Redirecting a High Quality Expired Domain to Money Site via 301

Oct 3rd, 2020
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  1. Redirecting a High Quality Expired Domain to Money Site via 301
  2. I found an expired domain got a backlink from NYTimes.
  3. What will be the best way to get good link juice.
  4. 301 Redirect
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  8. Top 200 best traffic exchange sites http://FreeList.top
  10. free link exchange sites list http://FreeList.top
  11. list of top ptc sites
  12. list of top ptp sites
  13. FreeList.top
  14. FreeList.top
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  16. Attach domain to blogger and give contextual link
  17. Looking for the answers! If someone tried this, please share your experience.
  18. up!
  20. Yea 301 works for a while but then it looses Juice, instead why not make a money site on 301 and then pass a contextual link to your site
  21. This is what I do:
  22. - After checking a lot of filters if the domain is suitable I will check its anchors
  23. - If the anchors are related to my money site's niche, I will redirect
  24. - If not I will create a blog (or related money site) and pass a contextual link
  26. It depends, If the domain is relevant, clean backlink profile and history, and good authority then 301 is good. All link juice and traffic will pass to site, once search engine picks those links. It is risky process, if done correctly, site organic value will increase. If you feel something is missing(maybe content or backlink) and doesn't fit for redirect, then pass contextual links. It will also pass value.
  27. Restore the site from wayback and put a single outbound link on the homepage. Having one link from a strong site isn't going to be enough though. Usually we ensure that the domains we sell have 20-100+ RD's, so that the power compounds and also covers if any links drop off over time.
  28. SEO calculator: If you want to know how much time it will take to get into Google top 10 for your keywords, then this tool is for you. It also calculates how many links you need and how much does it cost. It does full SEO comprehensive analysis.
  29. SEO mistakes: Even the trained SEO’s make mistakes sometimes. It’s common that a beginner will do those a lot. This free pdf report saves your money and time. It describes how to avoid the most harmful and dangerous SEO mistakes.
  30. 2. Backlinks.com
  32. It is one of the most popular sites to get high DA backlinks. You can also sell links and make money out of it. You can use your debit card or credit card or PayPal account.
  33. Redirecting a High Quality Expired Domain to Money Site via 301
  34. Here are the features that it offers:
  36. Integrated SEO intelligence.
  37. Link monitoring and auto replacement.
  38. Easy to search link page directory.
  39. Quick start link campaign wizard.
  40. Generous referral program
  41. SEO automation with link queues.
  42. The one vital mistake it does is, it makes paid link sources to visible to everyone. Google can sign up and find about every site listed with them.
  44. 3. Making charity donations for backlinks
  46. For quality link building, make some charity donations to non-profits. Donation link building is one of the effective strategies to boost SEO metrics.
  48. You will get a valuable link from these sites. Most of the people think that it is grey hat SEO approach. But no. Because sponsoring sites in within the guidelines of the Google and you are building relationships with website owners.
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