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  1. <color=blue>Discord Invite:</color><link=""></link>
  2. <color=red> RULES </color>
  3. <color=red>1. No cheating/hacking/exploiting. This will result in a possible game ban or server ban. </color>
  4. <color=red>2. No racism. </color>
  5. <color=red>3. No mic spam/earrape/annyoing music.</color>
  6. <color=red>4. No detained killing. </color>
  7. <color=red>5. No bullying or harassing anyone. </color>
  8. <color=red>6. Do NOT staff disrespect. This is taken very seriously. </color>
  9. <color=red>7. Do NOT impersonate staff. </color>
  10. <color=red>8. Do NOT team kill as SCP-079. </color>
  11. <color=red>9. If you are AFK there is a chance of getting kicked. </color>
  12. <color=red>10. Please use common sense. If you think its wrong to do something then it probably is. </color>
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