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  1. You fiddle with the tiny levers and dials of the spider's mechanical abdomen.  The process is complex, but you feel an intuitive grasp of the mechanism from the moment you touch it.
  2. With a *click*, your changes snap into place.  The jumping spider will now consume Lunar Magic knowledge.
  4. >rub spider
  5. The spider comes alive in your hand!  It skitters to the top of your spine, moving with far more agility than its metallic heaviness should allow.  A sharp stab of pain erupts at the base of your neck as it injects venom into your nervous system!
  6. It is mere moments afterward that you feel an itching, tingling, and crawling sensation all across the inside of your skull.  In a mind-wracking flurry of sensation, you find yourself forgetting your recent progress on lunar magic, but somehow unbidden knowledge into other Magic tasks are mapped into your psyche.
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