Oct 14th, 2021
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  1. Greetings, it is Pika. I want to formally say something today.
  3. Some of you may think that I am just a childish person. I admit the misbehavior I did before and I want to apologize to all the people who get impacted. I will try my best to be more mature in future and handle the things more responsibly and carefully. I will think twice before doing everything in future. Actually during the time I got mod banned in speedrun.com. I talked to many people and I find the problem I'd made so far. Since I used the internet, I have already kept getting different kinds of experiences and make me grow up. This time, I really learnt a lesson. I didn't take the responsibility as a leaderboard moderator. I am sorry to argue with other people about I get mod banned before.
  5. Even though a lot of people still say that I am a mod farmer or I do not take good care of leaderboards, I think I deserve that because this is actually my fault. I should've put more efforts into the leaderboard. During this month, I also stepped down from being moderator half of the leaderboards because I think there are some people better than me can moderate the leaderboard very well. I hope everyone who gets affected can forgive me. I will also be a better moderator and try not to be one who causes trouble to people or the community.
  7. Have a nice day!
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