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  1. It may be sudden, but i'm quitting from speedrunning community and any ativity related to it. These were great 4 years, where i learned lots of good and bad things, met good and bad people, even improved my english by interacting with them. I had amazing moments, great emotions throughout my speedrun experiences, even got lots of WRs and did lots of improvements in Crash 1 and even in Crash 3. I reached the unthinkable back in early 2015, when i was a nobody. But someday, it has to end, and this is the chosen day.
  3. I spent hours and hours of my days to prove that someone who was a nobody at the start can achieve high spots if he tries hard enough. Sometimes worth it, but sometimes not. I'm feeling like making up for all the wasted time improving myself in aspects i couldn't through these years. Aspects that make part of my essence as a person.
  5. I have dreams, you know. One day i want to be a great musician and pianist, one of the best in Brazil. I also have a dream of being a excellent mathematician, and very consolidated in my carrer of chosing. But for that, i must spend my days trying hard as i did for speedrun, and it's necessary that i give up of speeds.
  7. I am grateful for meeting such great people in the Crash/Spyro Speedrun Community through the years, such as Redhotbr, Victorards, Chiteiro, MateusDecember, Tebt, WhitePaaws, Skylar, Rexaaayyy, Zoey, Natty, and much others who played a role in my speedrunning carrer history, competed against me or brought fun to my days. You guys are irreplaceable, i'll never forget the great experiences i had. Thank you for believing in my capabilities and for helping me in such many ways!
  9. The curtains of Kojiro's show are closing, but i'm sure i made myself unforgettable in the Crash Speedrunning Community. Had many emotions through it: Joy, sadness, enthusiasm, anger, anxiety, boredom, hype. But all of that made the speedrunner that lots of people admire and love.
  11. I'll also withdraw from Discord and Twitch. These connections are good and fun, but i must not live up for the temptation of trying it all over again, so i'm restricting myself from it. I hope you understand.
  13. Special thanks to Redhotbr, who introduced me to the Crash Speedrun Community, giving me the privilege of getting my first Speedrun WR: 44:20 in Crash 1 Any% Category. This is something that will be stored in my memory forever. I wish the best for you man, you can achieve anything you want. I'm cheering for you!
  15. I'll not delete my speedrun videos, but they'll be in my channel unlisted. If you want to have access to them, visit my profile in, all my best Time Trials in CTR are there. As for RTA Speedruns, check my profile in (Kojiroctr).
  17. Good Luck to everyone! You are the best! LilZ /
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