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  1. Kenetor Faction Interview
  3. Q: Name and position within the community?
  4. A:  Salty Atlas leader
  6. Q: Who is the leader?
  7. A:  Dagger is the founder, the current communities leads are Rick, Whitenun and Spectre
  9. Q: Do you have any previous experience leading?
  10. A:  We have been a gaming community for 11 years,  It is a multi national organization with thousands of members
  12. Q: How does leadership structure work?
  13. A:  That depends on the game.  We normally have a global lead for a game that is responsible for that specific game.  The community side we have community leaders with media directors then game leaders.  We all work together to accomplish goals that we as a community set.
  15. Q: How did TPG start?
  16. A:  TPG started playing in Arma 3 and other FPS games.  It really didnt get strong until Ark, where TPG fought for its place as the leading tribe in Ark, from there it expanded to Atlas
  18. Q: Community and/or Faction size?
  19. A:  TPG is a multi national organization.  We have a lot of people from all over the world that are going to participate with us in our faction.  I dont exactly know the whole dynamic, It will be more understandable as the game progress and we figure it out for ourselves.
  21. Q: Long Term goals?
  22. A:  To win.
  24. Q: Short Term goals?
  25. A:  Work towards achieving whatever goals we feel we need to.
  27. Q: What time zone?
  28. A:  World wide coverage
  30. Q: What makes TPG stand out from other factions?
  31. A:  We have been around for over a decade.  We have solid leadership and a foundation for winning at everything we do.  
  33. Q: Are we recruiting?
  34. A:  Our recruitment process is a vouch based system.  So you need to have someone vouch you in.  This helps us establish a trust system and accountability.
  36. Q: What type of players are we looking to attract?
  37. A: Winners
  39. Q: Are we looking for allies?
  40. A: Over the years we have established many friends.  We are always open to meet new people.  Feel free to communicate to us.
  42. Q: How do we motivate players?
  43. A:  Morale is a tricky topic.  We work towards goals then share in the success we all accomplsih together.
  45. Q: How are we preparing for early access?
  46. A:  As always getting our friends lined up and getting a better understanding of who our enemies are going to be.
  48. Q: Who will be our biggest competitor/threat?
  49. A:  TBD
  51. Q: How did we find out about Starbase and what drew us to it?
  52. A:  The you tube videos and word of mouth.
  54. Q: What features are you looking forward to in Starbase?
  55. A:  The snadbox enviroment, its where we excell
  57. Q: What would you like to see added to Starbase?
  58. A:  I think they are doing a good job so far.  I would just like them to hold up there end of the bargain.  So many alpha games come out promising the world and are complete shit.
  60. Q: If you could say anything to the devs what would it be?
  61. A:   Please listen to your player base.  We are the ones chewing your products so we are the ones who want you to succeed because in doing so we get to do what we love.
  63. Q: Any message for the other factions out there?
  64. A:   We are your best friends, or your worst nightmare.  You get to decide which we will be.
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