The white devil (GlimmyxAnon, Angel, comedy, SoL?)

Oct 18th, 2017
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  1. "Don't you make goo-goo eyes at my mare you little shit!"
  2. >Fluttershy gasps when the words come out of your mouth
  3. >"W-what's wrong?"
  4. "This little turd is what's wrong!"
  5. >Glimmy rolls her eyes
  6. >"Come on Anon, leave Angel alone--"
  7. "I am not 'leaving him alone'! He's flirting with you! My mare!"
  8. >This forces a little blush up her cheeks
  9. >She's so CUTE!
  10. >But you can't focus on that right now
  11. >You can't focus on anything but his machiavelic smile as he starts humping the air and flailing his little arms around, obviously doing his best to show you what he'd do to your little glim's buttocks if he were to--
  12. "GRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! He's doing it again!"
  13. >You have a really hard time keeping it in and stopping you from field goaling the little shit
  14. >You'd have a huge ass vein popping up on your forehead and steam would come out of your ears if you were a cartoon character
  15. >But this is real life
  16. >And he stops right before the two mares turn around to look at him
  17. >Not only does he stop, but he also goes the extra mile to look terrorized by your threats
  18. >But the worst part?
  19. >It's that it works
  20. >It works oh so well, as you can see the expression on both mares' faces softening and hear little pitying 'awws' coming from their mouths
  21. >"Come on Anon, how can you be so mean to this little furball?"
  22. "B-but Glimmy!"
  23. >"I-I'm sure that whatever it is you think Angel is doing, it's not on purpose, maybe he's just happy to see you and Starlight?"
  24. >Oh yeah, this much you can be certain of
  25. >Since he started hopping back as the two mares turned to talk to you
  26. >Back
  27. >And back
  28. >Until he's right behind glimmy
  29. >Don't you fucking do it!
  30. >And he turns to you, as if he read your mind
  31. >And then turns some more to take an eyeful of your mare's backside
  32. >He did it
  33. >You just can't
  34. >It's too much
  35. >It's so much you can't even move
  36. >You're paralyzed by the rage you're feeling towards that fuzzy little sack of shit
  37. >But then he does something he shouldn't have done
  39. >Something worse than everything he's ever done until that point
  40. >He looks at you, smugness dripping from his smirk, and brings his little paws in the air
  41. >And mimes the ok emoji 👌
  42. "THAT'S IT!"
  43. >You scream as you leap forward, startling the mares
  45. >He's small
  46. >But surprisingly fast and agile
  47. >Or maybe the rage makes it harder for your hits to find purchase
  48. >"ANON?! STOP THAT!"
  49. >You don't, and saucers and teacups start flying as you continue your onslaught
  51. >You even grab Fluttershy and throw her in the air as he tries to use her for cover
  52. >[spoiler]And thank god she remembers she has wings at some point while falling[/spoiler]
  54. >It stops
  55. >You stop
  56. >What's happening?!
  57. "N-nani?!"
  58. >You can't move
  59. >You can only look as the white devil keeps hopping until he realizes you're not chasing anymore, and turn to you
  60. >And smirk
  62. >Why can't you move?!
  63. >Why are you--
  64. >...Is it..?!
  65. >NO!
  66. >It can't be!
  67. "Z-za warudo?!"
  68. >A quick glimpse to your left is enough to confirm your suspicions
  69. >Your little glam's horn is glowing with the fire of a thousand suns, and the couple seconds of respite lets you finally notice the unmistakable flow of magic coursing through you
  70. >"What is wrong with you?!"
  71. "I-it's not me! It's him! It's all his fault!"
  72. >"Ugh, I can't believe you sometime! We were just supposed to come here and have some fun and bonding moments with Fluttershy and--Ugh! I am sooo sorry for this Fluttershy, I really don't understand what happened and--"
  73. >"O-oh, don't worry it's okay, no harm no foals, right?"
  74. >"And YOU!"
  75. >You gulp as her gaze find yours
  76. >"We need to talk!"
  77. >You can't do anything but look around as your body starts floating and following your mare as she trots away
  78. >You can't do anything but watch him smirk at you
  79. >Watch him grab his crotch and hump the air one last time
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