Lady Monita & Art2D2 Help

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  1. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LADY MONITA //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  3. ==Needs + or higher to be broadcasted in chat - Can be broadcasted by anyone on PM's==
  4. .hangman - It will start a game of Hangman.
  5. .anagrams - Description of the game.
  6. .signups anagrams -  It will start a game of Anagrams with random categories.
  7. .signups anagrams [countries]|[capitals]|[landmarks]|[wildlife] - It'll start a game of Anagrams of the chosen category.
  8. .widlife - Wildlife of the Day.
  9. .celebrity - Celebrity of the Day.
  10. .fashion - Outfit of the Day.
  11. .traveling - Destination of the Day.
  12. .day - What day is it?
  13. .pet - Links you to the pets pictures gallery.
  14. .selfie - Links you to the #selfies gallery.
  15. .pastfacts - Links you to the page with already used facts.
  16. .plug - Links you to the Room,
  17. .help - Links you to this Pastebin.
  19. ==Needs to be roomauth % or higher==
  20. .wildlife, .celebrity, .fashion, .traveling or .day, [text + link] - will update the command
  21. .start, .end - Starts or ends the period of allowing everyone to use .buzz/.b to answer (Only for trivia games with !showimage.)
  23. ==Room Owner commands==
  24. .ab / .ban / .autoban / .blacklist [username] - It will permaban from the room the specified user. (Adding un after the dot will unban)
  25. .banword [phrase] - It will mute whoever uses the specified phrase. (Adding un after the dot will unban)
  26. .vab - It will upload to Hastebin a list with the permabanned people.
  27. .vbw - It will upload to Hastebin a list with the banned phrases.
  28. .set [game], [+, @, #, & or ~]
  30. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ART2D2 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
  32. ==PM's command ONLY, for anyone==
  33. \image [resize|html|time], {link}
  34.  - If just a link is provided, it returns the dimensions of the image link.
  35.  - "resize" will format the image into the !showimage command and resize it to optimally fit in the showdown client window.
  36.  - "html" will return a <img src="" /> tag for the link provided.
  37.  - "time" returns how long it took the image to load to a tenth of a second (note that this is based on the host internet connection).
  38. [ Note: only one of the modifiers may be used at a time. ]
  40. ==PM's command for room Voices or room "Paw"==
  41. \mail [username], [message] - Leaves a message for the specified user, which will be PM'd to them the next time they log on and join the Free Time room.
  43. \viewmail
  44. PMs you any pending messages sent to you via the \mail command.
  46. ==Room Mod and Room Owner commands==
  47. \roompaw [username] - Promotes the user to room Paw in order to use the above commands
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