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MVG's rebuttal to Cynthia and her absolute destruction

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Sep 2nd, 2015
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  1. MVG's absolute destruction of Cynthia "Bunnay"
  2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. This is a Public Service Announcement from Management at MVG (Most Valuable Gaming) regarding Cynthia Bunnay:
  4. In the first week of July (Tuesday, July 28th), we parted ways with Cynthia amicably.
  5. Her employment with Most Valuable Gaming was terminated with care and adoration, in a way that helped her retain a positive image within the Professional Gaming community. We did so at a time that was best for both us, and for Cynthia, moving forward.
  6. However, as a result of peaked public interest, and the increase in false accusations and discourse with regard to Most Valuable Gaming, we felt it best to release an official statement regarding the situation:
  7. Cynthia was provided a short-term employment opportunity with Most Valuable Gaming.
  8. In Cynthia's original proposal to MVG, she highlighted her capabilities regarding live-streaming, marketing and management, which she indicated was gained from managing other Gaming Organizations and events.
  9. She was granted the position within MVG based on her qualifications, all of which were later found to be completely false. As with all new hires, it takes time to verify all information provided.
  10. Her responsibilities within MVG included managing Public Relations and Social Media, managing the growing live-stream project for the months of May and June, and assisting Mew2King in his continued transition to Arizona.
  11. The list of skills she claimed to possess, as well as her claims of having previous experience in the industry, are untrue. She provided misinformation regarding her overall expertise in those categories. During her employment, she performed poorly, with no willingness to improve and her continued employment with MVG would have proved fruitless.
  12. Upon further investigation, we came to discover that Cynthia had breached several lines of communication within the MVG organization as well, and committed violations of confidentiality and privacy at the highest levels. It was for these reasons, coupled with her poor performance during her term with MVG, that led to her termination.
  13. She later admitted to these violations via Text Message (SMS), offered her apologies, and parted ways with MVG peacefully and willingly.
  14. Although parting ways with Cynthia appeared to be understood and amicable, further issues with her have recently demanded our attention.
  15. Many members of the larger Gaming community have come forward with false accusations of MVG conducting itself illegally. Accusations of illegally withholding payment to employees, “misplacing” valuable items that do not belong to the company, and generally conducting ourselves in a “shady” or nefarious manner are just a few of the statements being made.
  16. To address those who were indirectly affected by Cynthia’s behavior, we would like to explain why it is that you may feel you have been wronged or betrayed by Most Valuable Gaming.
  17. During her employment with MVG, Cynthia took it upon herself to establish unsanctioned employment opportunities with a number of individuals to work with MVG. Put plainly, she “hired” additional members onto the MVG League team without permission or proper employee processing. Without discussion with the Managing Members of MVG Global, contractual agreements, or direct communication with the CEO of MVG League, Cynthia made promises of employment , and proposed opportunities for exposure and recognition in the gaming community. Cynthia's “new hires” were never put in contact with the MVG Management Team to be properly interviewed, contracted, and introduced into the MVG Family.
  18. To those who believed they had an opportunity to work with MVG League under her word alone, we deeply apologize for the misleading chain of events that ultimately led to being denied a contracted position. This is not how our organization operates. This is not how any organization operates. If you feel that you are currently working in such an environment we urge you to seek council and have that working relationship defined and made legally binding.
  19. As an organization, we also recognize that we have made a mistake in prematurely employing individuals without the appropriate probationary period to assess their resumes and conduct. This is something we are already amending. As you can imagine, the real assessment can only occur in the real world, however, we will be doing a more thorough job before situations like this can affect those whom we serve.
  20. We want to make this clear, as we strongly deny our involvement with any illegal activities.
  21. Our goal is to provide the public with a justified clarification on the situation.
  22. This is the official statement addressing the libel and slander about MVG League circulating the Internet. It is common for untruths to circulate at a rate much faster than the truth, so we knew that it was important to address this as clearly as possible. We will not be making any further statements regarding the situation.
  23. At the moment, we are doing all we can to nullify any and all baseless accusations.
  24. For all who are aware of the situation regarding Cynthia’s belongings, we want the public to understand that regardless of the fact that Cynthia agreed to the shipping terms and understood the basis for her removal from Arizona before the issue erupted, we are in the process of shipping Cynthia's belongings to the state of Florida to resolve any issues. She will receive her belongings within 2 weeks.
  25. Moving forward, The Most Valuable Gaming Organization has undergone numerous changes regarding our Call management, Productions Management, Stream Team, Public Relations officers and our overall image to ensure that any issues regarding such scenarios listed above, or any misunderstandings hereafter, do not occur again, or are handled gracefully in the future.
  26. For further information regarding this situation, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Sebastian Rothwyn, at MVG League using the email address listed below. Sebastian Rothwyn is a senior administrator at MVG, whose duties include public relations.
  28. On behalf of MVG, thank you so much for taking the time to read this statement, and thank you for understanding.
  29. -MVG League
  30. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  33. Mew2King (Jason Zimmerman)'s comment on the post, part 1.
  36. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  38. I want to share my personal experiences/feelings with my situation with cynthia.
  39. I was talking to this girl cynthia, who I met once in FL at a tournament (we just took a picture together at the tournament) then again randomly found her twitter, and I thought she was a cute girl, so I messaged her on twitter, cuz, why not? A few days later, she told me she broke up with her bf, and then we started to talk on facebook after that. It seemed fine for more than a month. We both thought we had a lot in common, we both thought each other looked good, etc., so I thought maybe something could work out. I thought she had a genuine interest in me, and from online talks, things seemed to be going well. She told me how she didn't have much money (For some reason I just assume the things everyone says is true because I give people the benefit of the doubt a little TOO much in my life. I still currently do not know the real situation or not regarding that), and also that one of the things she went to college for was for event management. Based on that, I decided I could help her out by convincing my boss (Greg) to hire her. That could help her out a lot I thought, and it could help me out potentially, if it went well. So basically it was a test trial to see how things would go and then we'd go from there. Both from a relationship perspective and from a work perspective (to kill 2 birds with one stone I thought was the logical/smart thing to do, cuz why not? makes sense to me).
  40. I got her a plane ticket ($400) that she promised she'd pay back (this never happened, I never got my 400 back and I didn't want to push it because I would feel bad to take money from someone that claimed that they didn't have much money to begin with. I'm that type of naive fool, yes. Also she never took my flight back home; only the one here, so the one towards home was just a waste of money) to get her to AZ to stay for about a week and a half. I think I got this ticket at least a few weeks in advance so that it was a reasonable price. About 2 weeks (I don't remember exactly but something like that?) before she came over, she was talking to this other guy named Ryan Kidd, who is a Halo pro player in Florida. We talked and it turned out that she liked both him and me, and was flip-flopping her emotions basically over the following days/hours. I also told her that I talked to other girls besides her, but that I liked her by far the most among them, at that point in time. I wanted to be open and honest ahead of time because I thought that was the "right thing to do", so I was just as honest as I thought I could be, by saying all that up front. She suggested an open relationship, so I said okay because she convinced me it was the logical thing to do so after a small talk I then agreed on it. After several days of it though (4?), my emotions got to me, and I told her I didn't want to do that anymore. But she said that she now wanted to give this guy a chance first (but part of me still thinks it's because he lived in florida and i didn't, or something to do with looks but that is only speculation/guesses, which is easy to just deny). Then in a group called Melee Hell on facebook, which I was dumb enough to add her to for no real reason (like I actually had no reason - I didn't think twice about it actually), she posted to another member that "Thanks for making me famous :)" so when I was shown this (among other messages from other players, but that was the biggest one for me. a LOT of people actually warned me against getting involved with cynthia, but I assumed it was all pure speculation so I wanted to give people[cynthia] the benefit of the doubt instead of just hunches or vibes), I confronted her about it, because in the context of it, it was, imo, some bad and shady things to say. So of course the logical choice is to confront her about it to get to the bottom of it and get those worries off my shoulders.
  41. This is when things really changed between us. Instead of just explaining her reasoning/logic on what she said, (I had screenshot proof things she said), she basically told me that I should have just trusted her by default, and that I shouldn't need to ask these types of questions. She ignored my messages for 2 long days after this small talk we had (by small talk that means basically her making me feel bad for asking that question and then ignoring me afterwords). I was not even sure if she would catch her flight here or not. She said she changed her feelings about me for this. Being the type of blame-everything-on-myself person that I am, I took this to heart, but was also extremely confused from that moment onwards, and the confusion lasted for over a month after that moment too. I wondered how my logic was bad? I was just asking for an explanation, and instead what I got was an explanation that she no longer felt the same about me anymore, just because I asked about a reasonable question for a reasonable concern. Things really really changed at that specific moment and onwards.
  42. She got to arizona, and didn't want to do anything with me anymore really, except sometimes back massages which we agreed to give each other because we both experienced back pain every day. Nothing was the same compared to how it was when we talked online (for majority of our talks), and being the naive idiot I am, I was extremely confused why from that moment and for the entire following month afterwords. The confusion never ended. I couldn't put together both a logical but also nice reasoning as to why this could be happening. I might have convinced myself that the best version of her towards me (for example, the first month and a half we talked online could be that version) was the only real version of her that existed at all. I really liked this girl or at least, what I talked to her online of, the her I thought she was, I thought I liked (mainly a combination of similar interests + seem nice + look good). After so many weeks of that in a row, it became the "truth" to me, and anything else was just confusing. It became very important, according to her, for me to retweet anything she did, and any pictures of us. I was confused how I could suddenly become her "best friend" that she called me on twitter (because I'm dumb), when it seemed nothing like that in the past. I ended up getting her followers to 2000 from just a few 100 by doing this over a week/weeks. We even went to an anime convention in AZ and she told me to just get accessories (like posters and stuff) and not to worry about the money spent on it (which Greg told me was wrong to do but I didn't know that I just always assume people are telling me the truth for some reason. My brain never thinks "this person might be wrong or might be lying for whatever reason".)
  43. (see the below comment I made under this for the rest)
  44. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. Part 2
  50. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. Greg had to go to another country for a few weeks for more business, and then I learned the news that cynthia would be staying here for longer than the 2 weeks that was expected, which obviously I wasn't too enthusiastic about but if she would help us out I thought it might not be that big of a deal and I'd just live/deal with it (even though it hurt a lot on the inside, which gradually built up more every day). I found out that cynthia then invited her boyfriend (which I thought was me for sure just a few weeks prior) over. You see, in AZ, I had my own apartment which greg paid for which was really nice and I lived there alone (originally cynthia was going to stay with me), and Greg had his own apartment only a few miles away. Cynthia decided to stay with Greg, but then right after Greg left, Cynthia invited her boyfriend over to stay with him. So then she stayed with him for a full month. I told Greg, "did you know that Cynthia invited her boyfriend over right after you left?" and he said no, and was pretty upset about it. But we decided not to send Ryan back because Ryan does not have a lot of money. Cynthia/Ryan brought a lot of their possessions each over as well (almost as if it was planned from the beginning to stay for a long time). Then they both stayed in gregg's main apartment.
  52. So they lived all month in a $2500/mo apartment for free, while Greg was in another country, and I was in my own apartment alone all month. Gregg also left Cynthia his Mercedes Benz to get around for free. But anyway, Cynthia wanted me to retweet a lot of things (now I realize that the most likely ulterior motive was actually just to gain followers and therefore "power" from the retweets and new followers she would get as a result of it, since I had 40/50k followers and she had under 1k). However, having to see her twitter all the time and seeing her go around calling me friend and friendzoned and having pictures with ryan all the time posted on her twitter (which she wanted me to retweet from very often basically) really started to eat me away on the inside, and I became more depressed as the days went on. I just wanted to forget everything, but I didn't want to hurt anybody else either (because of both cynthia/ryan claiming they each lack money and basically I did not want to do anything to risk hurting anybody). As the weeks went on, the depression started to turn into anger and sadness and even hatred towards the end with how I felt on the inside. I don't know how to describe it, but I was really the king of fools to say the least. I don't cope with emotional depression well; it eats me from the inside. There are times I attempt to cope with it a lot but it never works out well for me in the end. I told cynthia that it's how I felt and how the depression was eating me on the inside, but in the end, things stayed the same and she stayed there. She basically told me in different words to just accept the way things were.
  53. Besides retweets though, I found out that she actually did very little to help our business. Mainly she would just make sure me and the arizona melee mvg stream team just started our streaming on time, and buy groceries once in a while with money Greg gave her for groceries, and then she'd go back to gregg's apartment (where ryan/cynthia were living), and this would go on all month. So it wasn't a profitable system for us, and it also was emotionally hurting me as well. The main reason they (cynthia+ryan or at least ryan) were allowed to stay for that long in the first place was because i told greg on the phone that I didn't wanna do anything to hurt them, but I also didn't feel comfortable with the situation at all at the same time. It was also a complete surprise to everyone except cynthia/ryan that ryan was being invited to live over in the first place. But we basically decided to let that slide to be nice. But we (me/gregg) decided to let her/ryan live there in that expensive apartment, for free, all month, anyway, because we wanted to be nice and not screw anyone over. If we wanted to, we could have just been dicks and said "sorry you weren't invited here and you'll have to go back home even though you just secretly brought a plane ticket here without our knowledge". We SHOULD have done that. It would have been 100% reasonable and understandable. It's their fault for doing that. But we did the overly-nice option instead, because, news flash, me/gregg are actually TOO NICE of people.
  54. But then we found out, when I was away at a tournament, that she went through my entire skype AND facebook logs, on MY work computer in my room. I know this because she messaged me and greg about this (even making me feel bad for private conversations I had, which are private for a reason), when I was in a midwest tournament a few months ago. At that moment I told greg that she can't be trusted, and greg said that he wanted to terminate her for that, which we both agreed on is a very bad thing for her to do. A complete invasion of our privacy. I asked why she would do something like that, and the explanation was that "I couldn't unsee it". But that is no excuse to go through EVERY single message (there was a LOT of messages/conversations in total). That is a really bad thing to do.
  55. The Worst part about all this is that there was one time where I was using her laptop, in an exact opposite/reversed situation only a week or so earlier, and she accidentally left her facebook logged in, and instead of me going through her facebook privacy, I closed it down and told her that "hey you left your facebook log in saved and for future reference you shouldn't do that because a less good person would have went through everything given the chance". And this was only shortly before she went through my privacy completely, so it hurt EXTRA hard to know that in the reverse situation I would choose the nicer option and she would go through all of my messages instead of closing down my information, simply because I made the mistake of not logging out. In fact, I didn't even think I would have to close it down, because I am naive enough to assume the best in people until they are proven to be not good. I assumed she would do the same for me that I did for her (just close it down if I made the mistake of leaving it open). I was wrong. It completely destroyed any liking/love I had towards her, and at that moment it ALL changed for me emotionally. A 180 degree spin. I hated her at this point. I felt betrayed completely. At this point I talked to Gregg and told her she needed to go. This is the basic story of my living situation with cynthia and why we don't want to work with her at all. This all made us very frustrated/angry, and we knew we couldn't trust her now. After this moment, she was very anti-m2k/anti-mvg from then onwards.
  56. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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