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  3. t2;
  4. t4;
  5. t6; knew ur middle was bom at this point; assumed u were on chaos after seein deko and i wanted to snipe ur middle for ter since it's live
  6. t8;
  7. t10;
  8. t12;
  9. t14; i would've dust ur middle in my sp, then do the same thing i did. the point was im playin around heavy by making ur scapegoat dead (forcin angel eff). i summoned serp to force u to ss non-mof/merch off angel. point was, if i dust ur bom sp and did my whole play, you'd have to 2-for-2 with heavy then i'd bait sorc w/ ter, the downside is sorc+mof but ur grave was weak enough for me to just tsuk the sorc and attack mof, then i can set my traps + flips to deal with sorc.
  10. t16;
  11. t18;
  12. t20; i said 2mch cus i can't play around heavy anymore. i would've bom'd the ter targettin my sangan; cus the value was taken off field, and onto my hand after i bom'd ur ter w/ sangan attached. to deal with this complex gamestate, i had to commit monsters on field, sangan is low risk and im supposed to start trading when im up on cards (bom vs meta).
  13. t22;
  14. t24; expected nocs>3rd meta when i set mof
  15. t26; held tiv cus if i cleared ter, i'd force one of ur sets (either bp trap or goats ep), then heavy is a 2-for-1 with big compensation w/ chaos/tsuk..
  16. t28; fortunately u played into serp+tt so i can dodge both goats and heavy. now im expecting breaker so i set mst, i wouldn't do it otherwise
  17. t30; post charity.. i thought i'd end with 6, the point is i was gonna saku ur breaker, goats ep, charity is gonna get me to noc/meta, then ima prolly 2-for-1 heavy while makin ur goats dead.. but i miscalc'd the hand + i didn't draw noc/metas! i set heavy cus ik u got a floater so it's kinda innate to just poke with breaker, ik ur respectin goats sincei discarded it (was the point). and i also know angel chaos dont run dust so im not scared to set heavy as i would be vs gc
  18. t32; imagine if i had meta or noc here?
  19. t34;
  20. t36; ur set serp was 2 ez
  21. t38; the reason i held breakr whole game was for this point, if i bait bom i win.
  24. t2; vs gc i would've summoned sangan, but vs angel it's more likely ur set is a non-flip. and if it is a flip, i can tt after u summon tsuk cus you'd summon tsuk/meta before using noc.
  25. t4;
  26. t6;
  27. t8; whenever someone got 0/0 ter, that's when tt is most broken. i was debating between 2 plays, set merch or doin what i did here; both with the point of u summoning tsuk->tt. i searched tsuk w/ sangan>serp so you'll be forced to summon tsuk but i did know ur set was prolly a bluff. i was ok with it tho cus you'll be down on the summon and i got merch+tsuk+bom to lock.
  28. t10;
  29. t12; was debating between summon tsuk vs ddwl, point is, if i summon tsuk my scapegoat is live; but if i summon ddwl i can answer serp/angel/ddwl, after i use ddwl eff it'd be the same thing. the set mof was good, i was forced to set bom.
  30. t13; i kept breaker alive for 2 reasons. 1) i need u to have a faceup monster so i can summon tsuk and attack over ter, then i can clear breaker the same way later since i got dust+tsuk.. 2) i can do what i did in the replay and abuse the face u play no tributes + u went through 1 tsuk.
  31. t14;
  32. t16; ur grave is too weak i can just attack w/e u set and not worry bout mof
  33. t18;
  34. t20; if i wasn't rusty i would've summoned tsuk on the bls immediately but i was too focused on how to use my ring.
  35. t22;
  36. t24; im setting u up for heavy at this point; it's one of the worst disadvantages of not running dust
  37. t26; set tsuk + protection is too strong vs ur deck
  38. t27; im trading with my sets to blowup with heavy
  39. t28; like i said in our last game, after breakin the board of a complex gamestates the trinities will overwhelm the opp
  40. t30;
  41. t32;
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