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Operation Last Resort.

NoLibya4Syria Jan 30th, 2013 810 Never
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  1. Regarding Operation Last Resort. -
  2. Here is my last and only offering to the idiocy that is Operation Last Resort. I've spent enough time passing along data, replying to rookie emails, and hunting down the actual sect (that doesn't exist) running this to realize any more time spent on this task is time wasted. It's a wild goose chase.
  3. http://www.xeroflux.net/OP_LAST_RESORT_EXPOSED.php
  5. We are getting many questions on facebook and Xero is getting many via this websites contact form regarding Operation Last Resort.
  6. While we cannot give you direct proof this is a propaganda operation we can give you the reasons why it appears as such.
  8. 1) On Sunday I (Xero Flux) was able to reach AnonymousIRC (one of the more reputable Twitter channels for long term trusted Anonymous activity) and they claim the USSC on @doxbin is a faked, and comprised of data ripped from a two year old document they released. (Typical Cointel style, take others work and give it a facelift.)
  10. 2) The night of release they were caught censoring posts asking questions or pointing out that this operation forces all sects to comply and goes directly against the core anon protocol.
  12. 3) Nobody on IRC can vouch for the credibility of those leading this operation. Anonymous is one thing but when your fellow anons are completly clueless who you are and where you came from when you bust out the gates with an operation this scope is quiet suspicious.
  14. 4) The same day literally hours before this release Department of Homeland security named Cyber threats a severe issue and is trying to use this threat to enact SOPA style laws with executive order. This operation gives them a perfect example of WHY.
  15. http://rt.com/usa/news/napolitano-us-cyber-attack-761/
  17. 5) This paints all anons as hacktivists, something anyone with a brain knows it a complete media machine lie to discredit ACTIVISTS under the same banner.
  19. 6) A youtube account claiming/admitting to hacking a government site would not be permitted to STILL be active (Note: It is Tuesday Morning 4:16am and still up). It would be ripped down as soon as the first fed hit the video after the hack. YET it;s still up, with no penalty and everyone ignores this fact.
  21. 7) ALL credible sources/anon cells to date have no idea who is running this operation. It came out of thin air and is using old anon operations data claiming its new.
  24. Make up your own mind but you know where we stand. We wont be downloading "warheads" or supporting this is any way as we truly believe this will bite those who participate in the ass. As it labels us all terrorists looking for "CHAOS" and if you dont think cyber authorities will take this to the cleaners, you're still a noob.
  26. Wish to distance yourself and speak up to make sure its documented you want no part in anonymous causing chaos? Here is a petition we set up for that reason. Not as much to actually "petition" the operation, but to document where we stand.
  27. http://www.change.org/petitions/anonymous-operation-last-resort-cease-operations-in-the-name-of-anonymous-ideals#share
  29. -Xero Flux
  30. http://www.xeroflux.net/OP_LAST_RESORT_EXPOSED.php
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