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  1. # Falcom games issue list
  3. Here's a partial list of issues and possible solutions.
  5. ## Evolution Voice Patch not playing voices
  6. This issue may be caused by the speaker configuration on your system being incorrect.
  7. Solution:  
  8. 1. Press Windows-R
  9. 2. Type in `mmsys.cpl` then press Enter
  10. 3. Select your output device
  11. 4. If the button is not greyed out, click "Set Default"
  12. 5. Click "Configure"
  13. 6. Select the correct speaker configuration: If you have two speakers, select "Stereo". If you have more speakers, select the correct option and proceed with the wizard.
  15. ## Bracer Notebook crashes the game
  16. This issue is caused by the font file not being complete. Disable the option "High-Res Fonts" in the configuration program.
  18. ## Language changes after applying the Evolution Voice Patch
  19. Make sure that you have the script for Japanese, Chinese, or English placed in the `voice¥scena¥` folder.
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