Koi no Kotoba

Oct 2nd, 2017
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  1. # Notes
  3. ## Owlman (*fukurouman*)
  5. Owlman uses an archaic speech pattern, ending lines with "のじゃ! (*no jya*)".
  6. Not being the easiest thing to write or read in English (and seeing as it was likely intentionally half-assed in Japanese as well), I simply made liberal use of "You hear!" and upped the formality of its words.
  8. ## Yearning & Love (*koi* & *ai*)
  10. "It's a manga about drowning in yearning, without attaining love". - Afterword
  11. These two words come from "恋 (*koi*)" and "愛 (*ai*)".
  12. A search online would explain more, but here's a good one I found: you may love a person with *koi*, but *ai* would mean you love even the negative aspects of that person.
  14. ## Let's move on(wards). (*ai ni ikou*)
  15. "Mere yearning is no longer enough."
  16. "Let's move onwards. (*ai ni ikou*)"
  17. "...You can't stay by my side."
  18. "Let's move on. (*ai ni ikou*)" - Chapter 12
  20. Translating wordplay from Japanese is rarely easy.
  21. "あい (*ai*)" in the initial line gives no hint to what *ai* it refers to, while the second "会い (*ai*)" means to meet.
  22. These were thus interpreted into these:
  23. "Let's move onwards. (*from yearning, to love*)"
  24. "Let's move on. (*from this doomed yearning*)".
  25. Since this was actually the chapter's title, I actually had to decide on this before chapter 1 was even out, without any ability to change it after...
  26. I hope that nuance was conveyed, even if just a little.
  28. A literal translation may be closer to the below:
  29. "Yearning is now at an end."
  30. "Let's move on to love."
  31. "...You can't stay by my side."
  32. "Let's go meet (your family)."
  34. ## Yearning & Wish & Hope (*koi*)
  36. "This is a yearning. (*kore ha koi da*)"
  37. "This is a wish. (*kore ha koi da*)"
  38. "And thus, this is a hope." - Chapter 13
  40. More wordplay.
  41. The initial "こい (*koi*)" naturally refers to the usual *yearning* while the second "乞い (*koi*)" refers to a *request* (adapted to *wish*) which leads on to *hope*.
  42. I just went with words similar enough in meaning, warping it gradually.
  43. With the *koi* in *Koi no Kotoba* being "こい" as well, it could actually refer to more than the official title of "Words of love"...
  45. ## Random
  47. **Nanakida** I guess it doesn't matter very much, but her name could actually be Nanakita too. The exact reading was never mentioned anywhere...
  49. **Fancy typesetting / redrawing** I'm just going to mention pages that required more attention to detail because I can! 9, 85, 86, 100, 156-157, 192-193.
  51. **You're so slow!!! (p.44)** For anyone curious, the original was "*o so i*". I tried to match the mouth movements. Doubt I succeeded.
  53. **Should I do it with my mouth? (p.74)** This line would've been less awkward if it was more direct or vulgar... But it had to remain vague as a chapter title.
  55. **Owlman dolls (afterword)** They're on page 101 if you're wondering.
  57. **Satomi-san (afterword)** Full (pen)name: Satomi Yoshitaka (さとみよしたか). If you're interested.
  59. **School girls** Man, they can be scary.
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