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  1. USERNAME ✰ myemimsgf
  2. BIRTH NAME ✰ son hyerim / 손혜림
  3. OTHER NAME ✰ n/a
  4. FACECLAIM ✰ choi yerim / choerry of loona
  5. BACKUP FC ✰ lee nagyung / nagyung of fromis9
  7. SLOT ✰ vanellope von schweetz
  8. BACKUP SLOT ✰ ariel
  10. BIRTHDAY ✰ 08/23/01
  11. HOMETOWN ✰ busan, south korea
  12. BIRTHPLACE ✰ busan, south korea
  14. NATIONALITY ✰ korean
  15. ETHNICITY ✰ korean
  16. AGE ✰ 17 | international  18 | korean
  19. ↳ hyerim was born into a middle class family. she has two older siblings named hyunggu and jisoo. hyunggu would always mess around with her which is how she developed her love of pranks. he taught her all of the best pranks he knew and helped her set them up on jisoo. at first jisoo would get annoyed, but after a while she started to prank the two back.
  21. ↳ hyerim’s father would always yell at the girls saying pranks were for boys and that ladies shouldn’t act that way. her mom would try to her her father to leave them alone, but he would never listen to her. jisoo stopped participating in the pranking due to her fathers request while hyerim continued. she knew how much jisoo wanted to goof around and it made her sad that her father really pressured her into stopping. when jisoo & hyunggu left for collage they told hyerim to never let their father stop her from doing something that made her happy and that’s why she continued despite her father constantly telling her she was unlady like and acting like a boy. on the inside it hurt hyerim when her father said those things, but she only ever told aurora how she felt.
  25. ↳ EXUBERANT — hyerim is really hyperactive. she’s always on turbo and never knows how to turn herself off but to others she’s so fun to be around. she always try to see the best of the situation and tries to make it fun for everyone, which is why almost everyone likes her.
  27. ↳ CLUMSY — hyerim is probably the clumsiest person you’ll ever meet. she can honestly trip over the air. she doesn’t mind it though, she actually finds it hilarious
  29. ↳ AIRHEADED & HONEST — hyerim isn’t… how do i put this… all there sometimes. she lacks common sense a lot which can make her very honest at the worst times.
  31. ↳ NOISY — this girl never stops talking. ever. she doesn’t notice when people are done with the conversation so she just continues rambling. she’s also very very loud when she speaks. you can hear her laugh from a mile away.
  33. ↳ SWEET — hyerim is an angel and that’s that. she’s always nice to people no matter who they are and tries to fix problems fast.
  35. TRIVIA ✰
  37. ↳ gave herself a concussion trying to catch a bag of gummy worms
  39. ↳ she’s very emotional. when she’s mad, she cries. when she’s sad ? cries. happy ? cries.
  41. ↳ really REALLY loves sweets !!
  43. ↳ moves a lot when she sleeps
  45. ↳ is scared of death. when she thinks about death she gets really uneasy
  47. ↳ broke her leg climbing a fence for a prank
  49. ↳ likes to claim she’s a gamer but only plays animal crossing
  51. ↳ almost burned down her house making mac n cheese bc she forgot to add water
  53. LOVE INTEREST ✰ na jaemin
  57. ↳ hyerim & jaemin first met in math class. their math teacher was the type to constantly fall asleep in class, which was perfect for hyerim. she always played pranks on her poor math teacher and the class loved her for it, jaemin especially as he found her absolutely adorable but it troubled jaemin that people mostly like her for her pranks, because he’s seen how hardworking and dedicated she could truly be. jaemin always wanted to become friends with her, so he made his move by persuading her into letting him be her prank partner.
  59. ↳ hyerim got used to jaemin pretty quickly and the pair became the infamous pranking duo. they started hanging out outside of school and frequently went to arcades. over time, hyerim fell for jaemin. everything about him made her blush. whenever he would hug her or pinch her cheeks, she struggled with keeping herself unfazed by his actions. jaemin would constantly bring her treats, hold her hand, and dote on all the little things she did. it made hyerim’s heart burst and all she wished for was that he liked her back.
  62. why does she loves to do pranks?
  64. ↳ hyerim loves pranks because they allow her to be creative in a way. she has to think hard about how to pull off the prank without letting anyone get hurt, no accidents, and a way that it would be funny even to the person targeted. she also loves seeing everyone laugh and have something to brighten up their day.
  66. ↳ pranks also help her channel her energy into something. hyerim is very hyper, so she uses her energy to make her pranks awesome. it also is something that makes her feel happy. when she’s down, she goes straight to figuring out something funny to pull off, the thought of other people being happy because of something she did helps her mood in so many ways.
  68. how come aurora is the only one who knows about her true self?
  70. ↳  hyerim feels completely safe with aurora. when aurora shares things shes vulnerable about and lets hyerim know how she really feels, hyerim can only do the same. the two are very honest and bare with one another. the have a bond like no other and can always be their true selves around one another.
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