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  2. Kaiya SilverthornToday at 01:13
  3. Thing number two is that I've got an apology letter to pass along.
  4. Having said that I do acknowledge it's bedtime so reading it can wait.
  5. BearToday at 01:14
  6. makes a very upset face.
  7. Kaiya SilverthornToday at 01:15
  8. ...yeah, I didn't think that'd go over well. ^^; Hence not just opening with it.
  9. Would you prefer I not pass it, then?
  10. BearToday at 01:18
  11. I resent that he's only attempting feigned contrition through what amounts to a cutout after he's exhausted all avenues of direct communication emphatically and pointedly making every possible effort to make me never want to speak with him again. I don't blame you, you're helping out a friend, but, and I am going to be frank here, I want nothing to do with Andrew, possibly ever again.
  12. That well is right and thoroughly poisoned.
  13. The 'apology' is noted.
  14. Kaiya SilverthornToday at 01:19
  15. All right.
  16. Sorry for souring your night.
  17. Sleep well?
  18. BearToday at 01:19
  19. Sorry for taking that out on you.
  20. pinches the bridge of his nose.
  21. Kaiya SilverthornToday at 01:20
  22. hugs
  23. BearToday at 01:21
  24. For the sake of having a log, and so that the rest of staff can see it(because I am not the only person this matters to), I should see it.
  25. Kaiya SilverthornToday at 01:21
  26. ...all right.
  27. BearToday at 01:22
  28. I'm trying to make a point to offload as much of the Andrew situation to Staff as I can. Because I know I can't be objective, and if I can't be objective that's not fair to anyone.
  29. Kaiya SilverthornToday at 01:22
  30. ---
  31.   Hey Bear, sorry to send this through a Proxy but I figured Steam would just make things a lot worse.
  33. I've been talking to Mel, and long story short, its come to my attention that somewhere along the line, I stopped thinking of you as an actual person, and more just an antagonist who needed to be dealt with. I had some issues with the way things where going, but the methods I used where based on archetypes and people I barely knew, and not dealing with an actual human being on the other side of the keyboard.
  35. I was way too harsh on you, with that in mind, and generally way too demanding because it was too easy to forget the person on the other end of this was an actual /person/ with all the inherent foibles involved. I just saw you as 'that admin' and not 'that person who's got a lot of shit going on and this is just making it worse'.
  37. Anyway, the point is, I fucked up, I pride myself on being good at seeing people as people, but this was one spot I had a huge blind spot on, and once it was pointed out, I had to at least make the effort to make amends about this. I know it'll be slow going, but I'm hoping we can patch things up and get things to the way they used to be.
  39. I still remember Sigil.
  40. ---
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