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Dadonequus Discord Part 252

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  1. >Chrysalis however, was just waiting. She kept up a smile and ate the food given to her. But after awhile, she tapped at her cup to announce something. Gaining the attention of everyone at the table.
  2. >"Excuse me everypony. I hate to be a stick in the mud, but Anon and myself must be going for the night. We have many things to do and not a lot of time to do it. If we can just borrow Miss Shimmer to discuss a few things about navigating the city. We'll be able to return that much sooner."
  3. >Celestia nods, it didn't seem to bother her too much. She understood. "Then I hope the both of you have a safe journey. And once you return,you'll be welcomed back with open hooves and leftovers should you find yourselves hungry again."
  4. >You give Celestia a big smile. You appreciated the food. it was damn delicious. They must have been making all of this all day to keep Celestia busy in the kitchen. Amazing.
  5. "Thank you Celestia, I'm glad you consider us good enough friends to let us into your home like that"
  6. >"Only good enough? I thought it was more than that" Celestia lets out a mischievous giggle. it warmed your heart in all actuality, she seemed back to normal just from having friends over. You felt the determination of saving this world grow larger within you. "I already consider you both close friends. Ones worthy of my trust. Now then, if you both have to traverse the city then I won't keep you. It can be very dangerous out at night from what I understand"
  7. "Thank you, We shouldn't take all night. But we'll be gone for awhile."
  8. >You say, As Chrysalis adds on to it.
  9. >"Yes, that is why we must go quickly. Sunset, if you'd please take us to your room so we can plan a route. That would be splendid."
  11. >Sunset nods, she knew what was up. Of course, this was probably the briefing for the plan. Chrysalis must have gotten the information she needed. But pulling it off so soon? At night? Dammit, you had to get your head in the game if it was gonna be this soon. "Alright, you two follow me." Sunset gets off her chair and does a small bow "I'll be back soon Princess Celestia, I just need to make sure they understand the lay of the land."
  12. >Celestia just gives her a warm and reassuring smile "You needn't explain that to me Sunset. I'm not going to get lonely because you left me for a moment" She giggles "I'm not a child. Though, I do appreciate you taking care of me as if I was one. And I always will."
  13. >Sunset cringed at that. That seemed so self insulting. "Princess Celestia! You're not a-"
  14. >"I know" She giggles again. "I was just teasing for a reaction.It's good to know that you care so much Sunset. I'm just sorry..." Celestia's smile fades to something a little more lamentable "That I couldn't teach you that when you were a foal. I was always worried about what may have happened to you when you left." She then looks to Sunset with love and hope "But I'm glad that you returned, with you, a soft and gentle heart....Now then, hurry up! Or I'll start eating your food too. I haven't gotten to eat like this for awhile and I want to stuff myself good. The longer the dinner, the more time we have to spend with our new friends!"
  15. >RD and Pinkie let out a cheer to that. Twilight just stayed silent. her heart full of admiration, but not enough to spurge out in a cheerful way that had nothing to do with books or spells.
  16. >With that, Sunset lead you and Chrysalis into her room. And locked the door tight behind her. "Alright, are you sure you're ready for this Chrysalis? Did you even check with Anon if he was ready?"
  18. >"He's ready when I tell him to be ready. Even when knowing the truth about him, he's still hard headed with some of our Twilight's tripe still lodged in his head." Chrysalis looks to you, eyeing you closely "Something that you better not let cloud your judgement. Anon, this is a time where you must be ruthless and cutthroat. Not a goddamn pussy"
  19. >"Pussy?" Sunset was confused "Like a fraidy cat? That's a new one. Anon, this is going to be very dangerous. You can't be a uhm....pussy"
  20. >Chrysalis snickered at Sunset using that word. It seemed pretty hilarious for her to hear a pony use the vulgar human language.
  21. "...come on"
  22. >You let out an annoyed sigh.
  23. "I'm not going to puss out. This is important. I get it, besides. I want to turn those two into mulch for what they did to everypony. Let's just get this over with so we can dethrone them already."
  24. >You made a fierce pose, trying to show you're ready to kick some ass.
  25. "C'mon! I want to see them squirm!"
  26. >"That won't be easy Anon" Sunset says as she brings out two contracts from her dresser. As you look on, you start to take notice of her room. I was very plain and dusty. plain bed, plain dresser, plain mirror, all dusty and unkempt. It looked like she kept herself busy with Celestia enough to not even dust her own room. "You can't use force here, remember? You have to trick them. So let's go over the plan." Sunset pulls over her table with her magic, it was small and round. enough to put on a cup and plate. She placed the two contracts down upon it. one was about 2 or three pages. The other...holy crhist, it was bigger than before. That had to be one thousand pages.
  27. >Your eyes went wide from that.
  28. "Is that the contract I have to show Flam?! Why is it so huge?!"
  30. >"Because I had to make it as long as feasibly possible.Chrysalis already has a natural advantage of tricking Flim to sign hers. You'll need to be more resourceful Anon...mnn" Sunset looked to Chrysalis "Are you sure he can do it? It's not like he can entrance Flam.and even with this many pages, Flam will read it all before he signs it unless Anon does a real good job of distracting him. I put the fine print on page nine hundred and sixty eight like you suggested. But there's still the fact that if Anon screws this up that he'll still get to it"
  31. >"Trust me, Anon can be an extreme nuisance when he wants to be, isn't that right Anon?" Chrysalis looks to you with a sneering smile, to suggest that you were some annoying kid.
  32. >But you wouldn't have it this time. You were already putting your head in the game before it was even mentioned. You knew you'd have to be a snot to Flam if you wanted to distract him. You just didn't know the difficulty.
  33. >So you gave Chrysalis a smug little smirk of your own.
  34. "Yeah, I mean look at you. All me and Discord had to do was frame one changeling and your entire race ended up as my roommate in a chaos realm that you hate. Not too bad, eh?"
  35. >Chrysalis's eye twitched from fury at that one. She didn't expect that retort. "You little..." She had to take a moment to calm herself. But internally, that still infuriated her. "If it wasn't for the fact that this was the only way out. I'd toss you through a window.....that was beside a seaside cliff"
  36. >You snicker at that
  37. "Still touchy? How do we know you're not the one who's going to screw up?"
  39. >"Because..." Chrysalis took a moment to calm down "I take pleasure in fooling weak minded simpletons like him. He'll be feeding me the entire way. And after that "Feast". I'm more than ready to go. But when it comes to you, you're just an infuriating little ball of idiocy. I'm surprised the ponies haven't shipped you away in a box with the kind of attitude you have. But don't take that as a negative Anon..." Chrysalis catches the conversation on the rebound. And by relaxing her mind and thoughts, she pulls it back in her favor
  40. >She brings her hoof to under your chin,and gently gives it a rub as she gives you a sensual smile, her eyes half open, them..bedroom eyes. "It's that kind of behavior we'll be needing anyway. I'm glad you're getting into the mindset, but you'll just have to be just a little bit better this time. Remember, we are playing for keeps."
  41. >She got the reaction she wanted. even if you played it off. you were still blushing, still having a lust in your heart when she does such things.
  42. "Yeah...mnnn"
  43. >You clear your throat as you slowly back off, giving your neck a wipe with your hooves.
  44. "Well..it's good to see you're still seductive, because we're gonna need that too."
  45. >Sunset, found the whole thing very awkward. "That whole thing was just practice...right?"
  46. >"You can call it that" Chrysalis snickered "Now then, what's the exact plan you have Sunset? and what was that spell you had me cast while I was having breakfast with that mongrel"
  47. >"It won't be simple. You both already know you'll need those contracts signed for them to have to give up their crowns. But without a reason to actually hate them, they can be voted back in right after if they make a grab for the throne. That's why you'll also have to sneak around the castle to find any evidence, any KIND of evidence that would make them look like huge stupid jerks. That's why I had you cast that simple pulse spell inside the castle. It was for this...."
  49. >"...and what is that?" Chrysalis was confused
  50. "Yeah, it's blank. Is it a secret bigger spell or something?"
  51. >Sunset shook her head "Nope, Chrysalis. Cast the spell again, and aim for my horn"
  52. >"...alright" Chrysalis does so, she shoots a green bolt from seemingly nowhere, the illusionary image of her horn appearing for just a second as she zaps Sunset's.
  53. >Sunset's horn glows as bright as the sun for a moment, then she shoots a bolt of magic at the parchment. the the origin of where it hit. it started spawning lines, and those lines turned into more lines, and those lines began to twist, turn, some forming pictures, those pictures and lines forming a layout, a blueprint, and the blueprint even filling out the location of traps within the castle.
  54. >"What in Equestria is going on?" Chrysalis wondered "What kind of spell did you just cast?"
  55. >But you started to get it. it was obvious to you. You had a map of your own that did freaky shit.
  56. "It's a mapping spell, woah! Look, it's even mapping out the traps!"
  57. >...oh damn..
  58. "...That's a lot of traps...cripes, how do they get around the castle? How do the guards get around?"
  59. >Chrysalis, now knowing, understood exactly why. "...It's because they have no trust in anypony but eachother. They can't even trust their own guards to patrol the castle without tripping a trap. My "breakfast" with Flim taught me many things...except anything incriminating. As dimwitted as Flim is, he has a sound enough mind to protect his assets. But he warned me about the traps. He had to lead me down a convoluted path to his dining room because many of the other rooms and traps are set along paths that most spies would traverse through. But even I would have never thought it'd be this ridiculous. Almost every room and hallway is set to spring on any hapless fool who dares step into them." Chrysalis started studying the map closely as more traps appeared along it. "Their guards only patrol the outside of the castle because of this"
  61. >Oh right...that did happen.
  62. "How did that date go? Did you learn anything else?"
  63. >Chrysalis groans "Too much, like always, I did too well of a job. His voice gives me a migraine, he always drones on and on trying to make things sound oh so "fabulous" and "amazing". He found me to be a "delicate flower" that needed to be plucked from the confines of an inferior kingdom. Pressing him for anything useful was useless, everytime I tried he was able to sidetrack to something else. He was playing the innocent misunderstood king who wished to bring happiness to everypony. All that tells me is there's definitely something in that castle they don't want us to see. The more you are able to resist me, the harder you are trying to protect something valuable. The only problem is finding it."
  64. >"Right, while this is drawing itself out. We'll have to figure out where they'd hide it. Did you see any safes? Or anything peculiar while you were there?" Sunset asked
  65. >"No, everything was normal." Chrysalis replied
  66. >"Hrnnn, but it has to be there somewhere. There's way too many traps in that castle for it not to be protecting SOMETHING. They can claim that it's a needed security system all they want. But just look at that map. Who turns their castle into a dangerous maze like that?" Sunset pointed to that map as it nearly completed filling out.
  67. >"What would we even be looking for exactly? A file? some papers? A blueprint? Even if they have something we can use against them, how would we know what it is?" Chrysalis asks, unsure of what she'd actually be looking for.
  68. >You just stared at the map. And as it neared completion. You noticed a part of the map that wasn't filling out at all. with every hallway leading to it stopping, leaving an open half circle at the top edge of the map. The hell?
  69. "Hey, girls. What's up with the map? That side isn't filling out at all"
  70. >You point to the empty spot
  72. >Chrysalis notices, and sighs, annoyed "Oh good, your spell didn't even work right. There's an entire section that isn't filling out. How do you expect us to search the castle if we can't learn navigate through it? You told me the spell was perfected, so what's that?" She pointed to the empty spot as well.
  73. >"I..Don't understand. The spell is perfect. It should have mapped out every inch of that castle and then some. There's no reason for it to stop." She stared hard at the circular spot "It doesn't make sense!" She was so damn surprised, there is no reason for it not to work. That's what she thought anyway
  74. >It didn't. Again, you had to think back to cartoons for this. two possible scenarios could have occurred when the map was drawing itself. Either there was indeed a problem. Or given it's a circle, something was....
  75. "Hey! Wait! I think I got it! We're all agreed that the traps set are to protect something. Right?"
  76. >They both nod
  77. >"What's your point Anon?" Chrysalis asked as she turned her attention to you.
  78. "Well, what if that big empty spot is the spot they are trying to protect? Would there be anything that would cause your spell to leave out a round chunk like that, Sunset?"
  79. >"Of course there is...." Sunset started to get something in her head, she gazed at the map again, and started running her hooves along the paths. "But the spell you'd need to block it requires somepony to constantly be emitting a barrier. But if that's the case, How can they have a unicorn cast a spell like that at every moment of the day."
  80. >"Or they are using a wall made of Anti-magic material" Chrysalis states.
  81. >"Anti-magic material? No...that can't be right either. I've practiced my magic on every anti-magic product they've brought out to the public. There's no way that can be it." Sunset was sure of this.
  83. >"Of course you'd think that..." Chrysalis sighs "A notion so profoundly naive that even Anon, as dense as he is, can figure out why that's wrong." She then looks to you "Go ahead Anon, give it a try. I want to see if you can think like I do like I've been trying to teach you."
  84. >rgh, you'd tell her that it wasn't really changeling queen logic. But wasting time to argue that now would not be advantageous. You'd just let her think what she wanted to think. Of course, if she knew you wouldn't argue. Then she was probably internally smugging that you were going along with it under that very notion. Showing Sunset that you seemed to be trained like a pet.
  85. >You sigh
  86. " I think the Anti-magic material they are using must be of a super high grade, something they made that they personally use and never sell to the public. Which would mean..."
  87. >You put your hoof right on the empty spot.
  88. "What we are looking for might be right there. We just need to figure out the rest of the route since most of the paths leading to it aren't filled in either. Is that the right answer Chrysalis?"
  89. >Chrysalis giggled as she patted your head. For once you didn't blush, this was pretty humiliating. "Very good my little drone. Now that we have that figured out. There's still one more order of business. The escape plan. How do we get out and how do we do it without being blown to bits? We can't just use the untrapped routes. Those two will have discovered something amiss at some point and have them guarded. There's no way they wouldn't call in their guards if there are intruders who can navigate their traps Even with lack of knowledge of their design, there's more than enough guard to expend in the sake of blocking an exit."
  91. >An escape plan. Holy shit. Why didn't you start thinking of one? Of fucking course there'd have to be one. But you didn't think about it at all for some reason. It just slipped your mind.
  92. "What about my horn? It's weaker, but maybe we can use it to teleport out of the castle."
  93. >Chrysalis shook her head. "I wouldn't use the horn if that's the case. All it would take is one mistake and we'd be inside a wall or floor. No, we need to try something else. But what?"
  94. >Sunset was giving it some thought. And came up with an idea of her own. "I think I have an idea. It's super risky. In fact, there's a big chance it might not even work"
  95. "Low chance is better than no chance, what is it?"
  96. >Chrysalis seemed less willing to accept it "If it's so high risk, why not think of another plan?"
  97. >"Because if this works there'd also be no chance of a retaliation from Flim and Flam themselves. Unless you two have anything more concrete. Then I'd say my plan is the best plan."
  98. >Chrysalis was not convinced, but she may have been jumping the gun. She decides to hear out Sunet "Well then, if you're sure enough to bring it up. Then why don't you explain it?"
  99. >"Alright. It's gonna sound bad. But hear me out, if you want to get out of there after you've done what you need to do.Then instead of running. Try to stay where you are for as long as possible."
  100. >What the fuck? Just...stay still? That's fucking madness, and yet.....Sunset seemed so sure of herself...da hell?
  103. >"Are you insane? We'd need to make a quick retreat. Not stay to get captured. Why would you suggest such a stupid plan?" Chrysalis didn't like the sound of it at all.
  104. "I hate to say it, but I agree with her. Sunset, that sounds....really bad."
  105. >"I know it does, but you both have to trust me" Sunset put her hoof on the table, leaning in as she her expression became of that of wanting. Wanting to be trusted. "Please, if everything works out like I hope it does. Then staying put is all you'll need to do."
  106. >"Tell us then, is there more to this than just standing around? Is there a point?" Chrysalis asks, filled with doubt.
  107. >"I can't tell you. Either of you. If I did, Flim and Flam might pick up on it if you make it obvious. It's better if you both don't know. All I'm asking is for you to trust me" Sunset was nearing pleading at this point.
  108. >"And all I'm saying is that it sounds terrible. How can you expect us to trust you when you don't trust us with this information? Hmmm?" Chrysalis wanted to know, she had to know. It all seemed suspicious.
  109. >"...I just can't tell you" Sunset looked like she actually did want to say something. But, she knew she couldn't.
  110. >Sunset was being very insistent on this. You knew she wasn't evil, so why be so secretive?
  111. >and then, you thought of Rainbow Rocks. She was trying so hard, and it took until the end for everyone to get their shit together to win the day. It was thanks to her...and spike...and Vinyl...but that wasn't the point now.
  112. ".....Ok, I'll trust in you"
  113. >"What?! Anon, are you an idiot?! How in any way does her plan sound good?" Chrysalis was surprised by your answer "You're not that stupid, are you?!"
  115. "Maybe, maybe the whole thing is stupid. But it's something. If it's one thing I learned from watching cartoons, it's to always trust in your friend's plans. No matter how bad they sound. It's better than nothing."
  116. >Chrysalis found that ridiculous ".....that is so stupid"
  117. >Sunset just cringed at that "Yeah...I kinda have to agree but..." She let out a soft sigh, and smiled. "At least you believe in me. C'mon Chrysalis, I know it's the dumbest sounding plan you ever heard. But if you give it a chance. I know it'll work!"
  118. >"....or get is annihilated." Chrysalis realized neither of you were going to give up however "But, given we don't have any alternatives. I suppose it'll have to do. This mysterious blank is very large. And by the time we find what we're looking for, we'll most likely be found out anyway....But listen to me pony, and listen good." Chrysalis gave her threatening eyes, even under the Nymous disguise, it was scary "If your plan fails, I will make sure that no matter what. You will be annihilated"
  119. >Sunset became very nervous at that threat, but her resolve remained unshaken "W-well uh, I'll just take that as a "You trust the plan" kind of deal. Ok...Well, you two better be off" Sunset walks over to her dresser and pokes around in a drawer. "Oh, and Anon..." It doesn't seem like she takes anything though. But when she looks at you, you can see hope in her eyes and....and...oh god.
  120. >She walked up to you and started hugging you...very closely...she was rubbing her hooves along the back of your head, right under where your mane ends. It seemed very...intimate. You couldn't help but blush.
  121. "U-uh, S-sunset?"
  122. >"Hmm? Oh sorry" Sunset let out a little giggle "I guess that was kind of weird" She spends a little more time hugging however, moving her hooves along the back your neck before finally backing off. "But um, that's it."
  123. >"...ehhhhh...." Chrysalis turns around to walk out "Come along Anon..." She was done listening.
  124. "Ok, just give me a moment."
  126. >You give Sunset a hug of your own, a non creepy one. Maybe she was just scared that something might actually happen?
  127. "Take care Sunset, don't worry ok? We got this"
  128. >"I trust you Anon, I trust Chrysalis too. Even if she doesn't want to trust me. I have a feeling you both will do A-ok....Good luck"
  129. "Thank you.."
  130. >After that, You and Chrysalis left. Chrysalis faking a goodbye to everyone else as opposed to your genuine one.
  131. >You both had the contracts. Chrysalis the short one, and you the massive one. Which you placed in your saddle bag.
  132. >You both decide to walk to the castle. Despite the possible dangers. She wanted time to discuss things further.
  133. >"Well, trust in her hmmm? Anon, do you really think that's a smart move?" Chrysalis asks
  134. "I think we don't have any better ideas of our own. We both know getting out through the entrance will be near impossible"
  135. >"That's only because we have to go deep into the castle to find out what they are hiding. They'll be on top of us by the time we're done. Unless she can somehow teleport us out or mount some sort of army to come in after us. We'll be doomed. And Anon, I will not accept that. I am the one who usually brings doom upon ponies. Not the other way around."
  136. "I know, but I'm sure Sunset has us covered. What we need to talk about is getting them to sign the contracts."
  137. >"hmph, I already have a way of managing that. As for you, you'll just have to make sure you annoy that stupid king to the point he'll sign it just to be rid of you"
  138. >Hmmm?
  139. "Just annoy him huh? Is it really that simple? I'd think Flam is the type to look everything over before signing no matter what. Hell, I'm sure both of them would do that"
  141. >"That's why I'll have to do my best to make sure he doesn't actually look things over. I'm a master Anon, you know that. As for you, you're the "Son of Discord", aren't you? That's the title you pretend to have, isn't it? Well, it's time for you to finally live up to that title. I may hate Discord with a passion, but the kind of chaos he wreaks is the exact kind we'll need right now."
  142. >Was she suggesting...
  143. "So you just want be a gigantic fucking asshole?"
  144. >Chrysalis nods "Exactly, with a mix of colt like innocence. Don't hold back. What reason would you even have to not let loose? It'll be fun" She chuckles "You have the advantage, they don't know who we really are. All you have to do is make him so annoyed that he can't stand it. He'll sign just to be done with it. After that, we should meet up at the entrance hall. And then hide, wait, and then venture deep into the castle when it's clear."
  145. "huh...Well, I guess I can act like a gigantic shithead."
  146. >You start to chuckle, you think back to when you tried to take a piss in Blueblood's glass.
  147. "....oh yeah, I have a few ideas to piss him off. but he probably won't do anything because. one, he wants the deal to go through. And two..."
  148. >You make an adorably angelic face
  149. "I'm jwust a wittle cooooooolt."
  150. >Chrysalis smiled, not even smug or cruel, just an actual happy sense of a smile "Oh thank Tartarus, you're finally learning"
  151. "Eh, come on. I always could do something like this. I just never get the chance or, sometimes guilt gets in the way. I mean, think about it. It kinda how you ended up as my roommate. I had no problems messing with you, it was fun"
  152. >Chrysalis's smile goes dead quickly as she just looks forward. remaining stoic. "Ahh yes....that incident. Well, if you're able to gain my wrath, then this should be easy for you. Just remember not to have a moralistic moment. You're not one of them you know?"
  153. >Did she mean Twilight and her friends? Yeah, probably.
  155. "Twilight isn't that bad you know. Does she get on my nerves? Yeah, but some of the stuff she says is actually really good. It'd probably be good for you if you took at least one or two things to heart. I thought she was mostly full of shit, but after giving it some thought. And making friends with these alternate versions of the friends I have back home. I realized that some of the lessons she tried to teach me actually can apply. Human or not."
  156. >"Anon...that is the opposite of what you should be thinking right now. Never mind that you're wrong, you need to think viciously. You need to be cunning. Don't spout at me that Twilight Sparkle is right about anything. She's not and you are not to apply anything she's told you at this moment. Do not! Do you understand?" Chrysalis stared you down, to put some fear into you.
  157. >But you just sigh and shake your head.
  158. "I'm not an idiot Chrysalis, I can separate my love and care from being an absolute douche. I'm human after all, if it's one thing we do best is just be massive shitheads. You don't need to worry. I've got this"
  159. >"You better, we only get one shot at this. And I don't want to have to rescue you" Chrysalis gets a thought in her head, maybe it was because you mentioned it, but she had a thought pop in her head, about you. "......You know, this hasn't been as bad as I thought it'd be"
  160. >Wha?! Did she just say that?
  161. "Huh? What do you mean? Do you mean you actually had...fun? That's pretty sudden"
  162. >"It is, but it might be because I filled up on love before leaving. It has been sometime since we got here since I had a good meal. And so my head has become clear. And I can say this much. Crushing those two and taking everything from them will be good for my heart. And all things considering, I actually have a favor to ask of you for when we get back"
  163. >....wooooah...WHAT?!
  164. "A favor?! you..asking me..for an actual legit favor? You're actually asking? instead of commanding me?!"
  166. >Chrysalis exerts a large sigh, annoyed by your reaction "Yes Anon...I'm ASKING for a FAVOR since Discord would never grant it to me. There's something I'd like to have when we return. Something I'd like to call my very own. I've grown fond of them in all actuality"
  167. >Fond of?
  168. "Fond of what? Go ahead Chrysalis"
  169. >You smile at her, trying to be a genuine friend. Now was your chance to show her that friendship was magic!
  170. "Ask me the favor, whatever it is, I'd love to hear it. Come on, go ahead!"
  171. >Chrysalis shifted her eyes left to right, she seemed troubled about what she wanted to say. "I hate to admit I like anything about those two idiots...But the invention of "Cars", of these "Automobiles"....I want one of my own. I actually like them"
  172. >....oh...nope
  173. ".....Chrysalis, I can't just summon one up for you."
  174. >"I'm asking you Anon, I never ask for anything. But I'm asking you now. I'd like to have a car to ride around in. There's something exciting about it that I like. It could be the speed, or maybe it's the fact that I can make pony pancakes with it without any effort while also making it naturally fun. but I like it, and I want one. And I am asking you for one."
  175. >You couldn't just fucking materialize a car for her to keep. What would the other ponies think? Or...how fast would they be able to run away from her? If you had to give her a car, there would have to be a compromise.
  176. ".....You really really want a car?"
  178. >Chrysalis made a scrunchy face at you "If you expect me to say "really really" then I'll snap your leg in half. You already know I want one"
  179. "Then ok, but it'd have to be for riding around in your underground basement. I Can't let you use it for riding around Equestria. That sound fair?"
  180. >Chrysalis didn't even hesitate to say yes. she lost her composure for just a moment.
  181. >"Yes!....ahrm...yes.."
  182. >She calms down, she can't believe she nearly showed joyous enthusiasm.
  183. >"That will be fine, there's enough room down there for me to have some fun."
  184. >You give her a smirk, and rub along her side,
  185. "So...you gonna say "Thhhhannnkk you" ? Hmmm? Huh? Buddy? Friend? Sis?"
  186. >Chrysalis kicks you away to the side, and growls at you "Don't get cute! Just know..." She calms herself, and looks away to hide any genuine care. "..That I am at least appreciative. But don't expect me to owe you anything. Just consider us even for me saving your life twice."
  187. >You catch yourself, preventing yourself from falling to your side. You weren't mad. you weren't annoyed. You were actually relieved and happy. That was actual progress. She ASKED you for something.
  188. "Yeah, heh, I guess we can call it even if you want to make it that way. But I would have done it anyway y'know. You wouldn't even have to owe me anything"
  189. >Chrysalis hears that, and takes advantage immediately. "In that case, you still owe me for your life. I'll think of something later."
  190. >Gyah!...ah....oh.....dammit...
  191. "...............yeah...ok...sheesh."
  192. >Even if it wasn't a word trap, you felt like you stupidly walked into one anyway.
  193. >It didn't take long soon after that to reach the castle. No one bothered you the entire trip. Which, was actually good. Not for you, but for them. Chrysalis would have torn any thief or bandit to shreds if they tried.
  194. >"...Well Anon. Are you ready?"
  195. "...Yeah, let's save Equestria!"
  196. >Chrysalis put her hoof to her face "Not the words I'd use....but I suppose it's something"
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