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  2. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  3. Kelli,
  5. I made some mistakes today in how I enterpreted things and feel it added to the mess of events with Pone. I told him a bit of what happened but misinterpreted it and made it sound way worse than how things actually happened. In a way you can say I betrayed you and people in your server.
  6. Angerine04/20/2019
  7. yes, i guessed it was you that passed things on to him
  8. i don't appreciate things being said in the FBI channel leaving it, hence why i didn't add you back to that role
  9. but it's okay
  10. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  11. Sorry about that and TBI i really feel it would be better if I wasn't there at all
  12. I am really getting annoyed by Summer
  13. Angerine04/20/2019
  14. you could block him
  15. that way his messages don't show
  16. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  17. So, I guess this is farewell. Thank you for everything.
  18. Angerine04/20/2019
  19. :c
  20. that's
  21. not cool
  22. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  23. I don't know
  24. I really don't feel comfortable around all the negativity and the attacks that happen
  25. Angerine04/20/2019
  26. who have we attacked lately?
  27. synth?
  28. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  29. I have had these thoughts for a while. Today just opened my eyes more
  30. Angerine04/20/2019
  31. pone was the one attacking summer today
  32. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  33. I missed those. But I am kinda biased against Summer lately. He just comes across as very negative about people
  34. Angerine04/20/2019
  35. then block him
  36. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  37. The "blocked message" text still shows up
  38. Angerine04/20/2019
  39. so?
  40. it will hide the negativity
  41. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  42. I don't like not knowing
  43. Angerine04/20/2019
  44. okay then
  45. bye
  46. Unknown_Randomness04/20/2019
  47. Bye
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