Feb 24th, 2019
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  1. <style="Title"><color="orange">Cobra<color="black">SCP</style>
  2. <br>
  3. <color="white">Hello we are a southern <color=#00309A>Euro<color=#FFCD00>pean <color="white">server! That doesn't mean that people from outside of <color=#00309A>Eur<color=#FFCD00>ope <color="white">are not welcome, being a <color=#00309A>Euro<color=#FFCD00>pean <color="white">server just means that you will have better ping if you are from <color=#00309A>Eur<color=#FFCD00>ope <color="white">in our server, anyways <b>Good Luck</b> and <b>Have Fun</b>!
  4. <br>
  5. <color=#C73636>Rules<color="white">:
  6. <color=#C73636>1.<color="white"> Racism and Discrimination of any form is strictly prohibited at all times and will be punished!
  7. <color=#C73636>2.<color="white"> Insulting others is not allowed without their permission, You must be respectful!
  8. <color=#C73636>3.<color="white"> Hacking/Cheating results in a permanent ban!
  9. <color=#C73636>4.<color="white"> Drama of any kind, when asked to stop, must stop, or action will be taken!
  10. <color=#C73636>5.<color="white"> Don't ask for ranks, it is punishable!
  11. <color=#C73636>6.<color="white"> Team killing between Class-D's is allowed!
  12. <color=#C73636>7.<color="white"> Swearing is allowed!
  13. <br>
  14. <color="yellow">Features<color="white">:<color="white">
  15. - Unlimited Radio Battery!
  16. - Disarm switch class!
  17. - SCP-173 Door Starting Cooldown Switched From 25 to 30 seconds!
  18. - If there are two or more SCP-s, then there will be one SCP-079!
  19. <br>
  20. <color="white">We also have a Discord server, where you can chat, talk and have fun with other players of the game! You can join our Discord by clicking this link, it will take you straight to the Discord server! <color="yellow">https://discord.gg/4EbW7ka</color>
  21. <color="white">You can also report people to our Discord server too!
  22. <color="white">If you need help in the server SCP:SL/Discord then contant 1 of the staff members.
  23. <color="white">In case you have to contact the Owner, his Discord is: <color=#C73636>@OstojλTheGλmer#3310
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