Amazing New World - 23

Sep 27th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Amazing New World ~ Thanks to Markues &

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Hoseung (Mc) Chief Single
Kim Mijung (Fmc) Team Leader Single Parent
Sook Young (Sook) Employee Fiancee
Nasori (Bh) Employee Single
Jun Sook (Glasses) Fmc's Secretary Fiancee
Juwan (Sugar) Assistant Manager Single
[N/A] (Bun) Employee Married

Chapter - 23

Streets Mc x Sook

Sook keeps crying in MC's embrace.. He hugs her back trying to comfort her..
He thinks about the medical loan Sook Young asked and how Blonde rejected it. He makes a determined face knowing what he need to do.


Harlton Hotel Bh x Sugar

Sugar is lying on the bed wearing only his underwear, he's waiting for Bh to join him.. She comes closer to him and starts to lick his underwear, she's only wearing her thong..
Sugar is moaning while she keeps teasing him.. He asks her what she did with MC earlier today. She tells him how she'll give a conference about Sexual Education & Aggression with MC so she worked on a PowerPoint with him. Sugar is surprised and asks her why did she worked until this late.

She feels his erected penis asking him if he's feeling jealous, she takes out his dick from his underwear asking if he's worried about her eating Mc. Sugars denies it while moaning and says how he was worried because she isn't a hard worker and asks her what she was doing with Mc.

She rubs his dick telling him to wait because she'll explain to him later, she says how thinking of it, she had her first sexual lesson today and it wasn't as interesting as she expected it to do. She keeps teasing him asking why his dick is so hard and asks him if he's feeling this excited thinking about someone else fucking her. He tries to deny it while moaning..

She tells him how she knew he was a pervert but she wasn't aware of his case being so helpless, she tells him how she'll never be fucked by Mc and starts to lick him.

She lick the whole shaft of his penis before sucking Sugar's balls. She stops telling him how she'll really fuck with Mc if it can makes him that hard. He looks at her asking her if she's really serious, she doesn't answer him and give him head.

After sucking him a bit she tells him how he's really kinky because he's harder.. He asks her if she's enjoying this sort of play and asks her if it's one of her fantasy. She laughs saying how she has a lot of sexual fantasies, like being recorded while having sex. She takes off her thong, gives her mobile to him and asks Sugar to record their sexual act.

Sugar puts the cellphone on a table checking if it's really recording.. They start to fuck.. She moans saying how he's really good today and thinks he's much bigger than usually, he laughs saying how it's her fault for provoking him this much.

She lets out a louder moan and tells him how she should taunt / tease him a bit more in the future.. He keeps thrusting it inside her until he cums inside her.. He falls on the top of her body, exhausted..

After a while Sugar notices Bh's new watch and asks her when did she buy it. Bh wears on her right wrist and giggles saying she bought it because he doesn't wanted to buy it. Sugar laughs saying that it was too expansive for his little budget.. He finally understands something and asks her if she really did what he thinks she did, he tells her how she promised to stop it and Bh tells her to stop nagging because it's safe and how will never be caught.

Fmc's Apartment Fmc

Fmc is watching the data inside Sh mobile and notices that a video file was just added to Sh's cloud data.. She decides to play it asking herself if it's new. She looks at it and doesn't find anything special.. It's just a sextape..

After checking the end of the video she hears Sugar and Sh conversation about the new watch and what shady business Sh is doing to buy this sort of luxurious item.. It finally catches her interest, she looks at it asking if she really thinks she'll never be caught.

To be continued..
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