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  1. I am just a normal genin, just trying to survive his first day as a full ninja. I try not to stand out, I do not make waves, and I do not cause trouble. In most situations, I am not very vocal; very rarely do I ever speak unless I am feeling particularly outgoing. I would like to think that goes for most people; some just feel more outgoing more often. I had finally finished the rest of my work in my dorm when I began to walk into the hall; and to the door leading to the lobby where most people would hang out. As soon as I opened the loud creaking door, I felt the heat from the lobby hit me like a truck. I looked around at everyone sitting and watching Pretty Little Liars, before hearing a sharp crack across the lobby. A young woman walked into the lobby, she was fairly tall with jet black hair and fair skin. Her hair was so dark, it reminded me of smoke from a fire. She wore a red t-shirt and sweatpants that swam on her ever so gently, but accentuated her curves a bit. No one could blame me for looking, she is one of the most beautiful girls in the building. I stole one last look at her before returning my eyes to a more appropriate place, with a bit of effort I would be able to look her in the eyes. My heart shook for a moment and my body went numb before I demanded my composure back from my body, and took a quick breath. I looked directly at her and got her attention so she would stop.
  2. “Uh-Hi...” I mumbled softly. My entire body was flustered and I could feel every small drop of sweat beading down my neck and lower chin. I felt as if everything in my stomach became mush, and was swirling around nonstop making me want to vomit. When she looked directly at me I could feel every muscle in my body tense up; it felt as though my body was trying to suffocate me. Her light eyes set upon mine and it immediately became hard to breathe, my entire being was telling me to run and get out of here, but my body would not move.
  3. “Hey!” she replied back to me with her usual happy smile that seemed plastered on her face all the time. That bright smile was the pinnacle of my day, I loved to see it. It made my body feel extremely warm and comfortable. It helped me calm down a little, my body became less tense. I wish I could say that I had calmed down, but that would be an overstatement. I clenched my teeth and closed my eyes so I could begin counting from ten. Ten-nine-eight-seven-si-but before I could finish she had gotten close to me. I knew she was close; I could feel her warmth emanating from her body. Clenching my teeth even tighter and swallowing some saliva, I opened my eyes and she was right there in front of me. Normally, I had a dark enough skin tone where no one would notice if I was flustered, that was not one of these cases. It was as if my ribs were a prison and my heart wanted out now. It was beating so forcefully, my chest began to hurt. It was an acute pain that was manageable, but unexpected. I visibly winced at it since the woman noticed immediately and took a step closer to me. She was close enough now where I could see the small detail in her skin. There were multiple small bumps which were remnants of acne, her cheeks were a vibrant rosy color, and she smelled like fresh soap. My legs felt like spaghetti, as if they would give out on me if I put any more stress on them. “Are you feeling okay?” she asked me, her voice was full of concern. She put the back of her hand on my forehead and felt my temperature. Her skin was extremely soft, it felt like a small pillow was pressed against my forehead. The butterflies in my stomach became stronger and more forceful, my body was attacking me and I could not do anything about it. A million questions swam through my head; I wanted to know if she would join me for dinner at five, or accompany me to Sheets, but my mouth felt like it weighed a thousand pounds. It would not open, but it did not matter she was two years my senior, and had better things to do than live out my fantasies. She finished testing my temperature and withdrew from being so close. I immediately wanted her by my side again, I wanted to feel her skin against mine again. She had just left, and I longed for her as if she had been gone for years. “You feel alright?” she asked, her expression more worried than happy now.
  4. “I’ll just get some air,” I yelped awkwardly while back-stepping towards the glass doors that let out into a small courtyard. The air was cool to the skin, and the grass smelled fresh. The air carried a calming scent to it that made me relax the instant I could smell it. I was surrounded by flowers and small plants. It gave me something to look at while I let my heart slow down to a steady 65 beats every minute. Once I was more relaxed, I slid down to my butt and looked through the glass windowpanes. I was looking at her and she was helping some younger girl with her work. She looked up at me for a moment, smiled and waved gently like she always did. My body stiffened up and reacted automatically, I awkwardly waved back to her with a forced, confident smile before turning back around to look at the view once again. “I just need to calm down…” I whispered to myself while taking a few deep breaths. The soft chirping of the birds and quiet tunes of the crickets in the evening created the perfect medley of sound that began to lull me to sleep. My eyes began to overpower me, their strength was exponentially stronger every second. The tranquility of the scene was extinguishing the agitation, and disappointment I felt in myself. As I began adjusted to the cool evening mountain temperature, I drifted to sleep, wishing she would say, “I love you.”
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