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  1. %% start of file `template.tex'.
  2. %% Copyright 2006-2013 Xavier Danaux (
  3. %
  4. % This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
  5. % conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License version 1.3c,
  6. % available at
  9. \documentclass[11pt,a4paper,roman]{moderncv}                % possible options include font size ('10pt', '11pt' and '12pt'), paper size ('a4paper', 'letterpaper', 'a5paper', 'legalpaper', 'executivepaper' and 'landscape') and font family ('sans' and 'roman')
  11. % modern themes      
  12. \moderncvstyle{banking}                                     % style options are 'casual' (default), 'classic', 'oldstyle' and 'banking'
  13. \moderncvcolor{blue}                                        % color options 'blue' (default), 'orange', 'green', 'red', 'purple', 'grey' and 'black'
  14. %\renewcommand{\familydefault}{\sfdefault}                  % to set the default font; use '\sfdefault' for the default sans serif font, '\rmdefault' for the default roman one, or any tex font name
  15. %\nopagenumbers{}                                           % uncomment to suppress automatic page numbering for CVs longer than one page
  17. % character encoding         
  18. \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}                                 % if you are not using xelatex ou lualatex, replace by the encoding you are using
  19. %\usepackage{CJKutf8}                                       % if you need to use CJK to typeset your resume in Chinese, Japanese or Korean
  21. % adjust the page margins        
  22. \usepackage[top=1cm, bottom=1cm, left=1.5cm, right=1.5cm]{geometry}      
  24. %\setlength{\hintscolumnwidth}{3cm}                         % if you want to change the width of the column with the dates
  25. %\setlength{\makecvtitlenamewidth}{10cm}                    % for the 'classic' style, if you want to force the width allocated to your name and avoid line breaks. be careful though, the length is normally calculated to avoid any overlap with your personal info; use this at your own typographical risks...
  27. \usepackage{import}
  29. % personal data
  30. \name{Norbert}{Podsadowski}
  31. %\title{Curriculum Vitae}                                   % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  32. %\address{my address, line 1, line 2, line 3, postcode}{}{} % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted; the "postcode city" and and "country" arguments can be omitted or provided empty
  33. \phone[mobile]{+44 75407 34201}                             % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  34. %\phone[fixed]{01234 123456}                                % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  35. %\phone[fax]{+3~(456)~789~012}                              % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  36. \email{}                                   % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  37. \homepage{}                          % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  38. %\extrainfo{additional information}                         % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  39. %\photo[64pt][0.4pt]{picture}                               % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted; '64pt' is the height the picture must be resized to, 0.4pt is the thickness of the frame around it (put it to 0pt for no frame) and 'picture' is the name of the picture file
  40. %\quote{Some quote}                                         % optional, remove / comment the line if not wanted
  42. % to show numerical labels in the bibliography (default is to show no labels); only useful if you make citations in your resume
  43. %\makeatletter
  44. %\renewcommand*{\bibliographyitemlabel}{\@biblabel{\arabic{enumiv}}}
  45. %\makeatother
  46. %\renewcommand*{\bibliographyitemlabel}{[\arabic{enumiv}]}% CONSIDER REPLACING THE ABOVE BY THIS
  48. % bibliography with mutiple entries
  49. %\usepackage{multibib}
  50. %\newcites{book,misc}{{Books},{Others}}
  51. %----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  52. %            content
  53. %----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54. \begin{document}
  55. %\begin{CJK*}{UTF8}{gbsn}                          % to typeset your resume in Chinese using CJK
  56. %-----       resume       ---------------------------------------------------------
  57. \makecvtitle
  58. \vspace{-35pt}
  60. \section{Education}
  61. \begin{itemize}
  62.  \item{\cventry{October 2015 -- June 2018}{Bachelor of Engineering in Computing}{Imperial College London}{London}{}{\vspace{3pt}
  63.  \begin{itemize}
  64.      \item First Year Result: First Class Honours
  65.      \item Key Modules: Programming (\textbf{Haskell}, \textbf{Java}, \textbf{C}), Hardware, Databases, Mathematical Methods, Logic, Concurrency, Compilers, Software Engineering, Operating Systems
  66.  \end{itemize}
  67.  }}
  69.  \item{\cventry{September 2013 -- June 2015}{Sixth Form}{Graveney School}{London}{}{\vspace{3pt}
  70.  \begin{itemize}
  71.      \item A-Levels: Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computing, Economics, Polish
  72.      \item Additional Qualifications: Extended Project Qualification - dissertation and implementation of a genetic algorithm to approximate solutions to combinatorial optimization graph problems in \textbf{Java}
  73.      \item Good results in STEP and AEA examinations aimed at the top 3\% of Mathematics students in the country
  74.  \end{itemize}
  75.  }}
  76. \end{itemize}
  78. \section{Professional Experience}
  79. \begin{itemize}
  80.  \item{\cventry{June 2016 - September 2016}{Summer Intern at Quantitative Hedge Fund, formerly part of Morgan Stanley}{PDT Partners}{City of London}{}{
  81.  \begin{itemize}
  82.      \item Built an in-house profiler and other modules to extend the functionality of a newly adopted build system, in \textbf{Python}
  83.      \item Implemented native support for various Clang compiler sanitizers, linters and tools within this build system
  84.      \item Developed a web application to pull, archive and analyze outage call statistics, in \textbf{Python} and \textbf{Flask}
  85.  \end{itemize}
  86.  }}
  88.  \item{\cventry{2012 -- 2015}{Various Clients}{Freelance Work}{London}{}{
  89.  \begin{itemize}
  90.      \item Self-marketed, networked and negotiated with clients to secure various freelance software projects
  91.      \item Examples include web development with the \textbf{LAMP stack} or working with the \textbf{Cratejoy CMS}
  92.  \end{itemize}
  93.  }}  % arguments 3 to 6 can be left empty
  94. \end{itemize}
  96. \section{Notable Projects}
  97. \begin{itemize}
  98.  \item \textbf{Bare-metal 3D Engine, Assembler and Emulator} \textit{1st year final project}
  99.  \begin{itemize}
  100.      \item Used pure \textbf{ARM11 assembly} with no operating system to create a 3D rendering engine and a prototype clone of Mario Kart for a bare-metal Raspberry Pi
  101.      \item Wrote an assembler for a large subset of the ARM11 assembly language and an emulator which simulated this architecture from scratch, in \textbf{C}
  102.  \end{itemize}
  104.  \item \textbf{Game Modifications} \textit{Server-side plugins for "Minecraft" title}
  105.  \begin{itemize}
  106.      \item Wrote a plugin "UltimateCards" in \textbf{Java} which allowed users to play fully automated Poker and Blackjack card games with complete table management, on-screen GUI, sound etc. - \textbf{30,000 downloads}
  107.      \item Wrote a team management system allowing easy administration of team-based server events, including member roles, team chats, points, etc. - \textbf{20,000 downloads}
  108.  \end{itemize}
  110.  \item \textbf{Construction Project Management System} \textit{Final year computing high-school project }
  111.  \begin{itemize}
  112.      \item Used \textbf{Java} and \textbf{MySQL} to create a graphical project management system with features such as invoice creation with MS Excel exporting, employee and assignment tracker, online quote requests feed, etc.
  113.      \item Analyzed precise client requirements for a real construction firm and created a 200-page documentation covering analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance
  114.  \end{itemize}
  115. \end{itemize}
  117. \section{Selected Achievements}
  118. \begin{itemize}
  119.  \item \textbf{The Challow Prize for Computing} - Best computing student in the final year of high school
  120.  \item \textbf{Wandsworth High Achievers Award} - Students with the best A-Level results in Wandsworth
  121.  \item \textbf{Graveney School Prize 2015 \& 2016} - Highest achieving students of Year 12 and Year 13
  122.  \item \textbf{Corporate Partnership Program Prize} - Awarded for best group project website and presentation on Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping in robotics using depth cameras
  123.  \item \textbf{BlackRock Hackathon Winner} - Demonstrated excellent teamwork, leadership, creative and programming skills in a competitive setting through first place success at the November 2015 BlackRock Hackathon
  124.  \item \textbf{HackKings Audience Choice Award} - \textbf{Web} + \textbf{Android} application to scan and track receipts using OCR
  125. \end{itemize}
  127. \begin{center}
  129. \end{center}
  131. % Publications from a BibTeX file without multibib
  132. %  for numerical labels: \renewcommand{\bibliographyitemlabel}{\@biblabel{\arabic{enumiv}}}% CONSIDER MERGING WITH PREAMBLE PART
  133. %  to redefine the heading string ("Publications"): \renewcommand{\refname}{Articles}
  134. \nocite{*}
  135. \bibliographystyle{plain}
  136. \bibliography{publications}                        % 'publications' is the name of a BibTeX file
  138. % Publications from a BibTeX file using the multibib package
  139. %\section{Publications}
  140. %\nocitebook{book1,book2}
  141. %\bibliographystylebook{plain}
  142. %\bibliographybook{publications}                   % 'publications' is the name of a BibTeX file
  143. %\nocitemisc{misc1,misc2,misc3}
  144. %\bibliographystylemisc{plain}
  145. %\bibliographymisc{publications}                   % 'publications' is the name of a BibTeX file
  147. %-----       letter       ---------------------------------------------------------
  149. \end{document}
  152. %% end of file `template.tex'.
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