Mail Route Anthology [untypeset]

Sep 9th, 2015
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  1. Sealed Letter Route Translation
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  5. >Maya~~
  6. >[footsteps]x2
  7. >Oy, Maya~~~
  8. >[On Break Today]
  9. >[Maya]
  10. >[Junyou]
  11. >It is now exactly twelve o'clock. Good afternoon, everyone.... [Bzzzzt--]
  12. >It's time for the Afternoon news report.
  13. >There you are.
  14. >Oy~ if you've got nothing to do, come and help me.
  15. >I'm busy sleeping
  16. >[Lazy~]
  17. >You're clearly free! Come and help me inspect the carrier plane equipment, Captain Underpants (note: this guy, not this guy
  19. >Hiyou's and mine too, there aren't that many carrie--[bump]
  20. >Eh
  21. >[Maya's main gun -->]
  22. >Nnnnghhhhh
  23. >[Chht chtt (note: static sound)]...regarding yesterday's defensive campaign on the Shortland Front....[More static sounds]
  24. >Certain parts of those waters are now closed off for civilian vessels and transports [Kaaakaaaa...]
  26. >You son of a bitch....
  27. >Hang on, I didn't do it on purpose....
  28. >Clutch
  29. >[Kaaaaaah kaaah....] ....and that concludes the contents of the afternoon report. Next up, let's....
  30. >You've pissed me off now.
  31. >Enter Radio Calisthenics Time!
  32. >Do you want to be killed?
  33. >La--la--lalalalala la--la--lala lalala la la la put your arms in front of you
  34. >Aaaaaaaah don't throw the radioooooooooo
  35. >Daifuku-do's stretching exercises~
  36. >[Kablooey]
  37. >Yeahh~
  38. >[Minor Damage]
  39. >[Pshhhht--] Next up, an exercise to exercise your legs....right!
  40. >But back to what you said...
  42. >Here we are on vacation for once, and yet I'm not tired enough to rest--not tired at all, really.
  43. >[Yawn~]
  44. >So much time to waste. I'll eat some ice cream or some shit.
  45. >[Stand]
  46. >I'm aware you never had any intention of helping out.
  47. >So quiet...
  48. >Erfh hefffrnt frrn to drrrr prnt of beerrrng dad fussy (I haven't fallen to the point of being that fussy)
  49. >That's not what I mean....
  50. >This naval district is really quiet.
  51. >What with keeping constant combat-readiness and all, we aren't usually able to feel the atmosphere here.
  53. >Well now that you say it,
  54. >Aren't we the only ones on break today? All the twerps are out on expedition.
  55. >Ah
  56. >[Shaaaa--]
  57. >The rain, it's starting to get heavy.
  58. > sure makes one feel relaxed once it starts falling.
  59. >Hey, Maya, can I ask a rather odd question?
  61. >What kind of existence do you reckon we are?
  62. >....puppets, tools for war.
  63. >From birth until death.
  64. >tools...huh. Perhaps it is as you say. After all,
  65. >it is only when we can forget about the sea for a moment, like now
  66. >that we can notice the small things.
  67. >[This oceanwide war is what gives us a reason to exist.]
  68. >[ching chong]
  69. >[pitter patter]
  71. >Sometimes I wonder
  72. >when
  73. >It could be that tomorrow is the day I sink. Maybe that's how things are supposed to end for us.
  74. >I'll sink...and then someday the next Junyou will come.
  75. >As if replacing me and everything I've done.
  76. >If that is the case, then this existence of mine
  77. >Why is it so? Even if that me is not me, the world will go on.
  78. > that really what you think?
  80. >Once you sink into the depths of the ocean
  81. >There is nothing that can remain as it was.
  82. >[Not only that]
  83. >[It's possible that you may meet an opposite, worse fate.]
  84. >However,
  85. >In spite of that,
  87. >The one who stands with me here, in victory and in death
  88. >Is the you that stands in front of me.
  89. >Even if I were to welcome another Junyou and I fight alongside her
  90. >[On that unforseen day in which you sink]
  91. >I will definitely never forget.
  92. >Even if!
  93. >[Even if that is fate]
  95. >Even if I sink
  96. >[I will never let anybody say that all of this was for nothing.]
  98. >That's why
  99. >It's fine if we have a reason to exist, it's fine if we don't.
  100. >Don't decide that kind of thing on your own.
  101. >I didn't htink she'd be that serious!
  102. >Ma....
  103. >[Huff]
  104. >...pffff...
  106. >Ahahahahahahahahah
  107. >[Ahhhhh--wwwwwwwwww]
  108. >Ahhh?!
  109. >To say that so seriously~ Maya is really too cute!
  110. >Ara....? Is that the sparkling of tears at the corner of your eyes?
  111. >I didn't cry!!
  112. >I will definitely never forget this day, Maya.
  113. >Even if I sink.
  114. >[dun dun dun--]
  115. >Why you, messing with me like that! I oughta belt you.
  116. >But if you sink, there'll be no way to remember this kind of thing.
  117. >Ah, that's right,
  118. >[Ow that hurts]
  120. >Mayamaya! A letter! Let's write a letter!
  121. >Haaah? Writing a letter?
  122. >What are we writing a letter for?
  123. >To record this.
  124. >We'll send it to somewhere outside of here.
  125. >Where should we send it.....ah! We'll send it to that little Hiei stationed at Truk! Let's send it there!
  126. >[Spirit! Focus! I'm off! (note: Hiei's line when joining a fleet]
  127. >[Ganbare ganbare~]
  128. >Is it okay to send it to that little steamed bun-sized twerp?
  129. >...Although there's no guarantee that anyone in this Naval District will live on
  130. >Maybe the other Naval Districts can survive until the end?
  132. >True proof, proof that we once existed here.
  133. >...I, tooo
  134. >have friends I don't want to forget.
  135. >[heh]
  136. >If I unfortunately get sunk, I'll probably forget.
  137. >What can we leave for that little twerp to keep? We'd better think about it.
  138. >[scritch scritch]
  139. >Hey!
  141. >Apart from a written letter, is there anything that's pretty nice?
  142. >Ah
  143. >[Winner!]
  144. >[Where's the keys? Gib!]
  145. >[It's right next door, we don't need a key.]
  146. >[Hurry up--]
  147. >[Bzzzzt--] The time is now...3 PM. It is now time for the weather forecast. Regarding the weather in the Shortland Anchorage District,
  148. >Forcasts predict that from noon, the weather will....remain variable from afternoon until evening....after which it will slowly return....[Bzzzzt--]
  150. >Ehhhh---that's nice, the skies are clear now.
  151. >Probably because of my exploits.
  152. >You sure put it in a nice way, Ms. Permanent Taiha! (note: literally "10,000 year Taiha'd Ship")
  153. >Shut up.
  154. >[Bzzzzt] ....Wind speeds continue to increase on the seas, and may be even stronger....tomorrow.
  155. >Next up is tomorrow's weather forcast for the Truk Anchorage District [Psshhhhttt--] >[(note: on the ice cream cooler) Ice Cream]
  157. >I'm going to start hiding now! So, Haruna, you have to try hard too! Do your best! Look! >[It's enough for you to count to ten!]
  158. >[Point]
  159. >Leave the role of the Oni to Haruna!
  160. >I can't sully the reputation of the Fast Battleships, so I'll have to find her fast!
  161. >Ready or not--here I come!
  162. >Say your prayers, Onee-sama!
  163. >[-Haruna's Guess-][Hidden in the Dried Seaweed]
  164. >[I'm! Hidden! Now! (note: these short phrases seems to be this Hiei's thing.]
  165. >[Hide]
  166. >Ten minutes later
  167. >Kirishima, have you seen Hiei onee-sama?
  168. >[Tired....]
  169. >[It shouldn't be like this....] [Wipe]
  170. >It seems like she went to Kongou nee-sama's room.....
  171. >Hiei Onee-sama--!!!
  173. >Hiei onee-sama, please open your eyes--!
  174. >Ara--so comfy~~
  175. >[Squeeze]x2
  176. >Is it okay to try to wake her that way?
  177. >Yes! Haruna is Daijoubu!
  178. >Onee-sama, are you alright? Of course Haruna is alright
  179. >Is it really alright....?
  180. >[Daze....]x3
  181. >Tai (鯛 = Bream, a misreading of Tari, for winner)...
  182. >Hiei onee-sama.....!
  183. >Bream?
  184. >I can only think of Bream. Am I mistaken.....?*
  185. >(*note: see above, Hiei read Tari as Tai such that Kirishima is confused)
  187. >Apparently, she fainted because she was shocked by the fact that she doesn't know a word of Kanji.....
  188. >Work up! Your vigor! Remember! [she can only read one of the words] [Congratulations, you are winner (note: the only kanji I see there is 当)]
  189. >[Ohhhh~~~]
  190. >As expected of onee-sama! >Haruna, you should quiet down a little too.
  191. >Even so, that handwriting is beautiful.
  192. >Read it out for us.
  193. >[Ah][Choo]
  194. >Ahhhhhhhh--!
  195. >[Obfuscated]
  197. >Kirishima, use your impeccable reasoning to find a solution!
  198. >[Sniff--]
  199. >What does this have to do with reasoning--?!
  200. >Let's return it to normal before onee-sama finds out.
  201. >Haruna will help as well.
  202. >Well then, i'll make sure Onee-sama hasn't come back....!
  203. >Hiiii--! I'm back! I got MVP!
  204. >[Jaaaaaaan]
  205. >As expected of onee-sama.
  206. >Hmmmm? WHat are you doing?
  207. >O-o-onee-sama, I'm.....
  208. >It's 3 in the afternoon, onee-sama, it's time for your afternoon tea!
  209. >It's already time! From Kirishima's accurate time-reporting!
  211. >Don't worry, I have a complete understanding of the letter's contents!!
  212. >As expected of Onee-sama!
  213. >Onee-chama! (note: she mispronounced it), leave the return letter to me!
  214. >Yes! A Reply is really important!
  215. >So cute
  216. >It'll be fine as long as you can convey your feelings!
  217. >What will Hiei onee-sama write....
  218. >Apart from Kongou onee-chama, nobody is allowed to see!
  219. >It's a secret!
  220. >Huh?.....alright.....
  221. >[I'm pretty sure that what I saw weren't words.]
  223. >Akagi! Today I was the NEP (MVP)! (note: this would be pretty difficult to translate into an English equivalent, so I just used NEP instead)
  224. >[NEP?]
  225. >You sure look reliable!
  226. >That pouch...Hiei, that pouch of yours is....?
  227. >[Look, look!]
  228. >It's a letter for Shortland's Junyou! I have to give it to her before fleet exercises.
  229. >Aren't today's exercise opponents from Yokosuka?
  230. >[Yokosuka!]
  231. >[Dazed]
  232. >On the way back, don't forget to put it in the mailbox.
  233. >....okay
  234. >[~Yokosuka Curry~]
  235. >It'll be alright like that right, Akagi-san? Akagi-san?
  237. >I wonder what souvenirs/specialties the folks at Yokosuka will bring.
  238. >Even if it's a fleet exercise, we can't let our guard down, Akagi-san.
  239. >Kaga-san, what do you like?
  240. >I'll be happy no matter what i get.
  241. >What about you, Hiei?
  242. >I won't! Forget! To send the letter!
  243. >She lost the letter.
  244. >It'll be fine, just write another one!
  246. >[An introduction to the Muro naval district]
  247. >[Admiral. Claims to be a Lion.]
  248. >[Yukikaze and Aoba - two people working on a newspaper.]
  249. >Pardon my intrusion, Aoba's coming in--
  250. >I wanted the commander to look over our next newspaper issue.
  251. >Speaking of which, what are you doing?
  252. >[Since I'm the secretary ship, I'm wearing glasses!]
  253. >Ah, Aoba-san! Listen to this!
  254. >A letter just came from Truk Anchorage! [We were just in a fleet exercise with them!]
  255. >[*Her Impression of Truk]
  257. >This, uh, this is.....
  258. >I don't understand what it's saying at all......but putting that aside, Yukikaze-san, you're holding......
  259. >It's the envelope! It says "Truk Anchorage, Hiei!"
  260. >[Jaa-jaaaaaan]
  262. >T-t-this, isn't this a backpack--a b-b-b-b-b----
  263. >[Why are you cocking your head like that!!!] This is clearly a lost item! Nevermind that, even if this were a letter, it's not addressed to us. [and on what basis are you sure this is a letter?]
  264. >Ehhh--because....
  266. >It's just like the commander!
  267. >[Embarassed]x2
  268. >He's okay with being a cat.....[He's not a lion after all.]
  269. >Anyway, we have to decipher what this letter is saying. [It's not like we can run all the way to truk.]
  270. >Mmmmm.....
  271. > Yeah....
  272. >Hmmm....
  274. >Let's go data-gathering. [This is the basics of an interview.]
  275. >Okay!
  276. >Yukikaze will give it her all!
  277. >Mess hall
  278. >And so!
  279. >We are here, Hiei-san!
  280. >Eh
  282. >Why did you look for me?
  283. >[Based on my brilliant mind]
  284. >Because it has something to do with Hiei-san.....[although it's Truk Anchorage's little Hiei]
  285. >[Do your best desssss]
  286. >But I'm not good with thinking questions........
  287. >T, this.....
  288. >Isn't that onee-sama......?!
  289. >[sparkle]x3
  291. >You can understand it?
  292. >How could I mistake onee-sama?!
  293. >Kirishima? Well then this is Haruna?
  294. >They must be having a tea party dessss!!
  296. >What is it, what are you so happy about? [we want to join in!]
  297. >Nani nani/What what, what are we doing?
  298. >[What's goin' on~?]
  299. >[I want to join in too--!]
  300. >[Poi]
  301. >[Hey--Aoba--]
  302. >[Mmm--hm]
  303. >It's this--
  304. >[Ooichi--]
  305. >[KTKM-san]
  307. >[Yawn]
  308. >Ahh, today sure felt kind of stuffy.....[in the end everyone joined in]
  309. >A Letter, huh.....
  310. >I've never written one before.
  311. >Speakign of which, the letter paper I got from Furutaka-san efore is still here....
  312. >Are there other fleets near Yokosuka right now? [Even if we don't have a chance to talk]
  314. >I'll try tow rite something too!
  315. >Although I've never thought about this kind of thing before.
  316. >Pardon me, Aoba's coming in!
  317. >Apart from "Us", there are other "Us"' out there.
  318. >Just like this, under the same sky, on the same battlefield.
  319. >Commander, I have a request.
  320. >As long as you guys can also live and laugh with your comrades...
  322. >I'd like to send out the newest issue of our newspaper to neighboring fleets!! [If I recall correctly, that other fleet's Admiral is an old friend fo the commander]
  323. >Along with a letter!
  324. >I want to tell them that "We are all the same"
  326. >This is for an Admiral Nanashi-san. Thanks.
  327. >Well then, I'm off.
  328. >Alright!
  329. >Although I kind of mindlessly accepted it
  330. >[When I see stuff like letters I want to open them]
  331. >Is it really okay for me to take it.....
  332. >Ahhhh....this is a letter from Headquarters? Could it be that the old man is actually pretty influential?
  333. >Ah, what, it's just a newspaper? The 6th Fleet...I feel like i've heard that somewhere.......
  334. >Oy, Girl----
  335. >Aaahhhh?!
  337. >So you were here, old man.
  338. >I only just got back. Really now.
  339. >These memos were sent to you before.
  340. >Mm, thanks.
  341. >Ah, Ise-san's papers have been dealt with as well.
  342. >Nice!
  343. >Speaking of which, "The 6th" is apparently where that Admiral the Old Man occsionally talked about is stationed, right?
  344. >How much of it did you see......
  345. >Well, since it's been a long time since i've seen a handwritten letter---I felt a little nostalgic, so I just kind of...
  347. >A handwritten letter in this day and age definitely stands apart.
  348. >Mm, is that so.....
  349. >Mmm, but this used to be all that there was.....
  350. >Ahahaha
  351. >The babbling of old farts.
  352. >It all really takes me back....
  353. >What are you talking about, old man? You were born after the second world war. >That is true.
  354. >As long as it's past, "back then" becomes "back then," huh...
  355. >Do I do better than the me from back then.....?
  357. >Ahhh
  358. >I wanted to try to forget all of this kind of thing while I was acting as a secretary ship, but I guess it's impossible~
  359. >Mmmm....
  360. >Hey, Ise,
  361. >Perhaps you guys must bear the burdens of the past in this world. But
  362. >Look, is it all like it was in the past?
  364. >There's a peaceful atmosphere here that hasn't ever been here before. There are no shouts that make one want to cover his ears--they've all been replaced by the relaxing sounds of laughter and smiles.
  365. >Yeah.
  366. >There's no reason to equip Seaplane Suisei, the Carriers are still here. This world isn't that methodical, pragmatic world of the past.
  367. >[It's not the same as that age.]
  368. >Completely different.
  370. >Speaking of old associates, I wonder if those children are doing well. Hopefully everything's fine with them.
  371. >A letter from Kure Naval District.
  372. >Hm.
  373. >Speak of the devil, Ise.
  374. >Kure Naval District just sent us a message that the OO Fleet has just arrived on fleet escort duty. Basically, they've come a long way from Palau, and they'll drop anchor here for now.
  375. >From Palau?
  376. >T-then are those children here?
  377. >By those children do you mean Ooi and KTKM?
  378. >Yes, yes.
  379. >Looks like it.
  380. >Awesome!!
  382. >Nanashi-dono, could you lend this unworthy individual (note: honorifics) letter paper, an envelope and stationary?
  383. >Sure, what do you plan to do with it?
  384. >I'm going to
  385. >write a letter, of course.
  386. >We don't even know how long they'll be here at Kure. How do you plan on sending it? >On that topic
  387. >What do you think about using this little guy?
  388. >So that's how it is.....huh.....
  389. >Maah/well, whatever, do as you like.
  391. >Right
  392. >Next up is
  393. >The last stroke
  394. >Aahhhhhh
  395. >What the--
  396. >[Ooi-sama]
  397. >[Maah/Well,] Whatever!
  398. >[end]
  400. >Ahh.
  402. >I feel like I've seen this letter from somewhere......
  403. >Ahhh, I know, it's a love letter!
  404. >Manga knowledge.
  405. >I see, so the age of KTKM-sama has finally come.
  406. >[Sparkle]x2
  407. >KTKM, look carefully at the recipient.
  408. >Sent especially by Zuiun too. This is probably from that Admiral...
  410. >KTKM-san, I made a lot of Curry--Aaaaahoohhhhhh, the KTKM-san who only shows her head is also very cute.
  411. >Ahh, Ooichi.
  412. >What happened, KTKM-san? Are you feeling unwell somewhere?
  413. >Ehh? No---nothing at all, I'm not hiding anything you know--?
  414. >In times like this, you should eat some special Ooi curry to pep yourself up!
  415. >Oy, what did you put in there?!
  417. >KTKM-san, what's going on with her? I'm so worried.
  418. >KTKM?
  419. >Ahhh, could it be
  420. >that she hasn't given nee-san the love letter yet?
  421. >Eh....
  422. >You're lying.....KTKM-san, giving me....?
  423. >Then that was
  424. >I'm not hiding anything
  425. >I'm not that hungry right now
  426. >It was sent over from Yokosuka, it's probably from that old geezer.
  427. >[disappear]
  428. >Eh? Nee-san?
  430. >[sigh--]
  431. >In the end, I missed the chance to give it to her.
  432. >It's hard to imagine Ooichi getting all lovey dovey with Admiral.
  433. >[Ufufufu]
  434. >[Ahahaha]
  435. >But then again, we managed to be reborn as young girls.
  436. >It's only natural for us to talk about love one day.
  437. >When that day comes, will we be able to play and fight together like we did in the past?
  438. >Maah/well, even if I'd be a little lonely, I'm still her friend!
  439. >[ahahaha]
  440. >At a time like this, I should work hard to support her!
  441. >[seagull sounds]
  442. >Who the fuck am I pretending to be?
  443. >KTKM has given up on thinking this through.
  445. >With a cheerful heart, to a cherished Comrade (note: this is all in very formal, flowery language),
  446. >There will surely be times of tears
  447. >and times of great suffering.
  448. >But know that you do not bear this burden in solitude.
  449. >May you never forget
  450. >that you stand not alone.
  451. >Ise-san.....
  452. >[Why did you make this envelope so easy to misunderstand?]
  453. >The words conveyed were not words of love, but simply Ise-san's kind thoughts.
  455. >But well, she is right.
  456. >[Ahaha]
  457. >As Ise-san said, a person won't get anywhere worrying about the future.
  458. >Nobody knows what the future brings~
  459. >Let's go step by step.
  460. >KTKM-san
  461. >Ahh, Ooichi, you came just in time.
  462. >Let's support each other
  463. >KTKM-san
  464. >With our friends--
  465. >Ooichi!
  467. >Ise-san wrote a letter to--
  468. >I feel the same way!!
  469. >Ah, is that so? Hmhm, well then let's keep working hard together!
  470. >Mm! Until the seas dry and the stones wither!
  471. >Let's hold the wedding as soon as we return to Palau!
  472. >Eh
  473. >And so every naval district received the happy tidings of Ooi and KTKM's marriage.
  474. >[We're marrying. Palau Anchorage, Ooi, KTKM]
  476. >What is a Yamori?
  477. >Is it a Lizard?
  478. >Ah?
  479. >That's not a Lizard....though I'm not to sure myself.
  480. >The Ya/家 (Apparently Ya is an alternate pronunciation - from "Home" and the Mori/守 from "Protect/守ります (Mamori)" to form Yamori / 家守
  481. >There's probably an allusion in this phrase.
  483. >Although I've caught a lot of lizards, I still haven't seen a "Yamori"....
  484. >[Nnnnnn~]
  485. >I don't mind if you catch insects or lizards or whatever, but don't let them loose in here like last time. [Shoukaku-san had quite a fright.]
  486. >Rather than that, why don't you think about how we can celebrate the Admiral's retirement.
  487. >Are you talking about a present?
  488. >Yeah
  489. >But i don't know what the Admiral wants!
  490. >[This? That?]
  491. >[That? That?]
  492. >I'm telling you ahead of time, you'd better not just run straight over to the Admiral and ask him.
  493. >Letter writing...
  495. >Want to write a letter and ask the other admirals?
  496. >Maybe we can use their responses as reference.
  497. >Letter writing?
  498. >I know how to write it, I'll write it!
  499. >[What kind of present would you like to recieve? - Yukikaze]
  500. >There we go.
  501. >[Sasebo Naval District Dear]
  502. >One week later
  503. >Yukikaze
  504. >We got a response!
  506. >We're marrying!
  507. >[Congratulations!]
  509. >["Is there something that you want?"]
  510. >Victory
  511. >Everyone being together and nobody getting hurt.
  512. >[I don't think this is a thing.]
  513. >Peaceful seas.
  514. >I want to go on a picnic
  515. >With Chitose-onee....I really want to go....
  516. >[sigh--]
  517. >[I want to equip this....]
  518. >[But there's no way to equip it....]
  519. >[It makes me irritated.]
  520. >[Uwahhh--!!]
  521. >[In the Freezer]
  522. >[THere's pudding Kuma--!!]
  523. >[Muscles!]
  524. >If you're talking about what I want
  525. >then I wish I could have a better tomorrow.
  527. >In order to create a better tomorrow, we must sometimes pursue what is farther away. Because of that....perhaps it's better we do not receive what we want....sometimes that kind of thing will happen.
  528. >I have no clue what you're talking about!
  529. >[What do I do]
  530. >Yukikaze
  531. >Tatsuta-san
  533. >If you're worying over a present~
  534. >THen why not give something that makes you happy?
  535. >Is that alright?
  536. >I feel that's alright~
  537. >If it were you Tatusta, what would you want?
  538. >Let me think....
  539. >The screams of the damned of Naraka
  540. >[note: Naraka is hell in Asian Buddhism.]
  541. >[Ehhh--...]
  542. >Where did that Yukikaze ran off to....
  543. >It's almost time to send the Admiral off.
  545. >Admiral--
  546. >Everyone's here.
  547. >Are you ready to go?
  548. >These are everyone's regards.
  549. >I can't bring all this.
  550. >Well then we'll send it to you later.
  551. >Is that so?
  552. >Speaking of which, I can't seem to see Yukikaze.
  554. >Yeah, that little--
  555. >[trample]
  556. >Commander--
  557. >Congratulations on your retirement!!
  558. >This is my retirement gift to you!
  559. >Thank you!
  560. >[what is it?]
  561. >Open it up and look!
  563. >Oy, Yukikaze, line up with us.
  564. >Thank you for all the care you've given us until now!
  565. >Well then, I wish you the best of health.
  566. >And I wish you all the best of luck.
  568. >Let's see what Yukikaze gave me for a present.
  569. >A Gecko!!
  570. >[note: Yamori means a gecko]
  571. >[end]
  573. >Ahhh
  574. >what a boisterous return.
  575. >The fleet has returned--
  576. >The Fleet's back-----
  577. >[Clack clack clack]
  578. >Akashi--!
  579. >I'm back! >Welcome back!
  581. >Let me see.
  582. >There should be two open docks right now. Yamashiro and Kumano took the msot damage, so you two should go in first.
  583. >Understood.
  584. >Fukou da.
  585. >Everyone else, just stay here and get ready.
  586. >Mm, well then, Suzuya will go and spy on Kumano while bathing--
  587. >Please don't.
  588. >Mmmmnnnnn
  589. >Ashi-gara- saaaaaaaaan
  590. >If it's equipment, I can repair it on her own.
  591. >How many times do I have to tell you before you understand? Resupply aside, you have to come to us even if it's just scratch damage! I don't know how to get this through to you
  592. >Well it's my equipment, so I want to fix it on my own, you understand that don't you, Akashi?!
  593. >I can empathize, but this and that are two different things!
  594. >[Confiscated]
  595. >Ahhhh~~ Akashi, that idiot~~
  597. >Ahh, it's Suzukaze.
  598. >Mmm---
  599. >Can I come and look?
  600. >Did you receive something that makes you happy?
  601. >The only thing on the letter is a phrase from Buin's Yukikaze.
  602. >When I was reporting to the Admiral at Office, it seemed like the Admiral was really troubled, so I palmed it on the way out.
  603. >Ahhh, so it wasn't a regularly-scheduled message.
  604. >Recently it seems like all kinds of wierd letters are coming from the other Naval Districts. It's really interesting. [Like "We're marrying," stuff like that.]
  605. >Alright alright, now let me look at your main turbine.
  606. >'kay
  607. >How many times do I tell you? Even if you don't see any external damage, you have to report any wierd sounds you hear after getting hit.
  608. >I forgot about that.
  610. >But, well,
  611. >keep working hard with that tiny body of yours.
  612. >Don't be like that, we being destroyers doesn't make us children~~
  613. >Suzukaze, what would make you happy if you received it?
  614. >Hm? Well
  615. >If it's me, I'd like one of Mamiya-san's ices.
  616. >Isn't that something a child would like?
  617. >Ahhh--there you go again with that.
  618. >If that's the case, would you be unhappy if you got to eat Mamiya-san's ice cream, AKashi?
  619. >No, of course I'd be happy
  620. >There probably isn't a single shipgirl who'd see that ice cream and not be happy!
  621. >Well then, Akashi, your turn--what would you get that'd make you happy?
  622. >Construction robots.
  623. >Ahhh--
  624. >Mmm....
  625. >if you really want an answer, rather than receiving things--
  627. >Ah
  628. >What is it, Yamashiro-san?
  629. >There was a mistake, there wasn't an open dock, so I got brought over here.
  630. >Fukou da.
  631. >Sorry, could you wait a little bit? Suzukaze's repair still requires a bit of time.
  632. >Akashi's factory is pretty small.
  633. >It's fine......
  634. >[Thanks!]
  635. >Sorry for the wait.
  636. >While we wait for the docks to open up, let's do some quick fixes.
  637. >Still, Yamashiro, you've been pretty active recently--you're the darling (literally: the Red Man) of these seas
  638. >And yet every time I come back all bent and broken like this.
  640. >The Admiral's also pretty excited, saying something about how the Age of BBVs is coming from here on out.
  641. >How unfortuante
  642. >She seems pretty happy.
  643. >Even so, for someone who previously didn't even have the chance to prove herself, this is a delayed glory.
  644. >I've never been much of an existentialist...
  645. >but
  646. >It seems like you're the very opposite.
  647. >Ah, right, the secretary ship of the time was you, Yamashiro.
  648. >Well eventually I changed my mind and stopped being the secretary ship.
  649. >Is that so.
  650. >We haven't had many chances to talk, us two, so until just now that's all I really knew about you.
  652. >THat's true. It's only when we started deploying to the new waters that I've suddenly had a lot of work. When i first assumed duty it was pretty boring.
  653. >Is that so.
  654. >And since Sasebo base is in the homeland, its factory is well-furnished and well-equipped.
  655. >Akashi, as a work ship, you may have had doubts about whether there was any meaning to staying here; whether there was somewhere lese you ought to be.
  656. >Indeed--as you have said, that was the reason I stated when I requested a transfer. Even now, I still don't think I was being pretentious.
  657. >If there were a need, I'd have been deployed to the front lines. But in reality there's no such necessity.
  658. >Since the admiral has judged that until now there has yet to be a ship that has failed to return.
  659. >If I were to deploy alongside the sortie fleet, I'd only be a burden.
  660. >To do what I can while watching the home seas....
  661. >watching the silhouettes of everyone's not like how it was before.
  662. >At that time, it was normal for ships to intermittently receive some few quick fixes before being sent back to the frotn line....and it was not unusual for them never to return.
  663. >I always breathed a sigh of relief every time I recieved news that a ship had safely returned to japan.
  664. >We definitely cannot return to the past.
  665. >The I of the present may have been saved by that phrase.
  667. >Oy--
  668. >there's room in the docks--
  669. >Right!
  670. >Head over there for now. If it's your equipment, I'll send it over to you in a bit.
  671. >Sorry about that, and thanks a lot. But it was nice being able to have a chat with you
  672. . >We talked for quite a while too. Ah, that's right, could I trouble you to give this letter to Suzukaze?
  673. >Ah, speaking of which, I forgot to say.
  674. >...I'm back.
  675. >Welcome back.
  676. >Ah, speaking of which, I should send a report to the Base at Buin too.
  677. >Should I give an answer like Suzukaze....?
  678. >[no no]
  679. >I'll just use this to convey my feelings.
  680. >[Respectfully, for you on those faraway seas]
  682. >[The feelings I want to convey are vast as the ocean, I just haven't been able to speak about it.]
  684. >I thought about it.
  686. >Whether it's something like this
  687. >or the notifications from headquarters
  688. >or just useless small talk
  689. >or what i put on your desk (note: I have no idea what that is)
  690. >There's always a writer and a reader, always two.
  691. >There'll always be "that someone else" with me.
  692. >I think that is very beautiful.
  693. >You already read it, right?
  695. >I'd like to hear your response.
  696. >Umm
  698. >[The feelings i want to convey are as vast as the ocean.]
  700. >I wonder what today's lunch will be.....
  701. >Uwaahhhhh
  702. >A scared me.....
  703. >What've you got in ye beak there, ye lil wankstain?
  705. >☐Jisaki (字崎)
  706. >[I wanted to make a nostalgic doujinshi, and it was this kind of feeling that gave birth to this doujin. The nostalgic feeling of letters, and all the naval districts of all shapes and colors drawn by the artists; I hoped everyone felt the same atmosphere. To all the participating artists, designer and director (ching chong nip nong), and you, the buyers--it is because of you guy's support that this could become a reality. I am truly thankful.]
  707. >☐Mitsuoka (三岡)
  708. >[Thank you for inviting me. Playing hide and seek, writing letters, playing messenger, the bag and little Hiei's daily challenges will continue. Keep going, Tiny Hiei! Tiny Hiei is strong!
  709. >☐Muro
  710. >[Hi everyone, I'm muro. I really like Furutaka and Aoba, so the story I drew this time included them too. I hope everyone will enjoy this mail route anthology with me!]
  711. >☐Namae (なまえ)
  712. >[I'm very happy about being a part of this interesting anthology. Thanks everyone, pelase give me KitaOoi!]
  713. >☐ Akari (灯)
  716. >☐ Miyakoji (都路)
  717. >[I'm really thankful for inviting me to take part in this interesting anthology doujin. I hope everyone enjoyed it! p( .\o.')q!! (note: shut up, I tried)]
  718. >☐ Kureko (a guess, I can't even read that center hiragana)
  719. >[I never thought I'd draw kancolle stories, so to have a chance to write this by mail made me feel extremely proud. Although I couldn't accurately represent Akashi's capabilities as a work ship, Akashi will soon become my naval district's first Level 99 shipgirl.]
  720. >☐ Sagami (相模)
  721. >[The admiral sent a letter~ Akagi got chopsticks and ate it.]
  722. >☐(is it Yukimochi? Fuck it)
  723. >[Yes! (ching chong bing bong!) I need you! Let's do it together!!!]
  724. Some japanese shit at the end
  725. >☐Hiiro (日色)
  726. >[Congratulations on the successful publication of the Kancolle Mail Doujin! And I'm very grateful for the invite. Since the topic is about letter writing, I decided (on my own) to write a letter of my own for this doujin, and I hope the letter can convey my feeligns. The feelings of "Mail Route"'s shipgirls and stories, and all the skilled authors....I hope everyone can feel a little bit of it.]
  727. >☐Kyrie
  728. >[It was only thanks to everyone's collaboration that this rather different doujin came together. I'm sure those who bought this doujin feel the same joy felt by the various authors right now. Here let us swear that we will continue to egg Jisaki-san on. ]
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