[Action] Court

Sep 24th, 2017
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  1. You arrive at the court, the crashing weight of law projecting from the magnificent stone walls burdens you as you enter the large hall...
  3. [Action]1. Put another guild on trial!
  4. You can accuse another notorious guild for treason against the city if that faction has less than 6 points of integrity. To make this action, you must be a lawful guild(have more than 8 integrity) or have the support of a lawful guild.
  5. The trial begins as your character rolls bureaucracy score against the persuasion score of the accused guild leader. If your bureaucrat has the higher score then the accused guild will lose 2 fame and their leader would be imprisoned, yet they will regain 2 integrity for clearing the guild of their corrupted leader.
  7. [Action]2. Change city laws
  8. *Requirement#1 the character you are sending must be a courtier/guild leader in rank.
  9. *Requirement#2 only guilds who own a political position(stewards,coinlords,catellans,lawkeepers) can change city laws.
  10. You invest an action to change a single law according to your political position abilities -
  11. Lawkeeper-
  12. Coinlord-
  13. Castellan-
  14. Steward-
  16. [Action]3. Bid influence to become the new lawkeeper
  17. *Requirement#1 the character you are sending must be a courtier/guild leader in rank.
  18. You can pay the amount of influence(see current amount in thread, politics&laws pic) required to become a lawkeeper. Notice that if you own a tile neighboring the courthouse the required amount of influence you have to pay is halved from that written in the thread.
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