the ride smooths out quickly as the elevator descends for what must be several floors.  It begins to slow, then thuds to a halt, the orange faux-chandelier flickering.  
  127. [2013-07-24 15:22:20] * Shatara glances around and joins in with the others.
  128. [2013-07-24 15:22:25] * Kid would have some scars from the turret blast that took her down.
  129. [2013-07-24 15:23:37] <Kkat> 3The doors pivot open, the music's voice-over giving one last trite encouragement before the audio shuts off abruptly.  
  130. [2013-07-24 15:25:55] <Kkat> 3The room beyond is dark, illuminated only by the lights from inside the elevator.  But it seems to be a tidy little secretarial office.  Chairs, planters for long dead plants, a J-shaped desk with a terminal and more.
  131. [2013-07-24 15:26:50] * Bookwright lights his horn and becomes the Equestria's Ungainliest Flashlight.
  132. [2013-07-24 15:27:17] * Shatara has sufficient presence of mind to activate his pipbuck lamp.
  133. [2013-07-24 15:27:47] * Get_Lost while the elevator runs, the mare tries fixing the ponies with the worst injuries
  134. [2013-07-24 15:29:25] <Kkat> 3A few books line a small bookshelf.  Behind the desk is a framed, pony-sized picture of a fractal pattern.  An empty glass pitcher and several drinking glasses cover a small table.  There are two doors, both locked... but locked from this side.
  135. [2013-07-24 15:32:37] * Noble_Heart steps forwards into the small office to look around. "it seems, for the moment, We are safe. We suggest spending a short time recovering before We attempt to move on."
  136. [2013-07-24 15:32:39] * CopyCat suddenly remembers the revolver she was floating around with her. "Kid, I sort of borrowed this off you when you were out of it... here, you can have it back." She holds out Kid's scoped .44 to her.
  137. [2013-07-24 15:33:13] * Bookwright watches Get_Lost apply healing to Kid. "Heh... I can do that too... uh... um... Princess Celestia! You look hurt." He focuses magic carefully.
  138. [2013-07-24 15:35:40] * Kid grabs it and thinks a bit. "... Actually, I'll just keep it on a holster so ya'll can draw it. I don't really use it that much." She steps out of the elevator, drinking Get's potion, slightly ashamed. "I'm sorry. We're cool, right?" She wanders over to the bookshelf. Anything interesting...
  139. [2013-07-24 15:36:36] * Get_Lost givesa potion to kid, trying to fix the scars on her chest
  140. [2013-07-24 15:37:26] * Noble_Heart blinks in surprise as Bookwright casts a spell. And not a loopy drug-induced one, but a useful one! She carefully places Bookwright back on the ground. "We recommend spending some hours resting here, to allow the poison time to run its course, and Ourself to recover Our magic..."
  141. [2013-07-24 15:37:29] * Get_Lost frowns "sorry for what?"
  142. [2013-07-24 15:38:27] * Bookwright giggles softly. "Okay... who... OOh! Roasted chicken smell, that's so ugly... c'mere, I haven't 'griffin' up on you yet. Hee hee..."
  143. [2013-07-24 15:38:56] <Kkat> 3The books are highly technical, the most accessable being the Big Book of Science.
  144. [2013-07-24 15:39:15] * CopyCat smiles. "Oh that's a great idea Kid. Thank you."
  145. [2013-07-24 15:39:20] * Bookwright pokes Shatara with his horn a bit roughly and focuses on his magic. That much he seems to be able to do.
  146. [2013-07-24 15:39:24] * Get_Lost takes a look at the tech books "hey, look at this! finally something interesting!"
  147. [2013-07-24 15:40:21] * Shatara acks and wobbles a bit as he gets jabbed, but manages to stay upright and on all fours.
  148. [2013-07-24 15:40:24] * Kid blinks. Really? Under the bridge already? She lowers her eyelids and smirks. "Neeeeeeerds."
  149. [2013-07-24 15:41:00] <Kkat> 3They cover topics about arcane matrices, gem lens focusing, brain mapping and more.
  150. [2013-07-24 15:41:09] * Bookwright relaxes even more. He puddles gently on the floor. "Right, now for meeeee..."
  151. [2013-07-24 15:41:32] * Get_Lost starts reading the stuff, checks various parts, following an idea she has
  152. [2013-07-24 15:41:58] * Bookwright glows with his own magic. It looks like it tickles.
  153. [2013-07-24 15:44:06] * Noble_Heart sihgs quietly and moves to settle on the floor near one of the two doors, intent to guard it as she does her best to relax. "This place seems safe. It is likely that the security robots do not have access to the elevator."
  154. [2013-07-24 15:44:53] * CopyCat sits down beside Get_Lost and joins her, ready to bounce the cyber-mare's own ideas back at her.
  155. [2013-07-24 15:46:24] * Shatara yawns and flops against CopyCat, snoozing softly.
  156. [2013-07-24 15:46:37] * Get_Lost "wow.... look at this... brain, matrices... there's all you need to actually make a crusader maneframe work here!... i'm not completely sure but... wow... all these books... studying them we coul make a pony immortal... it... it is possible! IT! CAN! BE! DONE!"
  157. [2013-07-24 15:46:52] * Get_Lost erupts in an evil laugh
  158. [2013-07-24 15:48:17] * Kid blinks. "Get, you know how that ends up." There wasn't much else to be said about the matter. Well, fine then. Science stuff couldn't be that hard. She investigates the terminal and looked at what it was saying.
  159. [2013-07-24 15:49:29] * Get_Lost "no, no it's not as you think! mistakes were made, miscalculations! but it can work! if you don't fail you'll never advance! this time we can make it better! stronger! faster! with mint scent!"
  160. [2013-07-24 15:49:54] * CopyCat is always ready to be a lackey, so she laughs as well.
  161. [2013-07-24 15:51:20] * Get_Lost "igor! prepare the spade! tonight we go at the graveya-" stops for a moment "ehr, i mean... these books are interesting, i think i'll keep them for later... you know, just for pure theoretical speculation..."
  162. [2013-07-24 15:51:55] * Bookwright burbles gently. Perhaps a snore?
  163. [2013-07-24 15:53:46] * Kid presses a button on the terminal. Was it sleeping? Do computers sleep?
  164. [2013-07-24 15:54:52] * CopyCat pulls a spade from whoever was carrying one in their pack. Probably Shatara. "Oh, spade-ing later?"
  165. [2013-07-24 15:54:54] <Kkat> 3Moving around the desk to investigate the terminal, Kid finds a medical box.  Also, a wealth of slightly-nibbled pencils and a dog-eared pulp science-fiction novel.
  166. [2013-07-24 15:55:50] * Shatara shifts and rolls against CopyCat as his spade gets pilfered.
  167. [2013-07-24 15:56:05] * Kid looks around cautiously, and then takes the novel. Hey, long stretches of nothing but dirt and rocks gets boring! "Hey, uh. Get. Found a thing for you." She said, lifting the medical box.
  168. [2013-07-24 15:56:27] <Kkat> 3The medical box has a fairly simple lock.
  169. [2013-07-24 15:57:56] * Get_Lost as soon as she scoops the books, the mare tries to open the box, breaking a pic but succeeding on the second attmept
  170. [2013-07-24 16:00:00] <Kkat> 3The medical box opens to reveal two healing potions, a super-restoration potion, a set of normal bandages and a couple of additional bottles, one of which holds the antidote Get_Lost seeks.  There are three doses worth, enough to take care of Bookwright and Shatara, and still have one left over for future emergencies.
  171. [2013-07-24 16:00:16] * CopyCat takes the Big Book of Science since Get was busy with the other books and the medical box
  172. [2013-07-24 16:00:42] * Noble_Heart sighs and moves to the terminal to check on what Kid was looking at.
  173. [2013-07-24 16:01:00] * Get_Lost start fixing things. first, hep the poisoned friends! then, replenish ehaling stuff! yay!
  174. [2013-07-24 16:01:15] * Kid pokes the space bar a couple of times because it was the biggest.
  175. [2013-07-24 16:03:45] * Shatara stirrs and looks up at Get_Lost. "Oh. Hello, robo-mare.
  176. [2013-07-24 16:04:25] * Get_Lost smiles to the griffon "welcome back! did you have a nice dream?"
  177. [2013-07-24 16:05:11] * CopyCat taps Get_Lost with her wing. "Can you spare a potion? I used my last one on Kid and I'd like one for emergencies."
  178. [2013-07-24 16:05:16] <Kkat> 3The terminal is slow to warm up.  This one does require a password... or skilled hacking.
  179. [2013-07-24 16:05:30] * Get_Lost givesa potion to copycat
  180. [2013-07-24 16:06:00] * CopyCat nods and says thank you.
  181. [2013-07-24 16:06:19] * Bookwright slowly unpuddles hiimself. "Urgh... I have a turgid memory of... floating? Something about princesses... erm... I wasn't too... weird, when I was drugged, was I?"
  182. [2013-07-24 16:06:34] * Get_Lost "sure thing! i have a couple of them anyway and it is unlikely that i need more than one of these... also, i don't reallt need the super restoration potion.... it's a bit of an overkill for me..."
  183. [2013-07-24 16:06:52] * Noble_Heart sighs quietly and looks at the Terminal, leaning down behind Kid as she reaches her forehooves around to type. She hated using her hooves for this sort of thing, but right now she didn't want to spare the magic.
  184. [2013-07-24 16:07:32] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart swiftly hacks into the terminal (password: YCDIK), pulling up a welcoming screen.  
  185. [2013-07-24 16:07:53] * Kid looks very upset by these turn of events. Really? No, bullshit. She's tired of this. Every time she tries to do science stuff, life makes it hard. She harrumphed and let Noble take this one. Real-not totally fake and stupid and green investigation skills.
  186. [2013-07-24 16:08:27] * Get_Lost also, since sad fillies are bad, decides to hug grumpy kid
  187. [2013-07-24 16:08:36] <Kkat> 3> Good afternoon, Mr. Stage.  Welcome to a bright new day at Stable-Tec.  How may I help you today?
  188. [2013-07-24 16:08:42] * Get_Lost "there, there, computers love you too"
  189. [2013-07-24 16:08:46] <Kkat> 3> Personal Memos
  190. [2013-07-24 16:08:51] <Kkat> 3> Inbox
  191. [2013-07-24 16:08:54] <Kkat> 3> Outbox
  192. [2013-07-24 16:09:06] <Kkat> 3> Activate/Deactivate Personal Security
  193. [2013-07-24 16:09:29] * Kid took a look at the doors and jiggled the handles before realizing that it was locked. "... This thing's locked from this side." Horror began to dawn on her. "What th' hell were they keepin' in?"
  194. [2013-07-24 16:09:41] <Kkat> 3> Emergency Elevator Override
  195. [2013-07-24 16:09:53] <Kkat> 3> Log Out
  196. [2013-07-24 16:10:22] * Kid is then hugged by a cybermare. "Um. Get? You're a science pony, right?"
  197. [2013-07-24 16:10:24] * Get_Lost "no idea, but we better not touch security settings"
  198. [2013-07-24 16:11:40] * Kid frowns. "Hey. Nerds. If ya'll had t' trap somethin' in, what would it be?"
  199. [2013-07-24 16:12:07] * Shatara nods to get lost a little belatedly, shaking his head clear as the antidote takes effect.
  200. [2013-07-24 16:14:15] * Kid hefted her shotgun at the ready. "Noble, there any option t' get th' security off my flank if I open this door?"
  201. [2013-07-24 16:15:55] * Bookwright groans and rubs his eyes with a kerchief. "Um. I would trap... Uh... Something I valued but couldn't control otherwise. Or something I knew was too dangerous to release, I guess."
  202. [2013-07-24 16:16:48] * Noble_Heart looks up to Kid. "This is an office which only the Overmare had access to the elevator towards. It is likely that it belonged to someone else, and that they had locked it when they left." She looked back to the controls and brought up the personal memos.
  203. [2013-07-24 16:20:37] * Kid frowns. It dawned on her that once upon a time, it was a rule of hers to forsake curiosity and always go for the safer route. Always keep your head down. The world is out to kill you, and not a damn soul would deny that. So, here she is, about to open a proverbial Discord's Box of what may be her death. And for some reason, this didn't bother her anymore. She had to pause to let that sink in.
  204. [2013-07-24 16:21:23] * Bookwright examines the terminal
  205. [2013-07-24 16:21:47] * Bookwright 3 >Personal Memos
  206. [2013-07-24 16:24:00] <Kkat> 3There are three personal memos.  
  207. [2013-07-24 16:24:50] * Kid frowns. "Shatara?"
  208. [2013-07-24 16:25:48] * Shatara blinkblinks towrds Kid. "Uhm...what?"
  209. [2013-07-24 16:25:49] <Kkat> 3Memo: Buy earmuffs.  The sounds from next door are driving me nuts.  In Cadence' name, I hope they get this fixed now.  The children's voices are creeping me out.
  210. [2013-07-24 16:26:17] * Kid sighs. "Why are you here?"
  211. [2013-07-24 16:27:58] <Kkat> 3Memo: Talk to maintenance.  Find a way to keep that pink spritebot from getting down here.  Once it realized it couldn't be past the room, it spent four hours singing to me about baking ingredients.
  212. [2013-07-24 16:28:43] * Shatara stares and tilts his head at Kid. "Here...?"
  213. [2013-07-24 16:29:33] * Kid puts her hoof down stares upwards. "Yeah. Why did y' come along in th' first place?"
  214. [2013-07-24 16:30:30] <Kkat> 3Memo: Overmare Innocence was exceptionally distracted (distraught?) today.   Left her keys in her carriage.  Hidden them away until she comes back.  You know where.
  215. [2013-07-24 16:33:39] * Shatara stares blankly at Kid for a while. An observant telepath might catch glimpses of a nervious gryphon in a Stable jumpsiut falling in with with a small Talon company. "Uh...caps? I guess...? Isn't that what gryphons do...Out Here...?"
  216. [2013-07-24 16:35:13] * Kid went deadpan for a moment. "You're telling me that you did just about th' most dangerous and shitty job in th' world because y' think that's what gryphons do?"
  217. [2013-07-24 16:36:18] * Noble_Heart frowns. "Wonderful." She went down to check the inbox next. Might as well go in order.
  218. [2013-07-24 16:36:57] * Bookwright "I think that is what he just said, yes. As far as reasons go, that's... uh, pretty standard for a griffin, I think. It's why they're called 'mercenaries'. They work for whoever pays them money."
  219. [2013-07-24 16:39:07] * Kid flops her hoof to her side. "No, that don't fly. He could've been a repair dude. I mean, folks always need shit un-broke in towns. He coulda done that if he wanted th' money."
  220. [2013-07-24 16:40:06] <Kkat> 3The Inbox is empty.  The Outbox contains documentation labeled "Finished.  For Filing.  Top Clearance Only."  There is a password required to open it.
  221. [2013-07-24 16:44:51] * Shatara looks away and scratches his head quietly.
  222. [2013-07-24 16:47:55] * Kid frowns. "You tellin' me that never occurred to you?"
  223. [2013-07-24 16:55:24] * Shatara shrugs a bit, his wings closed rather tightly, as a cruel laugh echos through his mind from behind a stable door...
  224. [2013-07-24 16:57:11] * Bookwright "That the Princesses must have had incredible tiara cleaning bills?"
  225. [2013-07-24 16:58:04] * CopyCat pats Shatara with a reassuring wing. "I think that, sometimes, what you leave behind can make whatever is ahead of you seem like a good idea."
  226. [2013-07-24 16:58:40] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart hacks her way into the documentation and finds a myriad of files on the RD-E enhanced patrol spritebot.  The bot, according to the documents, is made using some of Stable-Tec's most advanced small-scale matrix designs... a design that would later be adapted to PipBucks.
  227. [2013-07-24 16:59:29] <Kkat> 3 A quick perusal of the files suggests that the RD-E was a limited run, commissioned by the Ministry of Awesome, and worked on by this factory's Advanced Securities Department.
  228. [2013-07-24 17:00:03] * Shatara leans into the wing a bit, still looking down.
  229. [2013-07-24 17:00:43] * Noble_Heart tilted her head to one side, then looked to Shatara. "Hm." Then back to the notes. Well, interesting, but not pressing. "There are keys hidden somewhere which the writer of these notes says 'you'll know where' of the one who owned the office above. Does anypony have any suggestion?"
  230. [2013-07-24 17:01:09] * Kid looks around. "Bet you we could break open one of these pots and find it."
  231. [2013-07-24 17:02:12] * CopyCat nods. "Also rupees."
  232. [2013-07-24 17:02:48] * Bookwright cocks his head at CopyCat. "Na, probably bells."
  233. [2013-07-24 17:04:04] * Kid shrugs. "Either that, or it's under one o' the couch cushions. It'd be my guess on where normal folks'd hide somethin'.
  234. [2013-07-24 17:04:24] * Bookwright shrugs and actually starts looking around the office. Very carefully.
  235. [2013-07-24 17:05:04] * Noble_Heart rubs her face and sighs. "Then someone try breaking pots." She removed the files from her saddle bags to read them next. Private files from before the war might be useful.
  236. [2013-07-24 17:08:17] * Kid rolls her eyes and starts lifting dead plants from pots and checking underneath the sofa cushions.
  237. [2013-07-24 17:08:54] * Kid was guessing the dirt on those plants must've dried up hard and brittle a long time ago.
  238. [2013-07-24 17:15:58] <Kkat> 3As the others search the plants and seat cushions, Bookwright discovers the key taped behind the framed picture of a fractal on the wall behind the desk.
  239. [2013-07-24 17:16:56] * Shatara busies himself helping the search.
  240. [2013-07-24 17:17:13] * Bookwright holds it up. "Now we have a key to a carriage we don't know the location of. Maybe it even goes!"
  241. [2013-07-24 17:18:53] * Bookwright smiles. "Right. Enough delays. Time to find out what's behind door number one!"
  242. [2013-07-24 17:19:42] * Kid wanders off back to the double doors. "Yeah. After all that security, a horrible monster r' somethin' 'll be a nice change a' pace."
  243. [2013-07-24 17:20:28] * Bookwright "Wait wait wait
  244. [2013-07-24 17:21:12] * Bookwright "Didn't the terminal have an option to turn security off? Let's try it!" He pokes the terminal and types 3 > Activate/Deactivate Personal Security
  245. [2013-07-24 17:22:40] <Kkat> 3There is a loud click as both doors simultaneously unlock.
  246. [2013-07-24 17:22:46] * Noble_Heart frowns. "That is most likely for a personal protection turret, and lockdown."
  247. [2013-07-24 17:22:49] <Kkat> 3>Personal Security Deactivated.
  248. [2013-07-24 17:22:57] * Bookwright "Oh."
  249. [2013-07-24 17:23:31] * Bookwright draws Pew-Pew. Quickly. "Copycat, what, er, if anything, can you detect beyond those doors...?"
  250. [2013-07-24 17:23:43] * CopyCat frowns, sensing doubt in the air. "Is that a good thing?"
  251. [2013-07-24 17:24:01] <Kkat> 3Pink-E dances in the air bubbly.  "Oh!  I know!  I know!  Pick me!"
  252. [2013-07-24 17:24:41] * CopyCat points at the bubbly sprite bot. "Pink-E, I choose you!"
  253. [2013-07-24 17:24:47] * Kid slowly looks over to Pink-E. "What is it?" She said cautiously and meticulously, as if she felt like she was going to regret it later.
  254. [2013-07-24 17:26:53] * CopyCat does do what Bookwright asks and closes her eyes, reaching out with telepathy to see if any minds were ahead...
  255. [2013-07-24 17:28:06] <Kkat> 3Pink-E cheers!  "Behind that door is Sweetie-Guide!  Also, the Advanced Securities Department."  The bot spins.  "And behind that door is outside!"  She adds, "Eventually."
  256. [2013-07-24 17:29:14] * Bookwright "I don't suppose you know what the 'advanced securities' that make up the department are, do you?"
  257. [2013-07-24 17:29:54] * Noble_Heart taps her chin, frowning. "Outside... Where? Outside towards the library..?"
  258. [2013-07-24 17:36:09] * Bookwright quietly swaps out the bulk gem packs for the standard charge ones. Then he opens the first door indicated by Pink-E. "It's a place we'll go after we get to the bottom of this little mystery."
  259. [2013-07-24 17:37:00] * Kid stood inbetween these two doors for a while. On the one side, a chance to just get shot again. On the other, leaving this awful building. Normally, this wouldn't take more than a moment to say "screw this" and leave, but, well. She got by the door with Sweetie-Brain behind it. She wasn't entirely sure even what to do. But, well. She guessed she had to see for herself.
  260. [2013-07-24 17:37:19] * Kid frowns. "Breach on three."
  261. [2013-07-24 17:38:55] * CopyCat stops her mental exploration and moves to join the others.
  262. [2013-07-24 17:39:12] * Kid inhaled, getting ready. "One.
  263. [2013-07-24 17:39:21] * Kid "Two."
  264. [2013-07-24 17:39:54] <Kkat> 3Pink-E states, "Outside, towards the street!"
  265. [2013-07-24 17:40:02] * Shatara checks over his weapons and joins with.
  266. [2013-07-24 17:40:15] * Kid attempted to unlock the door and give it a good swing open to get her shotgun unimpeded. "Breach!"
  267. [2013-07-24 17:40:28] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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