Nasseau - Applebloom's Magical Maternity Mask

Apr 30th, 2014
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  3. Celestia's sun had nearly reach its zenith when Apple Bloom arrived at Zecora's hut in the Everfree forrest. She had the day off since her school was temporarly closed after the gray mailmare damaged the roof and so she decided to go pay a visit to Zecora.
  5. Applejack wasn't happy about the idea of her little sister wandering through the dangerous Everfree forest, but Zecora had put warding talismants here and there that kept the really mean critters away, and Big Macintosh had culled most of the others with his rifle. Applejack had relunctantly accepted after much begging, but Applebloom had to be home before sunset or she was in a world of trouble.
  7. ''Hello Zecora, you home?'' she knocked on the door. There was no answer, but the little filly decided to head in anyway. Zecora wouldn't mind probably, and she was too scared to stay outside. Her hut was much safer.
  9. ''She must be out fetchin' some herbs'' thought Applebloom. The hut smelled good, foreign herbs and potions. It was smells she couldn't identify, but she liked them. The hut was small but cozy, decorated with exotic art, and a warm fire illuminated the single room building.
  11. On the table was a colourful mask, it immediately sparked the little filly's attention. She felt a tingling somewhere in her belly just by looking at it. It looked so... beautiful. She was drawn to it...
  13. The sight of it brought some warm... feelings to what Applejack called Applebloom's ''private bits'', that ''nopony was allowed to touch''. It was like she needed to pee, but it felt good, very very good. She just needed to see it closer...
  15. ...what if she decided to put the mask on?
  17. Just touching the mask with her hoof made Applebloom so hot... She doned the mask and...
  19. ''Gash, it's so... it's so wet down there...''
  21. The little itch was unbearable, she had to scratch herself... she sat down and slowly, so slowly, she brought her right hoof to her moist love between her legs. Simple contact made her gasp from air, it was so sensitive! Her lips were red and parted, her clitoris gorged with blood and her lady juices pouring forth, onto the floor.
  23. Moaning deeply, Applebloom resumed gently rubbing herself. But the itching was so deep... so deep inside her. And scratching only made it more itchy... and she only scratched more.
  25. Her release came incredibly soon. She moaned loudly and crossed her legs by reflex so the inside of her thighs would rub on her love, extanding her orgasm and letting her ride it longer... only a few more seconds.
  27. Once she came to her sense, she noticed her belly had expanded a bit. Just a bit, but enough to be noticed. She felt something warm in her belly, just behind her navel. It felt like a tap slowly leaking. It felt quite good she had to admit. Applebloom didn't feel worried at first, she only rubbed her tummy, giggling a bit because it tickled... until she noticed it was slowly growing... and growing...
  29. ''Zecora?! Can ya hear me?'' cried Applebloom. She was starting to be worried. When she ate a lot, and she meant a lot, of food, she would get bloated like this, but... but she hadn't eaten much. And it was so sudden. And it didn't stop.
  31. Her belly was starting to be as big as a basketball now, and she could feel something move inside of it, kicking and squirming. Her belly would churn from time to time...
  33. Panic overtake the poor filly, what if she was gonna grow up so much that she'd explode? She had to make it back to Ponyville and get help! Tears of fear streamed down from her face as she started to walk - running was now not an option - towards the front door.
  35. ''ZECORA! ANYPONY! HELP!'' A growth spurt hit her and she moaned. Looking at her belly, she now looked like she was one of those mares that Applejack called ''pregnant'' she saw from time to time in Ponyville. But... but... she couldn't be pregnant... right?! Sure, maybe she kissed Snails last week, but... it was on a dare. And only on the cheek!
  37. ''I don't want to be pregnant!'' She was now so big she could only waddle awkwardly. The heavy weight of her big, bloated belly made every step painful and difficult - but not impossible, and she was a determined pony. With every ounce of willpower left inside her, she struggled to put one hoof in front of the other to reach Sweet Apple Acres... just... one more.
  39. A growth spur rolled over her body, and her belly now scrapped on the packed dirt, leaves and sticks on the ground. She needed to be faster!
  41. Too late, her belly had now grown so large she couldn't touch the ground anymore, her legs uselessly waiving in the air and rubbing on her bloated tummy.
  43. ''NO! NO PLEASE NO! APPLEJACK, ZECORA, BIG MAC, ANYPONY PLEASE HELP ME!'' she screamed in fear. Her heavy belly churning and kicking underneath her. She cried of fear at first, and then... pain as she felt something squeeze her huge belly...
  45. Applebloom felt a powerful contraction in her belly, and something gave inside her. With a pop she could have sworn she heard, not felt, water rushed out of her ''private bits''. She blushed, thinking she had peed herself like a stupid baby. It wasn't until she felt unbelievable pressure on her cervix, deep inside her womb, that ''peeing herself'' became'' the least of her concern.
  47. ''Wha... what's happening to meeeeee?!''
  49. The urge to push overhwelm Applebloom, and she bore down, clenching the muscles of her belly. The mass inside her that caused so much pressure began to slide down between her legs, deep inside her. Applebloom could feel it stretching her flesh, her ''private parts'' as Applejack told her. It was really, really, really painful, worst than the time she knocked a teeth after a fall headfirst in a tree. She screamed in pain, unable to keep quiet, with the lump inside her slowly... slowly... slowly sliding out.
  53. She could feel herself being torn apart between her haunches. The pain was unbearable. She screamed once again, as the... thing left her body and fell on the floor.
  55. And then she heard a foal cry.
  57. ''Wha... what? Is that a... baby?''
  59. She couldn't move and look back, but she definitely felt... something, like a fleshy snake, leaving her body via her private parts... could it be... what miss Cheerilee called the ''umbilical cord''? B... by Celestia! She WAS indeed pregnant! And by the looks of her belly, there were MORE babies inside of her. She cried out as the contractions resumed, and she felt another foal engage itself in her birth canal. Thankfully, Zecora was there in the horizon... she was coming back, she would set this right... But... her belly was so big... there must have been so many more babies inside of her...
  61. END
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