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Apr 29th, 2015
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  1. The Rutgers IT department is a joke. This is the third time I have launched DDoS attacks against Rutgers, and every single time, the Rutgers infrastructure crumpled like a tin can under the heel of my boot. This is a surefire sign that somebody needs to be fired...
  3. The pure incompetence of the IT department just amazes me. They took a step in the right direction by hiring a DDoS mitigation provider, Incapsula, to assist them with the attacks. However, they ended up destroying connectivity and routes in the process. I did not launch any attacks on Tuesday. Why should I have? The inexperience and poor skills of the IT department ensured that I didn't need to. I sat here watching them foolishly attempt to fix the routing issues, withdrawing and appending routes (there were some instances when I laughed at what they tried to do).
  5. Anyway, good on you for finally realizing that you needed a DDoS mitigation provider! However, I'm guessing you went with a large company who offered you the lowest bid, because out of all the providers you chose, you picked Incapsula over Verisign and Prolexic...
  7. Incapsula is OK for protecting websites, not a university. Honestly, I am sitting here dumbfounded at the amount of incompetence displayed once again by the Rutgers IT department. I'm fairly certain I could run circles around all of you with my eyes closed, and one leg amputated...
  9. Just to show you the poor quality of Incapsula's network, I have gone ahead and decimated the Rutgers network (and parts of Incapsula), in the hopes that you will pick another provider that knows what they are doing. Furthermore, please fire all the people that made the decision to use Incapsula immidiately.
  11. Exfocus out
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