Gaming's Introduction Thread

Cooligan Nov 19th, 2019 96 Never
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  1. [align=center][size=xx-large][color=#c10300][font=Monotype Corsiva]Gaming's[/font][/color][font=Monotype Corsiva] [color=#cccccc]Introduction to the[/color] [color=#183F89]UN[/color] [color=#cccccc]Community[/color][/font][/size][/align]
  3. [align=center][img][/img][/align]
  6. [color=#c10300][size=x-large][font=Monotype Corsiva]Table of Contents:[/font][/size][/color]
  7. [list]
  8. [*][color=#cccccc]Introduction[/color]
  9. [*][color=#cccccc]About Me[/color]
  10. [*][color=#cccccc]Plans for UN[/color]
  11. [*][color=#cccccc]Concluding Statement[/color]
  12. [*][color=#cccccc]Contact Methods[/color]
  13. [/list]
  15. [align=center][img][/img][/align]
  18. [color=#c10300][size=x-large][font=Monotype Corsiva]Introduction:[/font][/size][/color]
  19. [color=#cccccc]Greetings to the UN community! My name is @Gaming. I would like to start this off by ensuring you all that I will take any and all positions I uphold on UN [b]very[/b] seriously and to the utmost quality. As you may already be aware, I have officially become the first Support Staff member of UN and as a result of that, I will be playing a major role in ensuring that communication remains within the identified theme of this forum. I would like to give a special mention to @Amp for giving me this opportunity which is something I have always been passionate about doing since day one, and of course a huge shout-out to @LTD for supporting Amp's decision to deem me as a suitable user for this honorable position. Also huge shout-out to @dope (Cooligan) for editing and[/color][color=#cccccc] creating this thread design for me.[/color]
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  26. [color=#c10300][size=x-large][font=Monotype Corsiva]About Me:[/font][/size][/color]
  27. [color=#cccccc]Many of those know me as just "Gaming", however who I am exactly and what do I do are each their own aspect.. Well, to tell you the truth, we're all different and have a combination of unique abilities that enables us to express ourselves in multiple unique ways. With that, I decided to take a unique approach to forums by always giving back as much as I can, whenever I can. I choose to do this because I've always believed that in order to get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with.[/color]
  31. [color=#cccccc]Having been part of the OG community for quite a few years now, some of the things I have learned over those impact-full years is that you cannot be on everyone's good side regardless of your nature. This also applies in real life, so for all those who are special in your life, do everything you can to stay close with them because for one; you never know how much time there is - and two; you only get to meet a small few of those who are real and again, [i]special[/i]. [/color]
  35. [color=#cccccc]I've been very passionate from day one of wanting to get into the OG community especially when I found out that it was possible to acquire specific usernames on some of the biggest and most well known social media platforms. It all started with a small dream to own my IRL name on one specific platform and here I am today having acquired it on at least five of the most recognized platforms..and the journey only continues.[/color]
  39. [color=#cccccc]Outside of my forum life I'm a very out-going individual who has a desire to accomplish many financial related goals. I've been involved in numerous enterprise communities as I have the strong desire to become a serial entrepreneur one day. I have a huge passion in table tennis that stemmed from playing in the back yard of my garden all the way to the present where I am now a professional player at a very young age. I really enjoy watching Football & Boxing as well. I am currently a university student who volunteers part time to both care for and take care of elderly people. I choose to do this over working a part time job as I make decent earnings from my online endeavors, which has in-turn enabled me with the ability and pleasure of showing love to my community.[/color]
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  46. [color=#c10300][size=x-large][font=Monotype Corsiva]Plans for UN:[/font][/size][/color]
  47. [color=#cccccc]Having already been part of UN for a few weeks, I can confidently see this forum becoming a global sensation in terms of production of a huge marketplace. There is endless potential to not only make money but to also socialize with great people and the chance to develop countless friendships. If there's one thing I could change on this forum, that one thing would be to remove any potential toxic users..however, I have a bit of a different outlook on that topic. If you are one of those people, I believe you have the ability to both change yourself as well as grow into a better person with just a little bit of encouragement and support. Why make life hard for others when you can both benefit from making it positive?[/color]
  51. [color=#cccccc]I truly cannot wait to see what UN has to bring. I anticipate quite the adventure and can't wait to sail on this voyage.[/color]
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  58. [color=#c10300][size=x-large][font=Monotype Corsiva]Concluding Statement:[/font][/size][/color]
  59. [color=#cccccc]The most fundamental and blatant advise I would give to anyone who is a new member looking to buy, sell, or use the marketplace at all is to always use a trusted onsite middleman who has the qualities a good middleman should have; experience in dealing / being able to ensure a safe deal / friendly and patient / etc.. Choosing a good middleman will not only enhance your forum experience but will also protect you from any possible scams and/or sketchy situations. I am constantly active throughout the day and therefore, if you have any queries or concerns, I would be more than happy to assist you in absolutely any way I can. I'm very friendly and approachable so do not hesitate to ask me anything at all. No question is a stupid question in my eyes.[/color]
  61. [color=#cccccc]If any of you have [/color][b][color=#cccccc]any[/color][/b][color=#cccccc] questions at all regarding my Introduction thread please feel more than free to ask, I'll gladly answer your curiosities.[/color]
  65. [align=center][img][/img][/align]
  66. [align=center][color=#c10300][size=large][font=Monotype Corsiva]Contact Methods:[/font][/size][/color][/align]
  67. [align=center][color=#cccccc][url=]Onsite PM[/url][/color][/align]
  68. [align=center][color=#7289da]Discord:[/color] [color=#cccccc]Ricki#1999[/color][/align]
  69. [align=center][color=#32afed]Telegram:[/color] [color=#cccccc][url=]Ricki[/url][/color][/align]
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