Super Smash Bros. 4 Logic Puzzle Solution

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  1. Super Smash Bros. 4 Logic Puzzle Solution:
  3. 1. The NAMCO 3rd party rep is in the first row, and only 3rd parties can be in the other corners. This pegs Pacman at E1.
  4. 2. Since Lucario does not share a diagonal with Link, and there is only one other Pokemon that comes alphabetically after Link, this puts Pikachu in C3.
  5. 3. There are only two fighters in the original Super Smash Bros. that come after Pikachu alphabetically (Yoshi and Samus) and they both must be above Pikachu, in ascending order. This puts Samus in C2 and Yoshi in C1.
  6. 4. We know Sonic and Mega Man must occupy the other two corners. Since E5 would contradict alphabetically for Mega Man, Sonic must be in E5, and therefore Mega Man in A5.
  7. 5. Mega Man's clue indicates that Ike must be adjacent to Link and Samus. Ike cannot be in B2 because that violates the alphabetic clue, so Ike is in B1.
  8. 6. Ike tells us that no fighter in the B column has a tail. 3 of the 4 remaining Pokemon have tails, so this puts Jigglypuff in B3.
  9. 7. Wario is a knight's chess piece hop away. One space is taken by Yoshi, so that leaves to more. D4 violates the alphabetic rule, so Wario must be in D2.
  10. 8. Wario designates Fox at D5, and thus Falco must be in E4.
  11. 9. Fox is diagonal to Luigi. Luigi cannot be in E4, Falco is there. The entire 4th row must contain Kirby characters. Falco is already in the row, and none of the Kirby characters fit in D4 alphabetically, so they must all be in A4-C4. Jigglypuff is already in B3, so Luigi must be A2.
  12. 10. Since the Kirby characters must be in A4-C4, and Kirby was the only one in the original Smash, Kirby is in C4.
  13. 11. Luigi is adjacent to 3 characters that have a name beginning with L. Link is one, and Jigglypuff and Ike take up two other spots. So, the remaining two spots must begin with L. Only one remaining Pokemon starts with L, so Lucario goes in A3.
  14. 12. Lucario tells us that if Captain Falcon is in the quiz, he would be in the final column. This eliminates him from contention for C5, and the only remaining character that can go there is Donkey Kong.
  15. 13. Three diagonals are winged fighters. This pegs Meta Knight at B4, and thus King Dedede at A4. Charizard belongs in E3, as he is the only remaining Pokemon with wings, and Pit belongs in D4, as he is the only winged fighter alphabetically to fall between Pikachu and Sonic. Since Charizard is E3, that leaves Greninja to go in D3.
  16. 14. Greninja indicates that two Fire Emblem characters are in the 2nd row. Only Lucina has a name beginning with L, so she goes
  17. 15. Lucina indicates that Villager is in D1.
  18. 16. VIllager points to someone looking a lot like Lucina (Marth) existing in E2.
  19. 17. Marth states that Peach is somewhere in the quiz, and so she must be in the final remaining spot.
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