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S.M.R.T.E.R. v0.42 W.I.P.

Stiivais Aug 18th, 2012 208 Never
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  1. Call Of Pripyat
  2. S.M.R.T.E.R. v0.42  /  S.M.R.T.E.R. STIIVAIS EDITION
  3. ------------------------------------
  4. Changelog/Feature list
  5. [18.aug.2012] - build 1
  6. ----------------------------------------
  7. Download: Not released yet! ETA: 2 weeks
  8. But you should know what to expect, right? :P
  9. ----------------------------------------
  11. INTRODUCTION (Actually important for development):
  12. Since most of you are going to be tl;dr, i will keep this short.
  13. >>>I have run into some problems with MSO and SMRTER integration in one package so if you know about the internal workings of either of those mods, go to bottom of the page.
  14. >>>Smrtphoneusr, if you are reading this, would you be so kind and tell me which files contain the location of custom stashes and added anomalies?
  15. [tl;dr]
  16. @STALKERS: I am Stiivais, the one who prefers to SPEEL THE BEENS and not be a statue, so i thought that i could boost the development by integrating SMRTER with MSO and generally pulling it out of the early alpha stage it is in right now (no weapon descriptions, chaotic balance, no stalkers/traders have the new items, no creature balance), since i don't think that smrtphoneusr would work in a team with anyone (and because i have shitty internet connection) i started to revamp smrter and add features on my own. So, here i am.
  17. Also, i won't be on MODDB much because i can only use internet for a few days on this month, situation will improve in september (but no uploads until then)
  18. [/tl;dr]
  20. Weapons (DONE):
  21. > All weapons have changed/added descriptions.
  22. > Most weapons have tracers, but they are much smaller. (you will want to see bullet source, trust me)
  23. > Some of the default weapons have tweaked stats and changed descriptions to better fit added ones.
  24. (for example ak74 will now be less common because ak47 series added, description reflects this)
  25. > Following weapons added by S.M.R.T.E.R. 0.41 are present with tweaked stats (for gameplay/balance):
  26. AK-47 (base weapon for 47 series, inferior to ak-74, uses 7.62x40 ammo)
  27. AK-47SU (submachine gun with dot scope)
  28. AK-47V (long range version with dot scope, 20 bullets in clip)
  29. AWM (tweaked to be expensive and rare)
  30. Colt 1972 (a fictional version of Colt 1911, more precise, better damage)
  31. FN FAL (similair to AK-47, lower recoil and accuracy)
  32. FN FNC (similair to LR 300)
  33. G36c (submachine gun version of G36)
  34. G43 (Gewehr) (now is the cheapest sniper rifle, good rate of fire but otherwise lacking)
  35. HK 416 (better than LR 300)
  36. HK 417 DMR (sniper version of HK 416)
  37. M3 (Benelli) (short shotgun, similair to sawn-off, but with 4 rounds)
  38. M16 (uses same ammo as AK-47, 20 bullets per clip, good accuracy)
  39. M35 (a rejected prototype of M4)
  40. MP7 (a machine pistol, mediocre as a weapon but good for artifact hunting since one-handed)
  41. P90 (powerful submachine gun which uses .45 ammo)
  42. Saiga (a fully automatic shotgun)
  43. SG 551/552 (improvements of SG 550, 552 being most common)
  44. SIG 221 (prototype pistol)
  45. SPAS 15 (larger version of SPAS 12, has stock)
  46. M16 DMR (sniper version of M16, similair to HK 417 DMR)
  47. USP somenameidontremember (shortened version of USP 45)
  48. AMT Hardballer (surprise for assasins ;D)
  49. XM8 (similair to G36, simply beast)
  50. XM177 (submachine gun version of M16, similair to AK-47SU and AK-74U)
  51. > Thrown knife has been modified to always do damage to your enemy if it hits it (bugs not accounted for), no more throwing knifes like madman just so that one would hit. Also, they do good damage now.
  52. > Thrown flashlight grenade flare shiny thing has been modified to look like a good light source but is somewhat toned down. Now explodes 2 seconds after being thrown.
  53. > There are now 2 types of silencers: Rifle and Pistol, each fit for specific weapons.
  55. AI/Gameplay (PARTIALLY DONE):
  56. > Integration of M.S.O. mod into the game.
  57. generally better AI, more behaviours
  58. no more getting swarmed by chimeras in early game :P
  59. > Integration of S.M.R.T.E.R. enemies into M.S.O.
  60. izlom versions added (to zombie squads)
  61. bear (old boar) added (to boar squads)
  62. pseudogiants added (to gigant squads)
  63. cats added (to dog, yes, dog squads)
  64. > Customization of M.S.O. so zone is more agressive, full of life:
  65. weak monsters like flesh can now have squads of up to 10, boars and dogs up to 8
  66. stalkers and other NPCs can have squads of up to 7, monolith still limited to around 5
  67. zombies can have squads of up to 10, because everyone loves izloms xD
  68. hunters and NPCs are more agressive, they go after their enemies from greater distances (+80m)
  69. all NPCs attempt to loot dead bodies from 200 meters (if there is one in that radius they will go to it)
  70. zone is much more active, dead respawn in about an hour opposed to 6 or 7 in vanilla
  71. all of schedule (timetable) things have been changed so that there is more blend between day and night, with night units still out until late morning
  72. > Companion plugin reenabled so that you can recruit one or two friendly stalkers to guard you.
  73. > Toolbox disabled because of crash
  74. > Custom energy drink removed (cola smrtphoneusr, really?)
  75. > Custom stashes and anomalies temporarily disabled because i don't know which files were replaced (until someone tells me, i can't add them, smrtphoneusr, you reading this?)
  76. <<<AI/Gameplay TODO
  77. < Change A.I. random gear to facilitate usage of new, S.M.R.T.E.R. weapons (done as soon as i fix the crash)
  78. < Change merchant stock so that they sell different weapons and items (same as above)
  79. < Change weapon repair prices
  80. < Add some new armors, possibly ecolog, mercenary armor, and stalker jacket (from ShoC) (some config issues)
  81. < Reenable toolbox if possible
  82. < Add sleeping bag if possible
  83. < Change emissions a bit
  84. < Lower artifact prices for a bit more challenging game.
  85. < Balance food cost.
  86. < Make energy drink/food/artifacts have better/longer effects.
  91. I have encountered a problem with this mod.
  92. :/ If i add the new weapons to inventory of anyone, be it myself or random stalkers, they work. Animations, ammo usage, damage done, everything appears to work.
  93. :/ If i drop the weapon when i have a vanilla weapon/no weapon equipped in my hands, the weapon is dropped, it can be picked up, it is affected by physics and everything is still ok.
  94. ;( Now, if i drop the weapon when it is in my hands or any stalker dies with it equipped, then the weapon model appears to be dropped for half a second and the game freezes right afterwards.
  95. So, my question is: is there any inventory related scripts in MSO or any required scripts in SMRTER that would cause this? I have copied all of MSO scripts over to gamedata folder and overwritten some SMRTER scripts so i am not sure what is happening. I think that scripts are the culprit, because the models appear to be working fine when dropped through inventory (not equipped).
  96. What would cause this, how could i fix this? Any help?
  97. If yes, PM me in moddb (Stiivais) or write in SMRTER mod comments.
  99. //Endoffile
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