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  1. One day a woman decided to go on a vacation with her parrot. She wanted to go to France but the only tickets she could get were no parrot no smoking tickets. Not wanting to leave her parrot at home, she simply stores the parrot in her shirt and acts like she is pregnant. While on the plane, the pilot is walking down the aisle smoking a cigar. He stops at the woman and asks her how her flight is going. Before she can reply, the parrot says "it's going great". Surprised, the pilot pulls the parrot out from under her shirt. "You can't have a parrot on this plane!" He says. She takes the cigar from his mouth and says "Well you can't have a cigar on this plane!" Enraged, the pilot throws the parrot out the window. This incites the woman to throw the cigar out the window. The pilot returns to the cockpit and is angry about losing his cigar. He's about to light up another one when he hears a knock on the windshield. He looks up and sees the parrot. And what was in his mouth?
  3. A brick.
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