Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Volume 1 Chapter 1

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  1. Started this translation from C>E. May have some errors as well. Completion Status: Fully Completed(9/9). Jan 13th, 2014
  3. Chapter 1 - Hello Reality
  5. Part 1
  6. No matter whether you are about to leave or about to wake up, the current time is 7 am. Welcome to “Alarm 07~”.
  7. The introduction of the television program made Ousawa Akatsuki slowly opened his eyes. He obviously belongs to the latter.
  9. “Fu…Fua…Ah?”
  11. The not so fully awaked Akatsuki scratched his belly button/navel, as if he did not know where he was. Until the sight of the television screen entered his view, he then remembers that this is his home’s living room.
  13. “…Right, I came back yesterday.”
  15. Today’s doggy ~ Today’s doggy is Mr. Takahashi’s lovely dog “Seven”. Every day, she plays with the big brother who delivers milk. It is said that Seven is quite bold.  Each time the milkman brother is about to put the milk into the mailbox, Seven will climb over the fence and shove her nose into the mailbox, sniffing excitedly on the milk bottles. After the milkman brother sees this, he will always say “Seven, you stood up today again!”
  17. “…Looks like it’s still the same, what an unintelligible television program.”
  19. The television is currently broadcasting the morning news’ special feature, which added a bit more feeling of returning to the real world.
  21. …Why was I sleeping in the living room’s sofa?
  23. His memory is still not coherent. Is it because he was dumb or whether because he was lounging in bed?  Simply just take a shower before continuing to think then. Therefore, Akatsuki trudged out of the living room and opened the changing room doors. He then completely removed all of his clothing, casually shoved it into the dirty clothes basket and went into bathroom. Ah… the position of the shower head hanging from the wall appears to be lower than his previous impression. Akatsuki slowly squeezed some shower gel and shampoo and after washing his body and hair,
  24. Akatsuki closed the shower tap and left the bathroom, picked up a large towel and wiped the water droplets off his wet hair and body.
  26. “Oh damn, forgot to prepare some clean clothes.”
  28. This here is obviously his own world, but he has completely forgotten about the accustomed lifestyle he once had, Akatsuki could not help but shake his head sighing. So he hung the towel around his neck and headed up towards the second floor’s room.
  30. After opening the room door, Akatsuki immediately headed towards the closet to obtain some clean underwear from the drawers.
  32. “Ehhh?”
  34. This time, Akatsuki suddenly noticed that a female was laying on his bed. Judging from the serene sleep that the girl was having, sleeping on this mattress must be quite comfortable.
  36. Up until now, Akatsuki finally remembered why he slept on the living room sofa.
  38. Within his inner feelings, the words “Outrageous” suddenly emerged.
  40. Akatsuki slowly moved to the bed and attentively observed the beautiful girl who was still in dreamland.
  42. …What an outrageous pair of boobs.
  44. Except for the word “Huge”, there were no other appropriate words. The huge twin peaks, that was impossible for others to not pay attention to, were slightly shaking due to the girl’s breathing. Akatsuki could not help but swallow his saliva. How in the world did she grow such a large chest?
  46. “Let’s first touch the pair of bo….NO, I should first explain the situation. Wake up, Hurry up and wake up! Hey!”
  47. Akatsuki slightly shook the young girl’s shoulder and was surprised to find the huge boobs was also also shaking.
  49. …The absolute highest quality…
  51. This rare scene made Akatsuki squint
  53. “….Unnn… Ah…?”
  55. The girl slowly opened her eyes. The sleepy blinking eyelids and her hazy vision fell on Akatsuki.
  57. —!
  59. The girl’s face immediately stiffen, this made Akatsuki confused.
  61. “Heyyyy, Are you okay? What’s wrong?”
  63. Could it be the effects of the Dimensional transfer? The worried Akatsuki raised his right hand towards the girl, but the girl’s gaze immediately made him aware of the problem. Yes, the key was the present appearance of Akatsuki.
  65. “This… I can explain… Don’t be nervous, I don’t have any evil intents really. Can you please calm down? Okay?”
  66. While calming the girl, Akatsuki’s heart was desperately screaming “Oh no!”.  There isn’t some trivial way to explain the current situation, and the words “mistake” would not help to solve this suddenly problem easily either. At the moment when one awakes and suddenly sees the opposite sex standing naked in front of you. The vast majority of the men would be extremely happy about it. However, if the same situation was to occur to the females, the results would greatly differ. The girl’s horrified expressed is the best proof.
  68. It looks like the stimulus was a little bit too strong. Akatsuki took a deep breath and in his heart, told himself that he had to remain calm.
  70. If even he paniced, wouldn’t this increase the girl’s misunderstanding? The current priority now is to think of a plan to calm the girl down, so Akatsuki squeezed out a smile. Smiling is a universally renowned language for communications.
  72. “This is my world, please don’t worry.”
  74. “—Put a sock in it!”
  76. After the blunt retort, it was followed with a hot and spicy slap.
  78. “—Looks like I will still have to introduce myself first.”
  80. Akatsuki smiled while stroking his swelling cheek.
  82. “My name is Ousawa Akatsuki, you can call me Akatsuki. Back in Alayzard, every one called me the rogue hero. Okay, what else do you want to know?”
  84. “… Why are you standing naked in front of me?”
  86. “Didn’t I say it was a misunderstanding? I had just finished taking a shower and entered to get some clothes, and this question is unrelated to my self-introduction isn’t it? Believe it or not, that’s the truth. Uh… what’s your name?”
  88. “…Myuu””
  90. “—What?”
  92. The demon king’s daughter bitterly gave out her name, Akatsuki sudden suspect if he heard wrong.
  94. “You..You’re called Miu…?”
  96. Akatsuki, who said the name, expressed an incredible look. This can’t be true right? Isn’t that too weird. However, the girl in front of him showed him a face of disgust.
  98. “…No.”
  100. The girl shook her head/
  102. “It’s not Miu, but Myuu. I’m called Myuu.”
  104. “—Myuu? Oh…So that’s it, ha ha ha.
  106. Akatsuki made a few sounds of a hollow laugh, apparently he really heard it wrong.
  108. But from the sound of the girls names, it also made Akatsuki remembered the critical things that must be addressed as soon as possible. For Akatsuki, the girl’s current presence is like an alarm, constantly reminding him that he cannot be lazy.
  110. —Is this the God of Destiny’s mischief?
  112. Akatsuki scratched his cheeks. After placing a simple breakfast of toast, poached eggs and milk on the table, Akatsuki looked at the girl sitting opposite of him.
  114. … Having such an explosive body figure that would look down on everyone, the tone of her voice was no different compared to little boys.
  116. “…I still feel that your eyes look very disgusting.”
  118. “You’re thinking too much. You have just arrived to a completely different world, it must be because you’re too nervous.
  120. While being out of focus, Akatsuki can not help but secretly admire the girl’s courage.
  122. … Not everyone dares to go alone to a completely unfamiliar world.
  124. Part 2
  126. During the time period when staying in Alayzard, Akatsuki along with Listy, Zechs and Lotier formed a 4-man adventuring team.
  128. But afterwards Akatsuki singly challenged the demon king , Galious, and alone, bearing the kindness and grudges of defeating the demon king. As long as Akatsuki leaves Alayzard, it will not leave any aftereffects.
  130. Akatsuki’s way of thinking only obtained one person’s agreement, that was the demon king, Galious. For Alayzard’s peace, the demon king, who leads the demon race, also had his own way of thinking. Galious decided the demon king’s palace — that is,  in front of his throne to be the location of duel between Akatsuki and him.  Only at that place would the troops of the two camps not be aware of the one on one duel.
  132. However, the demon king’s castle stationed a large number of demon warriors, thus Galious specially dispatched his own daughter to act as a guide, hiding this information from the demon warriors and brought Akatsuki into the castle.
  134. There was neither conversation nor dialogue between the two men. The final battle starts off instantaneously, and the intense death match ended with the victory of Akatsuki.
  136. Before his death, Galious made his last request to Akatsuki.
  138. “Please take care of my daughter.” The girl’s mother is a dark elf, but her appearance looks similar to the past me, there should be no risk of being seen through.
  140. This was the demon king’s final wish. The past demon king was once in love with a dark elf and eventually gave birth to a daughter between the two of them. However, his loving wife eventually died at human hands, this heavy blow made the demon king discard his human identity and completely devote himself to the demon race’s camp.
  142. At the beginning, Akatsuki did not want to accept this undesirable request. However, the thought of the princess, after the sudden death of the demon king and the destruction of the kingdom, facing this cruel fate, he did not have the heart to refuse the demon king’s wish. Not to mention that she was the demon king’s daughter, she could eventually fall into enemy’s hands or even pushed into being the demon race’s new leader and be killed in battle, there was absolutely no happy ending. In addition, Akatsuki had already decided on the idea to bear all the feelings of gratitude and resentment, and disappear from the world. Once Akatsuki left Alayzard, the human’s vengeance of fire will definitely point to the demon king’s daughter who is still remaining in this world. Based on his own principles of not letting others bear responsibility, Akatsuki reluctantly agreed.
  144. However, Akatsuki also made a condition, which is that he must go back to his own world and sort out a very important matter. If he wished to entrust the girl to Akatsuki, he must accept the possibility of Akatsuki taking her with him back to his own world. Akatsuki did not inquire for the demon king’s will, but instead turned and stared at Myuu, asking if she was willing to entrust her destiny to him.
  146. If the answer is yes, please hold my hand.
  148. Myuu nodded without hesitation and held tightly to Akatsuki’s right hand.
  150. This act was contrary to Akatsuki’s expectation, he had assumed that Myuu would not accept. Myuu’s expression was very calm, she said that Galious had foreseen his own death. If the hero who defeated the demon king really appears, from now on, please go on and follow him to live together.
  152. Akatsuki immediately looked back at Galious, the sad demon king has long been out of breath.
  154. “—How did you bring me to this world? Alayzard’s resident can’t pass through the <Gate of Another World> isn’t it?”
  156. Myuu still had an incredulously look on her face, Akatsuki then easily shrugged.
  158. “Fortunately, I just found a loophole.”
  160. The truth is by utilizing Renkan Keikikou’s and mess up the cognitive abilities of the <Gate of Another World>. This was one of the skills that Akatsuki had learned in the past at <God’s Interlayer>, which Myuu certainly did not know. Strictly speaking, almost no one has knowledge of this method in Alayzard now. The fact that Myuu came to this world is like a blind spot in a blind spot.
  162. “Oh...”
  164. Myuu bowed down in silence. Akatsuki originally thought that Myuu will continue to ask further, Myuu’s reaction made Akatsuki feel a bit surprised.
  166. After a moment of silence —
  168. “—What do I do next?”
  170. Myuu took the initiative to ask.
  172. “In this world, I could be described as an alien. If my true identity is exposed, wouldn’t it cause a heap of trouble?”
  174. “Ahhh… Yes, that’s correct, but there’s no need to worry. The fact that you are Alayzard’s notorious demon king’s daughter, in this world, no one knows your true identity except for me and you.”
  176. “But there is always a possibility? A large amount of magic that I use can only be used by the demon race. “
  177. Myuu’s tone is very uneasy, but Akatsuki still shook his head.
  179. “Don’t worry about it.”
  181. “Why? Could it be that this magic cannot use magic?”
  183. “No, just the opposite.”
  185. Akatsuki exposed a mischievous smile.
  187. “Magic does exist in this world now, but only just recently.”
  190. Akatsuki is not the first person to be summoned to an alternative world.
  192. The amount of people summoned to an alternative world in the past numbers several thousands.
  194. Initially, it definitely caused a large amount of confusion, but as more and more people are summoned, the research about this phenomenon gradually matured. With nearly half of the people coming back from the alternative world safe and sound, it solved many of the mysteries.
  196. The summoning to alternative worlds began approximately 30 years ago, but there isn’t only one alternative world, this truth is obtained through the people who came back safe and sound. Alayzard, who summoned Akatsuki, is only one of the multiple alternative worlds and to up to this day, the total amount of alternative worlds confirmed exceeds 10. The people who are summoned all share some common similarities, every one of them is a male or female in their teens, and each of them will learn a special ability like magic in the alternative world.
  198. After returning from the alternative world, the original world’s time will not elapse, this point is a great surprise for the scientist. The abilities that were obtained at the alternative world could also be used in the original world. The returnees, who obtained an ability surpassing the human capacity, will of course be regarded as a new hope for human development, and often will be treated as a dangerous existence.
  200. Therefore, the new United Nations — G7, which is Japan, USA, Russia, China, India, Oceania Federation and the European Union — in order to protect and monitor  all alternative world returnees cofounded an organization a few years ago.
  202. That is the “Babel <BABEL> school”. Its purpose is to guide the young men and women who have special abilities along the right path, and contribute to human prosperity and development. The “Babel school” is established within all member states’ territories of the New United Nations and Japan even turned Tokyo’s satellite city into campus territory, giving the right to self-govern itself.
  204. The huge campus housed all the alternative world returnees, while establishing institutes at all level such as primary school, secondary school, university and even research institutes. At the same time the returnees receive general education, the school will specifically design a curriculum for each returnee, training the special abilities they acquired in the alternative world.
  206. Enrollment eligibility is only for returnees who came back from the alternative world. In contrast, the returnees who came back from the alternative world are all forced to study at “Babel school” with any exception. The intention is to isolate the returnees with special abilities from the general population in order to manage them.
  208. In short, “Babel school” will not let go of any one returnees.
  210. “—So, we will also have to study at that school?”
  212. “Exactly, Babel and the special autonomous region gather a lot of returnees with special abilities, so even if there is one more person who can use magic, it will not attract any attention.”
  214. After Akatsuki pauses for a moment, he continues to speak:
  216. “In fact, this house is also located within the special autonomous region. My older brother is a graduate of Babel, Dad rarely comes home, and there is no other family members, staying here is very safe.”
  218. “Oh…”
  220. Myuu seemed to be relieved, but Akatsuki shook his head.
  222. “Don’t think that you can avoid Babel’s investigation. As I have said, Babel does not let any of the returnees go, maybe last night they observed that I was the only one in the house and suddenly two dimensional shifts reactions occurred. If I guessed right, people from Babel should appear very soon.”
  224. “W...Well, what should I do?”
  226. “Rest assured, I have an excellent plan.”
  228. Compared to the pessimistic Myuu, Akatsuki seems to be much more optimistic.
  230. When I decided to take you to this world, I already prepared a battle plan. Although I can not guarantee a 100% success rate, but… it should pass successfully.”
  232. Why so certain?
  234. “—Because the goddess of fate who likes mischief seems to be standing on our side.”
  236. Part 3
  238. Special Autonomous Region is an organization to guide the alternative world returnees on the right path.
  239. It is situated on a manmade island inside the corner of Tokyo Bay's Firefly observatory.
  241. Aside from the sea and air route, you can also arrive to the autonomous region through an undersea tunnel.
  242. Maintaining the natural beauty of the mountains, and with a group of technologically advanced people creating a town, this creates a strong contrast. It shows a future outlook of technology and nature coexistence, and can be called the most desirable urban scene.
  244. In the center of the manmade island, is a university that is merged with the natural environment. Aside from the forests, ponds and small hills, including the research institutes, laboratories and even the sports ground, the different sized facilities were lined up row by row in close order. One of the most eye-catching is the super high-rise white school building that goes straight into the skies.
  246. The alternative returnee’s school hall.
  248. Inside the sanctuary of the special autonomous region, the great building which everyone is in awe and fear of.
  249. Babel.
  251. Inside the tower walls is a circular space. Beyond the wall has a stairs-shaped auditorium, this place is in fact the third arena, and also where JPN Babel entrance inspection is held in place.
  253. The reason why it is not an “examination”, but an “inspection” lies in the fact that all new students all are admitted, the investigation focuses on the performance of the new students in the alternative world and their current abilities. Most of the students belong to the fighting type, but there are still a small number of students who specializes in research; by using the entrance inspection to identify the strength properties of everyone — or other known as aptitude is an essential part.
  255. The investigation is divided into four major topics, namely medically examination, the use of elemental magic to show the past history to the future, an oral examination conducted by examiners to determine personality traits, as well as combat skill instructors’ technical test.
  257. Myuu and Akatsuki are currently waiting for the medical examination reports, at the scene, there are no other admitted students. Although there are several thousands of alternative world returnees,  but compared to the world’s 6 billion  population, the probability of occurrence is actually quite minimal. If it is confined solely to Japan, the number will become ever lower, and considered rare. That is the reason why the governments around the world actively try to manage the returnees.
  259. At the arena lounge, resting on the seat is Akatsuki leisurely straightening both of his legs, waiting for the inspection results. After looking at Myuu, who is looking ill at ease, beside him, Akatsuki can not help but sigh.
  261. “Can you please have some confidence okay?  Doesn’t your current look make you even more suspicious?”
  263. “What if they found out I am a person from the alternative world…”
  265. Myuu intentionally lowered her voice, but Akatsuki nonchalantly waved his hand.
  267. “Relax. Although your boobs are slightly bigger, but it is still in the acceptable parameters.”
  269. “I do not mean this!”
  271. The composition of blood and the physical structures cannot be deceived, what if they really found out….!
  273. Myuu, biting her lower lips tightly, stared uneasily at Akatsuki.
  275. At that moment, the medical staff with the inspection results appeared.
  277. “Ah… Ousawa Akatsuki?”
  279. “That’s me.”
  281. Akatsuki heard this and immediately raised his right hand. The medical staff opened the file and glanced over it once and immediately handed the file to Akatsuki.
  283. “There is no problem with your health status, please bring this data and accept the Norum Screening.”
  285. “Okay, Thanks.”
  287. After Akatsuki received the document file, the medical staff turned to face Myuu.
  289. “Ousawa Miu.”
  291. “Y…yes…”
  293. Myuu timidly stood up, the medical staff opened the file, quickly glanced through it, but suddenly his gaze stopped at a spot in the inspection report.
  295. “—!”
  297. Myuu suddenly stiffen her body.
  299. —A moment of tension
  301. Only to see the medical staff closing the file.
  303. “There is also no abnormalities, please accept the Norum Screening.”
  305. “Tha..Thank you….”
  307. Myuu took the file with a trembling voice, and immediately sighed heavily.
  309. … Thank god that it is finally over.
  311. At the same time, she patted her chest softly, a large hand suddenly placed onto her head.
  313. The deep voice with a trace of laughter passed through her ears.
  315. “See, I told you there isn’t any problem.”
  317. Myuu raised her hand to touch the top of her head, as if to confirm the feeling of Akatsuki. Once she  thought about that her identity was not exposed and was rest assured, she sighed again. The cover of the file wrote an unfamiliar name, Myuu silently read those words.
  319. …Ousawa…Miu…
  321. This is the name that Akatsuki had prepared for Myuu, it originally belonged to the current whereabouts unknown Ousawa’s oldest female daughter, which is also Akatsuki’s younger sister. When learning about this plan from Akatsuki, Myuu suddenly understand the moment when she gave out her name, why Akatsuki would emerge such a weird expression.
  323. — Indeed, Myuu’s blood components and body structure are different from the humans of this world, but whether it was the results of the blood test or the CT scans, she still passed successfully.
  325. Why? The reason is very simple. Through the dimensional shift’s feedback, a few alternative returnees’ body will experience significant changes.
  327. However, Myuu only learned about this matter from Akatsuki yesterday, there was no time for her to be psychologically prepared.
  329. On the second day that the two of them came to this world, they received an admission application from Babel. Based on human rights consideration, on the surface, Babel’s admission is based on applications, but the truth is that it is a mandatory order, there is no other choice. Within a week of receiving the application, they must surrender — that is, to go to school, or else Babel will dispatch personnel to forcibly summon them there. But this time, the application was personally brought by a teaching staff member of Babel,  this was within Akatsuki’s expectations,  thus, when the other party asked for Myuu’s identity, Akatsuki, without any embarrassment or panting,  told a flagrant lie.
  331. — This person is my sister.
  333. After disappearing for a long time, only returned recently, and was summoned together to an alternative world and came back.
  335. Akatsuki’s excuse had not been questioned, having all normal test results is the best proof. Since alternative world’s experiences will cause changes to the human body, having changes in the memory is also very reasonable. As long as you put the blame of the unknown parts on memory loss, naturally you will successfully pass.
  337. …Up to now, it has gone through fairly smoothly.
  339. “— The next step is the main event. If you are able to safely mix in and pass, then it will be just fine.”
  341. From what Myuu heard, Akatsuki’s tone was somewhat stiff. Yes, the following is the Norum Screening.
  343. Using elemental magic to perceive the past, present and the future history.
  345. The goddess who decides the past “Urðr”, the goddess who decides the present “Verðandi” and the goddess who decides the future “Skuld”
  347. The so-called Norum Screening, is to use elemental magic to acquire these three goddess’s abilities, perceiving the examinee’s past, present and future. However, the content of Norum Screening does not take the examinee’s life in the form of chronologic order and providing tremendous amount of detail, but uses a poem type mode to roughly show the examinee’s history.
  349. No matter what you have done in the past, what kind of magic you have now — that is,  the connection between a superior dimensional being, and in the future what you use your abilities to achieve  what goals can all be clearly shown in the Screening.
  351. In short, Norum Screening is called the most important topic in Babel entrance inspection.
  353. But there is no absolute in the future history, the examinees may embark on another path through their own will, and therefore, the result of Norum Screening only shows the future with the highest probability of occurrence.
  355. Akatsuki came in front of the inspection magic officer and handed over his own file.
  357. The inspector took the data and indicated for Akatsuki to sit down.
  359. “Ousawa Akatsuki, please close both your eyes and try to relax.”
  361. Akatsuki could not help but coldly snorted.
  363. “This isn’t some sort of lying hypnotism right?”
  365. The color of the inspector’s face darkens.
  367. “—You’re not allowed to speak. Empty everything and let your consciousness float in the middle of darkness.”
  369. “OkayOkay.”
  371. Akatsuki followed the voice and closed his eyes.
  373. The following few seconds are involved with Akatsuki emptying his heart, and not thinking. During this time, the inspector took up the pen and wrote rapidly.
  375. The speed was surprisingly alarming. By the time Akatsuki opened his eyes, the inspector had already finished recording it down.
  377. “Good work.”
  379. The forensic officer waiting by the side took the record from the inspector’s hand and quickly scanned the contents.
  381. “Well….T…This is…!”
  383. The forensic officer suddenly widened his eyes, the inspector beside her curiously extended his head around. During the Screening, they are unconsciously writing down automatically, even the inspectors do not know what was written.
  385. After the inspector read the Screening records, he suddenly jumped off his chair.
  386. With an very stiff expression, as if he saw an incredible content.
  388. “Doctor, how is it?”
  390. Other staff members also leaned over.
  392. “Did some kind of problem occur…?”
  394. Myuu, who was behind him, anxiously asked.
  396. “God knows, I do not have anything to be ashamed of in the past.”
  398. After saying these words, Akatsuki’s mouth suddenly emerges a hint of a smile.
  400. …There was a lot of perverted past though.
  402. After the forensic officer discussed with the other staff members for some time, he placed the records on the table.
  404. “Ousawa, is the description on the record true?”
  406. “Let me first take a look before I say it.”
  408. So Akatsuki quickly glanced over the poem written on the paper.
  411. In the World of Alayzard, you, who experienced despair and loneliness, embarked on the path of a True hero.
  412. Even after you defeated the tragic Demon King, your battle is still not finished.
  414. The you right now do not have the blessings of the gods,
  415. Only the truth of the heart will lead you onto a new height.
  417. In the nearby future, the conqueror will face a decision.
  418. Under the two rays of hope, select the correct path —
  421. This is the first time Akatsuki took a Norum Screening, and did not know how to interpret the contents of the poem, but from the poem divided into the three sections, it should represent the past, present and future. The past and present have already been determined, the poem only describes the truth, but for the future, it includes uncertainty factors, the context tends to be conservative and finally imply an ending.  Interestingly enough, the past and present both uses “you”, but at the future it turns to “conqueror”, this represents the path he took to reach newer heights or is it his mission to lead the conqueror who face a decision to the correct path?
  423. …Suddenly a conqueror emerges.
  425. Akatsuki could not help but have a wry smile while shaking his head.
  427. Whether the conqueror refers to himself or someone else, Akatsuki would not be too surprised.
  429. Isn’t that it?
  431. At least those two people have already stood on the highest point of this world.
  433. This text clearly describes the upcoming task that is about to carry.
  435. But aside from Akatsuki and those two people, probably no one else would understand the meaning of this text.
  437. The only thing that puzzled Akatsuki is “Under the two rays of hope, select the correct path”. Perhaps in the “nearby future”, he will naturally find the answer?
  439. At this time —
  441. “—Ousawa, is the description of the past true?”
  443. “…the past?”
  445. The forensic officer eyes are on the part that Akatsuki did not mind about. Akatsuki carefully read the poem again and did not find any problems.
  447. “…Ah, it should be the truth.”
  449. The only controversial point is that he himself is only a “rogue hero”, the “true hero” should be Leon instead.
  451. Perhaps because he defeated the Demon King, he is described as a true hero.
  453. At this moment —
  455. “Ousawa!”
  457. “Wha..What is it?”
  459. Akatsuki, who bowed his head and deep in thought, was shocked the forensic officer.
  461. The delighted forensic officer could not conceal his inner excitement.
  463. “The past Norum Screening never appeared a “True Hero”. If this is really true, you could be JPN Babel…. No, the first person in Babel history worldwide!”
  465. “Really? But only a small part of people called me that title.”
  467. To be honest, the “Rogue Hero” fits his image more.
  469. “The number of people does not matter, the results of the Norum Scrrening is the main point.”
  471. The forensic officer nodded.
  473. Although being summoned to the alternative world is equivalent to opening the door of learning magic, but whether you can successfully obtain magic  and achieved a strong power, a person’s innate gift and talent is the most important part. Just surviving in an unknown alternative world is a commendable achievement, only a handful of people will get a chance to fight on the battlefield, not to mention obtaining a dominating special ability. Base on this sense, Akatsuki is undoubtedly among the minority of the minority.
  475. However, the inspector also emerged a puzzled look.
  477. “…But there is a place that I do not understand. According to current description, you did not receive the blessings of the gods, I think this should represent that the current you cannot use magic…”
  479. “Ah, of course.”
  481. Akatsuki replies without any hesitation.
  483. “—From the beginning, I can’t use magic.”
  485. Part 4
  487. The results of the Norum Screening and Akatsuki’s explosive declaration, shocked all the inspectors and forensic officers on site.
  489. Akatsuki is not only the first person recorded as a “True Hero” by the Norum Screening, but at the same time, is the only exception to the alternative returnee who cannot use magic. The Babel school admission is therefore suspended and everyone on site , without exception, directed their attention on this matter and conducted a lively discussion. In addition, the word “Conqueror” on the description regarding the future is also highly regarded. In the past, there has also been a few returnees with Screenings about the “Conqueror”, To this day, these returnees all hold key positions that guide the world to the future, Thus, Akatsuki’s results naturally became the most urgent item and was sent directly to the Babel school’s highest authority.
  491. …Fortunately, my report does not have any problems.
  493. Compared to the huge uproar of Akatsuki, Myuu’s Norum Screening , on the contrary, passed successfully, it could be said that she worried too much.
  496. In the alternative world of Alayzard, under the intertwined tragedies, the Princess’s happiness has been deprived.
  497. The ,you, who lost everything, the only remaining is a thorn infested trial.
  499. The current you bathed among the gentle breeze,
  500. The gentle breeze will become a storm, and call forth other companions.
  502. Loneliness will always follow behind you like a shadow.
  503. Whether you will be alone, the choice belongs to you. Whether you will be isolated, the choice belongs to your partner.
  506. The poem that describes the past had the word “Princess” appeared, Myuu could not help but break out into a cold sweat. But just like bards who talk about singers and dancers, generally, this description is often seen within a female’s poem, and does not represent a special meaning.
  508. The poem that describes the present mentioned about “wing”, which represents the magical properties.  As for the future description, it is currently still ambiguous.
  510. But the future is basically filled with possibilities, thus it is not surprising. And as long as the individual decides on a goal or is aware of one, the future description will become more accurate, Thus, the inspectors and forensic officers have made suggestions for a retake after a period of time.
  512. The Norum Screening is finally over. The thought of her escaping the crisis of exposing her identity made Myuu feel relieved.
  514. At that moment  —
  516. “Congratulations on passing.”
  518. Akatsuki gently patted Myuu’s shoulder.
  520. “Tha...Thank you…”       
  522. Her pale face managed to squeeze out a tiny stiff smile.
  524. From now on, she is no longer the Demon King Galious’s daughter.
  526. In other words, she must comply with the agreement last night, to realize her promise.
  528. In order to conceal her real identity, no matter how reluctant she is, she must still try.
  530. “On…Oniii…Oniii-cha…..I… I still can’t say it out!”
  532. With both cheeks burning hot, it is almost impossible to speak. No, I must do it.
  534. In order to survive in this world, there is not only choice.
  536. — This is the promise between my father and I.
  538. Akatsuki smile slightly, and gently stroked Myuu’s head.
  540. “Do not force yourself, just temporarily call me Akatsuki. No matter what, from now on , we are one family now —Miu.”
  542. This is the moment where Myuu with a brand new identity and name was born in this world.
  544. Part 5
  546. The following oral examination was also passed successfully without any problems occurring. The key point is ,of course, for Miu and Akatsuki to take the examiner’s inquiry together. Since they returned from the same alternative world, the two of them are in a brother and sister relationship, Akatsuki’s specially made a proposal and asked the examiner to make a joint interview, which resulted in the examiner accepting it.
  548. Although joint interviews are a rare situation, it does not mean there isn’t a precedent. When Miu did not know how to reply, Akatsuki will take responsibility and rounded things up in a timely manner, this was one of the reasons the two passed successfully.
  550. Now both of them appear in the arena’s stage.
  552. “This is the last stage, allow me to see your strengths.”
  554. A male who is approaching his forties said to them.
  556. He is the combat skills instructor responsible for testing out Miu and Akatsuki.
  558. “There is a variety of weapons here that you two are free to select. Some of the weapons might not be as finesse, but please first deal with it. After you are formally accepted, the school will provide the best weapons based on each individual’s needs. Also, this examination does not restrict the usage of magic, it is fine for you two to use magic to decide the victory. In short, select your most skilful, you most powerful way to display your strength.”
  559. As to what the combat skill instructor said, the walls was covered with a variety of strange weapons. Miu, following the order one by one, was deciding at the same time contemplating carefully within her heart.
  561. …The opponent utilizes the halberd which is strong against long range attacks, so…
  563. Among all the weapons, Miu picked the single-handed short sword. She is a magician, not a warrior, before activating magic, it requires some time to concentrate. In order to avoid the opponent’s attacking while chanting, a small weapon is necessary for defense
  565. As for Akatsuki, he casually put his hands behind his head.
  567. “Ah, I do not require weapons.”
  569. “Quite confident huh, are you sure? I was taken back during the Norum Screening when a hero appeared, but only to find out that you can’t even use magic.”
  571. After saying this, the combat skills instructor laughed.
  573. “— It can’t be that you don’t even know how to use a sword right?”
  575. “That’s not it. During the time at that world, I basically have been fighting with a sword.”
  577. “Well, you ,yourself, decide then, don’t overdo it. But the results of your combat abilities is related to your placement after admission, deliberately hiding your strength will be your loss.”
  579. “Didn’t you want us to show off our strength? That’s why this is enough.”
  581. “Well, it is your choice. Once you’re ready, let’s begin. Having both of you come at me together is fine too, please bring out your real strength.”
  583. The combat instructor lifted up the halberd.
  585. “HeyHeyHey, that isn’t good right?”
  587. Akatsuki’s face suddenly emerge a smile filled with confidence.
  589. “What if you get instantaneously killed by me, I can’t let you lose all your pride right?”
  591. “Youuu..You should say less words, okay?”
  593. Akatsuki’s plea was honestly too intense, Miu quickly tried to diffuse the situation. However, the combat skills instructor seems to be infuriated.
  595. “This you don’t have to worry about. I have been an examiner for many years, I have confidence in my own strength. In the past, I have almost never been beaten by the new students.  And even if I am not skilled as the others, your attacks won’t damage me.
  597. Why?
  599. “Babel school’s campus is enclosed within a special barrier, any physical or magic attack will only affect the opponent’s mental status and cannot harm the opponent’s body. That said, I will still feel pain and may even lose consciousness, but within the effects of barrier, that is the biggest amount of damage that can be done, so you guys can safely attack.”
  601. This should be measures to prevent trespassing students and teaching staff members to have personal fights. Alternative world returnee is like a powerful time bomb, in case of a conflict with each other, there is no guarantee that it will not cause any unnecessary casualties. To reduce this sort of loss, the school set a strong defense barrier within the Babel school campus.
  603. “Well then, there is no problems.”
  605. Akatsuki gently stroke his chin.
  607. “Miu, you’ll start first.”
  609. “Huh? But the instructor wants us together…”
  611. “It does not matter, the instructor also did not say it must be together — right?”
  613. Akatsuki looked at combat skills instructor in front of them, the two of them were separated by Miu.
  615. The combat skills instructed nodded.
  617. “Ah, that’s okay too, you guys can decide.”
  619. “See.”
  621. Akatsuki said while smiling.
  623. “That’s right, ears over here.”
  625. After Miu followed the orders and lifted her right ear, Akatsuki whispered beside her ear.
  627. “— How’s that, no problem right?”
  629. “It is not a problem, But… are you really sure you want to do this?”
  631. “If there’s no problem, then just go ahead.”
  633. Akatsuki gently pushed Miu shoulders and brought her in front of the combat skills instructor.
  635. “Is your battle mode weapon or magic?”
  637. “It’s magic, the short sword is only a weapon used for defense…”
  639. Miu’s eyes fell to the short sword in her hand. After the instructor sees this, he could not help but smile.
  641. “You can rest assured about this point. My goal is to test your strength; I will not initiate the attack. Since it is the use of magic, you can begin the chant now.”
  643. “Yes… uhh, please to meet you.”
  645. After bowing down, Miu began to concentrate. Just seeing a magic circle expanding by her side, bursting with a dazzling light, it constructed into a defensive effect barrier.
  647. “Hmm…”
  649. The combat skill instructor expression changes and he place out a battle posture. The more powerful the magic, the need for a stronger barrier to avoid suffering from attacks during the chanting phase. Miu made a abnormally strong defensive barrier, which means that the magic she is about to cast has a considerable degree of power. Miu, entering the chanting phase, could clearly see the combat skills instructor calculating the time.  The defensive barrier, used for the chant, must be cancelled the instant before activating the magic. Otherwise, the magic will  hit the defensive barrier and the power will decrease significantly. Thus, the defensive barrier will disappear some  point of time. It is a very important signal during a magical battle.
  651. …Do I really have to do this?
  653. The moment Miu activated her magic, she felt some guilt.
  655. Because she did not cancel the defensive barrier.
  657. “Ah—!”
  659. The combat skills instructor was deeply surprised.
  661. After a burst of strong wind, a tornado surfaced in mid-air. The tornado did not rise from the ground to the skies, but rather from Miu to the instructor in front, directly hitting the target.
  663. The unprepared instructor’s entire body flew off and heavily hit the arena walls.
  665. “Guuu….!”
  667. After difficultly standing up steadily, the instructor took a deep breath and raised his head above.
  669. A dazzling light followed by an explosive noise came towards and impartially hits the instructor.
  671. During the emergency, the combat skills instructor adopted a magical defense, but the magic power of Miu far exceeds the instructor’s mental strength. This time, the instructor could not stand it any longer and powerlessly lied on the floor.
  673. Although it will produce a protective barrier during the chanting process of performing magic, but a high class magician can cancel the generation of the barrier. Because he was blindly calculating the activation timing of magic, the other side undoubtedly gained control of the mode of action. But then again, the protective barrier is only one method of deception in magical combat, just cancelling the barrier is not enough for experienced instructors to fall into the trap.
  675. In truth, Miu’s defensive barrier was just a cover up. She first pretended to activate the barrier and then took the opportunity to activate magic, this is a highly skilled magician’s preferred high class skill. At the same time of chanting magic and cancelling the defensive barrier and then activate a disguised barrier, at first glance it may only seem like three steps. But in fact, it must maintain a high degree of balance between each action, as long as one of the steps failed, the magic will not activate.
  677. Therefore, this technique is not applicable during the ever-changing battlefield. This time it is just a simple test, plus the other  side stood motionless, which lead to Miu succeeding easily.
  679. “HeyHeyHey, is that really true? You are quite powerful.”
  681. Akatsuki could not help but compliment Miu’s performance. Defeating a enemy who stood motionlessly is not rare, the rare sight was in addition to the tornado, Miu actually even added lightning magic afterwards. In truth, Akatsuki only made the suggestion for cancelling the defensive barrier and activating a disguised barrier, but he could not believe that Miu’s performance was beyond his imagination. Of course, chanting two magics together is not as difficult as it seems, however,  the chanting of the two types of magic, at the same time, cancelling a defensive barrier, and adding a disguised barrier, this is not something every magician can do. According to Akatsuki, probably only Listy, Lotier and Galious, etc, a few dozen magicians have this capability. This means that Miu’s strength is definitely in the ranks of a master mage, the demon king’s daughter isn’t just for show. After the other staff members performed first aid on the combat instructor, Miu returned to Akatsuki’s side.
  683. “I don’t like this sort of underhanded tricks.”
  685. “It does not matter. The combat instructor casted a magically barrier in time, the damage should be reduced. Besides no matter how serious the injury, at most, it is only a temporary concussion and is not life-threatening. The only loss I see is that his clothes turned into charcoal.”
  687. Laughing at the same time, Akatsuki twisted his shoulders.
  689. “Then next, it’s my turn. Instructors, can you hurry up? Your body is unwell but there is no damage right?”
  691. “Please….Please ….wait for a moment….”
  693. The instructor, who is checking for injuries on the combat skills instructor, seemed to be hesitating.
  695. “The damage is more serious than expected, I am afraid he will awake after two or three days. It looks like he is unable to act as your opponent.”
  697. “Then what do I do? Being admitted without being tested in combat?”
  699. “Thi…This is obviously impossible.”
  701. “Are there no other combat skill instructors?”
  703. “There is some, but in order to change the entrance examination examiner, we must obtain permission from the high level executives such as the headmaster. The other combat skill instructors also need time to be prepared.”
  705. “—That being said, why don’t I temporarily act as the examiner.”
  707. A voice came from the arena’s entrance, and everyone on the scene turned and looked at the rear.
  710. Part 6
  712. The owner of the voice is a teenager with a pair of sky blue eyes and silver hair. Covered under the Babel school uniform, his body seems to be quite skinny, but insiders can tell that it was a well-trained body. What seems to be an ordinary stature revealed an stable and unmovable aura, this is the confidence that a truly strong person should have.
  714. He is not a fool, his strength is perhaps comparable to mine…no…maybe even slightly stronger.
  716. After guessing the gap between enemy’s strength, Akatsuki cannot help but narrowed his eyes.
  718. “Who are you?”
  720. “First time meeting you, Ousawa Akatsuki. I am JPN Babel school’s student president Hikami Kyouya.
  722. Kyouya responded to Akatsuki’s question with a hearty smile.
  724. After seeing the Kyouya’s appearance, all the staff members at the scene revealed apologetic look.
  726. “Excuse me, sorry to bother you during the holidays to make you take a trip here personally.
  728. “That’s okay. I already know the results of the Norum Screening, if the Screening’s results are accurate, this naturally belongs in my jurisdiction.”
  730. “… How strange…”
  732. “Isn’t the student president only the representative of the students, why do all the teachers on the scene seem to respect and fear him?”
  734. “ I am not too certain, but —”
  736. Akatsuki’s gaze move from Miu’s back to the Kyouya in front of him.
  738. “I’ve heard that the student president’s position is held on by the strongest student in the Babel school, That said he is the current top dog here.”
  740. At the same time, he is the strongest returnee out of all the returnees who came back from alternative world.
  742. In short, he is the strongest Japanese student.
  744. After the conversation between the staff members has ended, Kyouya turned around.
  746. “Ousawa-kun, about the last topic’s performance examination, I will be your opponent. Are there any opinions?
  748. “No, I’m fine with that.”
  750. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Babel school student president is undoubtedly the best testing stone.
  751. — Taking advantage of this opportunity and testing whether he, who obtained a powerful strength in the alternative world, could stop those two men now.
  753. So Akatsuki and Kyouya both took a step forward.
  755. Originally intended to keep a low profile temporarily after being admitted, this sudden incident caused Akatsuki to change his plans and directly challenge the strongest, the student president.
  757. “—Ousawa-kun, there is no need to be that serious.”
  759. When the distance between the two only remains a few meters, Kyouya suddenly exposed a bitter smile, as if he had seen through Akatsuki’s mind.
  761. “This is only a examination for combat abilities, I did not mean to have a showdown with you and there is no need to. I only want to test your strengths —.”
  763. At the moment…
  765. From under Akatsuki’s foot, which is the sandy floor suddenly broke into a hole, a huge icicle rapid came up from the hole.
  767. “—!”
  769. Akatsuki hurriedly jumped backwards, and glided on the sandy floor for some distance before stopping.
  771. “Ahhh, your reaction is not bad.”
  773. Kyouya reveals a knowingly smile.
  775. But the creation of his icicle made others could not laugh.
  777. “Amazing…”
  779. Miu’s praise came from behind and entered his ears, Akatsuki subconsciously looked up.
  781. An icicle with a height of over five meters stood in front of his eyes, it’s weight is probably around ten tons. The ice crystal-like spikes are placed across the surface, like a mirror that reflecting the surrounding landscape.
  782. By creating such a high purity and tall icicle instantly, the practitioner’s strength is self-evident.
  784. …As expected of the strongest Japanese student, I won’t let you down.
  786. This way, it would be fun. Akatsuki concealed his inner excitement, on the other side of the icicle, Kyouya could not help but grin.
  788. “Ousawa-kun, I’ve heard that you plan to take this test barehanded? So what about this, why don’t you use your prized fist and attack my icicle?”
  790. Akatsuki was stunned for a moment.
  792. “No wayyy right, that simple?”
  794. “You can’t, you can’t fall for his trap!”
  796. Miu hurriedly spoke to stop him with a serious expression.
  798. “This is not a simple icicle, inside it contains a large amount of magic power, it’s hardness has probably been increased several times. Using your bare hands to hit the icicle will most likely cause an ending with a bone fracture.”
  800. Kyouya shook his head.
  802. “This, you do not have to worry about. As long as you are within the barrier, Ousawa-kun’s fist will definitely not be injured, at most it will only hurt a few days.”
  804. “— You do not have to bother.”
  806. With the huge opportunity in front of him, some pain does not matter much.
  808. So Akatsuki clenched his right fist and took a posture.
  810. “If I can crush your giant icicle in one punch—“
  812. Akatsuki stared at the other side of the icicle.
  814. — At that time, you will be my opponent, Hikami Kyouya.
  816. Kyouya listened and smiled happily.
  818. “Okay, that’s not a issue.”
  820. “Very well, that’s a promise.”
  822. Akatsuki’s ki begins to circulate within his body, he is preparing to use Renkan Keikikou. The stimulated ki entered his meridian and finally concentrated into Akatsuki’s right first.
  824. The passing requirement is to crush the icicle, he cannot allow any failure.
  826. …Okay, Let’s go.
  828. “—!”
  830. Akatsuki raised his right fist and violently swung it.
  832. After a explosive noise, it is followed by a burst of shaking impacts.
  834. Witnessing everything, Miu hurriedly closed her eyes and covered her ears with both hands.
  835. After a period of time, the surroundings calmed down, Miu then slowly opened her eyes.
  837. “Waaa….”
  839. Miu could not help but be shocked.
  841. — The result was the following, Kyouya’s icicle was not crushed, not even a single crack lies on it. But the power of Akatsuki’s fist clearly shows around the icicle’s surroundings. The surrounding sand was blasted several feets, exposing the hard ground,  and made it like the icicle fell down from heaven. A sight that proves the power of the iron fist, but Kyouya’s created icicle was also intact.
  843. “Damn it, I failed!”
  845. Akatsuki, who raised his head staring at the icicle, was angry, Miu then suddenly realized why.
  847. … I understand now, the reason why the icicle remained intact…
  849. Miu hurriedly rushed to Akatsuki’s side.
  851. “Is your hand still okay?”
  853. “Ah, no problem. You can see for yourself.”
  855. Akatsuki swung his right hand, proving that he himself did not have any problems. His right hand did not have any broken skin, even a single spot of swelling was nowhere seen. Miu’s eyes widened, revealing an incredulous look.
  857. “Whether the giant icicle, which could not be broken, or your fists, both are too exaggerated”
  859. “I thought I would succeed, damn it!”
  861. “Excellent, very excellent.”
  863. Kyouya also generously praised him.
  865. “With such strength, it seems like the day where you and I have a showdown will eventually occur. Okay, the entrance inspection of the two of you is finished now.”
  867. Kyouya looked at Akatsuki, then looked at Miu, and with a face filled with smiles.
  869. “Welcome both of you to become part of Babel school.”
  872. Part 7
  874. After Akatsuki and Miu left the arena, Kyouya raised his hand and lightly touched the icicle.
  876. Only to see the huge icicle instantly shattered into sand-like fragments, becoming a mist that melts itself in the air.
  878. Leaving the scene with only a huge meteorite crater.
  880. The inspector also slowly walked behind Kyouya.
  882. “We apologize for making you specially come over this time, and also…President?”
  884. “Huh, ah, that’s okay, I did not expect that I will encounter such a fascinating thing.”
  886. “What are you looking at…?”
  888. The staff member walked up to Kyouya, followed his line of sight and looked. He cannot help but his face immediately turned pale.
  890. “Thii..This….I…is?
  892. “He really is amazing.”
  894. Kyouya happily said while smiling.
  896. The crater which should have the same shape as the icicle was actually crooked to one side.
  898. Facing Kyouya side was dirt lifted well up, on the other side— that is the the direction facing Akatsuki was a slight sink into the ground. What does this phenomenon represent?
  900. “A single fist moving an icicle, weighing a few tons, is not that simple. Maybe he really is the legendary hero.”
  902. Also, Akatsuki angrily expressed that “he had failed”.
  904. To judge from the literal meaning, it should mean that he did not shatter the icicle.
  906. Akatsuki’s little actions did not manage to hide itself from Kyouya’s eyes.
  908. Kyouya clearly noticed that Akatsuki deliberately adjust the strength of his fist, in order to avoid using excessive strength.
  910. The condition that Kyouya had originally raise was to shatter the icicle, if there was excessive strength, the icicle will only drill open a large hole and will not shatter the icicle.
  912. In reality, drilling a big hole on the icicle is much more difficult than shattering the icicle, but if Akatsuki did it that way, he would have lost the bet, Thus, he deliberately weakened his punch.
  914. …This guy is really interesting.
  916. If he went all out, my icicle should have easily been shatter or at least drilled open a large hole. The thought of a returnee who cannot use magic actually has such a powerful strength,  even if this giant icicle only used ten percent of his powers to create, Kyouya could hardly hide his excitement.
  918. “— I really want that power.”
  920. On Kyouya’s face gradually emerged a cold, shallow smile.
  923. Part 8
  925. A silver brilliance of light emerged into the night skies.
  927. The bright moon reflecting the sun’s rays, quietly lit up the dark skies.
  929. Standing on the balcony staring at the skies, Miu could not help but feel that this night skies was as beautiful as the night skies back in Alayzard.
  931. Babel school uses a power ranking to divide all the students from A class to E class. Miu and Akatsuki’s appeared to be highly rated at the combat test, both of them were enrolled in the highest class : B class.  Normally, freshly admitted students will enter into E class, those with superior results will also only enter D class, directly entering B class is a unprecedented achievement.
  933. …Ah!
  935. Miu suddenly noticed a small bird. Looking carefully, it is a giant bird without any life force, and possesses steel wings. She remembered that Akatsuki mentioned that is called an airplane, a product of technology to carry people and items around. Alayzard did not have any flying contraptions, even for the country Disdia, that was well-known for their machinery, only had tanks or submarines. Just those two military weapons already caused a huge threat on the battle field, if those flying machines appeared in Alayzard, the country with such military might will definitely have the advantage. There is no guarantee that it will not overturn the balance of power within the world.
  937. On the other side, the alternative returnees also play a role of maintaining the power difference within this world.
  938. — I really came to a completely different world.
  940. Miu stared at the sky, thinking about her own future.
  942. Starting from tomorrow, she is an official student of Babel school. The uniforms and textbooks are provided by the new United Nations and they will be exempted from tuitions and fees. As for the living costs, Akatsuki expressed that they can use the other family member’s “card”, so there is no need to worry. Akatsuki alo said that they need to find some time to bring Miu around to buy clothes and other daily necessities.
  944. If she said that she does not have any fear, that is obviously a lie. However, Miu also found that she was gradually getting used to this world.
  946. Looking back to the room from the balcony, Miu is still not used to the darkened room’s furnishing.
  947. The owner of this room belongs to Akatsuki’s imouto, and also the real Ousuwa Miu.
  949. Miu sat on the bed and the mattress’s springs emitted a subtle sound.
  951. A frame stood on the bedside table, the real Ousawa Miu was inside the frame. The face reveals an innocent smile, and was very lovable. In the photos also appeared someone who looks like Ousawa Miu’s brother, but seemingly not around Akatsuki’s age, and a looks-alike middle-aged father. A very happy and peaceful family portrait.
  953. “….”
  955. Miu slowly laid down on the bed, both eyes staring at the ceiling.
  957. An unfamiliar ceiling.
  959. “…This should be normal.”
  961. After rolling around, everything she saw was an unfamiliar sight.
  963. The quiet night, the unfamiliar space, a brand new world.
  965. Miu cannot free herself, and deeply felt her loneliness.
  967. I’m so lonely.
  969. …Father…
  971. She slowly closed her eyes, her heart thought about her non-existent family members, and her stolen happiness.
  973. “…!”
  975. Miu suddenly stood up and quietly left the room.
  977. While carefully swallowing her heart’s negative emotions after her father’s violent death.
  979. Go!
  981. The target is Akatsuki’s room.
  983. The hallway, shrouded in darkness, with a cold chill willfully flowing.
  985. Using the moonlight from the windows and leaning on the wall, Miu continued to feel around, while advancing towards the next room.
  987. After walking around 10 steps, Miu stood in front of Akatsuki’s room.
  989. “…”
  991. Slightly knocking on the room doors, as if confirming whether the person inside is awake or not.
  993. If he is awake, he will hear the knocking sounds. There was no reaction coming from within the room, thus, Miu knocked on the door again. This time, using power much stronger, still did not receive any response.
  995. “—”
  997. Therefore, Miu gently turned the doorknob. After a “gacha” sound, the door slowly opened to the inside. Miu looked at the room, she still remembered the room’s interior furnishings, after all, on the first day since coming from Alayzard, this room was where she opened her eyes.
  999. The bed’s location is in the furthest part of the room, lying in bed, Akatsuki’s figure clearly appeared.
  1001. He’s asleep.
  1003. “…”
  1005. Miu heard the sound of her swallowing. Thus, she held her breathe and crept into the room, carefully, step by step, moving in the direction of the bed.
  1007. After a while, Miu finally reached the Akatsuki’s bedside.
  1009. “…”
  1011. The moonlight from the windows shone onto Akatsuki, who was deeply asleep.
  1013. A strong muscular body, his thick bulging chest muscles covered in a thin blanket and his body curves could all be seen.
  1015. Looking at Akatsuki’s stable sleeping posture, Miu cannot help but remember the promise she made with her father.
  1017. —If a person who defeated me appears, from that point on, you should follow him and live together.
  1019. This phrase was told to Miu, when her father Galious defeated the human hero, Leon, on the day of his return. As the demon race’s leader, her father’s goal was to build a world where the demon race can live peacefully. To achieve this goal, he must defeat a lot of humans. Because the humans feared the powerful demon race, they saw the demon race as an obstacle for human race to survive.
  1021. For the demon race to continue and live, they cannot show their weakness to the humans. The clash between the two races is unavoidable, a large battle will instantly occur upon meeting. From the beginning of the ancient generations, humans and demon race’s battle has never been stopped.
  1023. Her father was an great fighter. He used his overwhelming strength to crush countless human armies, thus becoming the object of human hatred and disgust. Her father was aware of his situation more than anyone else, thus he will always remind Miu, if one day I am defeated, do not resent the humans. If you treat the humans as enemies, the resentment between the human and demon race will never end. Thus, her father always mentioned this sentence.
  1025. “I hope to be the last demon king.”
  1027. Up until now, Miu still cannot forget about the sad smile of her father.
  1028. The reason why she is standing here is also due to her father’s instructions.
  1030. “But…”
  1032. …Father, didn’t you also say it?
  1034. If the human that defeated me could not be trusted—
  1036. “At that time, killing him is not a problem either…”
  1038. Miu lowered her head to stare at Akatsuki. This man, who is in deep sleep, is the culprit for killing my father, his sworn enemy, no matter what she says, she could not let that go easily.
  1040. However, Akatsuki is also a man who was trusted by her father. If his instincts told him that Akatsuki was not to be trusted, even if he was the human who defeated him, her father would not have easily entrusted his daughter to him. Akatsuki also hid the fact from his companions as well as other people’s sight and dangerously took Miu and escaped to this this world. To be honest, Akatsuki had no reason to fulfill the promise between him and his enemy, but he still tried to help them. Even though they have just met not so long ago, Miu also understood that Akatsuki is not a bad person. He and her father only fulfilled the role of the hero and demon king, both fighting bloody  battles for their own ideals.
  1042. “…”
  1044. Yet, Miu could not help but remember her father’s sad smile.
  1046. Miu cannot help but bite tightly on her lower lip. How long do I have to spend, to determine whether Akatsuki is someone to be trusted?
  1048. But right now, it only takes a few seconds and you can activate magic to kill off Akatsuki.
  1050. Miu opened her palm, staring at the sleeping Akatsuki.
  1052. “—!”
  1054. She chose to suppress the negative emotions she had inside her heart.
  1056. Now is not the time, at least she still cannot conclude whether Akatsuki is someone to be trusted. If she rashly killed Akatsuki, she would have undoubtedly betrayed her father’s last words.
  1058. “I will stay by your side and properly observe you.”
  1060. Miu muttered, while slowly gripping her hand.
  1062. Only to find that her wrist was grabbed.
  1064. After recovering, Miu had already been thrown into the sky.
  1066. The ceiling, in front of her eyes, rotated and her body spun a full circle. Miu, falling straight down, landed on the back and was gently caught by the mattress’ springiness.
  1068. “Ah—”
  1070. Miu said surprisingly. Akatsuki’s burly body was covered on top of Miu, the two people’s eyes were in close proximity.
  1072. — Was he aware of my murderous intent?
  1074. An icy gaze made Miu felt a cold chill behind, at the same time, she felt that for remorse for her ill-thought. Miu wholeheartedly wanted to kill Akatsuki, but she did not think that she may die in Akatsuki’s hand.
  1076. — I’ll die. The weight of the despair made Miu could not breathe, Akatsuki’s sharp eyes made Miu feel that she was in an igloo, and was unable to talk.
  1078. At that moment, an unbelievable scene appeared in front of her eyes.
  1080. “….Haaa.”
  1082. On Akatsuki’s face appeared a thin smile.
  1084. “—Huh?”
  1086. A smile without any murderous intent removed Miu’s inner tension.
  1088. … Is he willing to let me go?
  1090. Miu felt relieved and subconsciously pursed her lips.
  1092. At that moment…
  1094. “Chuuuu—”
  1096. Akatsuki suddenly held tightly on Miu.
  1098. “Huh…Whoa…Wa…Ahhhhhhhh—!”
  1100. Miu hurriedly looked away and avoid Akatsuki’s kiss.
  1102. What is he trying to do? Miu cannot help but shake. Is he trying to humiliate me first before killing me? But the Akatsuki who failed to kiss her became very happy.
  1104. “Shy aren’t you? Presumably, it must be your first? Rest assured, I will be very gently, you cutie.”
  1106. “Cu…Cutie? Wha…What are you talking about?”
  1108. At this moment, Miu finally discovered that Akatsuki’s narrow eyes wasn’t looking at her.
  1110. …N…no way…, It can’t be…?
  1112. Miu opened her eyes in astonishment and looked carefully at the Akatsuki in front of her. This time, Akatsuki’s second sentence confirmed her suspicions.
  1114. “So cute…What is your name?”
  1116. “Oh god…!”
  1118. Miu nearly fainted on scene. That’s right, Akatsuki was sleepwalking.
  1120. With a flushed face, Miu anxiously tried to slide down from the bed, but her body was held tightly by Akatsuki’s physically strong arm, she could not even move a bit.
  1122. At that moment, Miu had a sudden thought that flash within her mind.
  1124. The legendary rogue hero is a hopelessly big pervert.
  1126. Miu stopped and thought carefully about what it means to be pushed down on a bed in the middle of the night.
  1128. …Could it be what was in danger is not my life, but my virginity…?
  1130. This can’t even be used as a joke.
  1132. “Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh—! No, noooooo! You misunderstood, I did not mean this!”
  1134. Miu desperately struggled, but this movement made Akatsuki feel even more satisfied.
  1136. “A female who comes over by herself, isn’t she making herself clear already? You don’t have to be shy now, be honest with yourself.”
  1138. “I am being very honest, okay? — Stop! Don’t take of my clothes!”
  1140. Miu tried to use a punch to awaken Akatsuki, but Aktsuki easily avoid it. Akatsuki’s two hands also took the opportunity when Miu was defenseless and occupied Miu’s pajamas. Miu was currently wearing Akatsuki’s imouto’s pajamas, the button in front of her chest are not buttoned, exposing a deep cleavage. As a result, the buttons that were barely fasten was instantly captured by Akatsuki, completely liberating Miu’s beautiful boobs.
  1141. Miu screamed and covered her chest with her two hands, while subconsciously shrinking her body. Akatsuki did not lose this opportunity and immediately took advantage of the moment when Miu shrinks back and stripped down her lower pajamadas. Miu’s defense was completely broken, the only thing left was her panties.
  1143. …No…Nooooooo → I must quickly think of a plan…!
  1145. Miu’s brain furiously turned, she finally thought of a way to regain Akatsuki’s senses.
  1147. This idea really is good.
  1149. She screamed hysterically:
  1151. “i…I…I am your imouto, Oni-chan!”
  1153. “—”
  1155. Blurting out the title for the first time, she successfully stopped Akatsuki’s actions.
  1157. However, at the next second—
  1159. “Imouto? Don’t play around.”
  1161. On Akatsuki’s face suddenly appeared a hint of a sad smile.
  1163. “— my imouto had already died.”
  1165. “…What?”
  1167. At that moment, Miu suddenly had an illusion of time stopping, she did not know how to interpret that sentence’s meaning.
  1169. However when Miu was pondering about the meaning, Akatsuki’s two hands attacked her chest.
  1171. “Ahhhhhh—!”
  1173. Miu realized she was in trouble, but unfortunately was a step too late. The soft plump boobs were completely defenseless, Akatsuki fingertips entered them as if it was a soft and smooth treasure.
  1175.  “No,nooo, don’t doo this—Ahhhhhh!”
  1177. Miu desperately struggled, both feets kept kicking nonstop, but Akatsuki only moved swiftly and easily overcame Miu’s counterattack.
  1179. Once Miu noticed that something was wrong, Akatsuki had already wrapped his hands around her from behind. Akatsuki’s arm drill his way from underneath Miu’s arms and gently lifted Miu’s two valleys.
  1181. The desperate and anxious Miu tried to escape from Akatsuki’s grip, but somehow her body did not have any strength, she could only watch as her two valleys, under Akatsuki’s grope, constantly change their shape.
  1183. “Ahhhhhh….”
  1185. A feeling of pleasure she had not experienced before came and paralyzed her hurt, Miu felt slightly dizzy, and clearly understand that her heartbeat gradually accelerated.
  1187. …Thinking about it, This man is…!
  1189. With a hazy consciousness, Miu thought about Akatsuki’s technique to control the body. Inside of Akatsuki lies a supreme technique, Renkan Keikikou, his martial arts is perhaps even stronger than her father. Renkan Keikikou can manipulate a person’s inner ki and even have the effects of sharpening the senses.
  1191. The suffocating pleasure flows into her body, her hands and legs all soften and Miu falls down backwards. Her entire weight is pushed onto Akatsuki’s chest.
  1193. The indoor temperature is not too low, but the burning hot body felt a cold chill. Miu shivered, then noticed the changes in her body.
  1195. …Ahhhh…my body is all pink.
  1197. Under the pale moonlight, her flushed body made Miu swallowed her saliva. Miu was slightly shocked, even the saliva slowly trickling down her body through her stomach made her feel enchanted. With the gradually accelerating heartbeat, luscious sweet pleasure came in great waves over and over again.
  1199. It is as if she could even feel the blood flow in her blood vessels.
  1201. …No…..I can’t…
  1203. A strong sense of shame nearly made Miu’s brain boiled up. But she still hypnotized herself in her heart, believing that she could keep the last vestiges of her sanity.
  1205. At this moment…
  1207. “—Ah!”
  1209. Suddenly, the body had an unexpected change.
  1211. “Ah, ahhh ahhhh….?
  1213. The barely tolerable pleasure suddenly expanded rapidly.
  1215. “…This…what is this…?”
  1217. The change came very sudden, as if the sweet pleasure rushed through everywhere, and almost engulfed Miu’s sanity. Her upper and lower body’s pores expanding, rapidly warming her organs and stealing her body’s awareness. Miu subconsciously step and her messy hair danced in the skies.
  1219. With her body losing strength, she could not help but keep twitching. Once she saw that she was about to lose balance, Miu randomly grabbed something from the side.
  1221. As her body slightly startled, her right hand unconsciously toss the thing forward.
  1223. —A muffled sound entered her ears, as if she hit something.
  1226. Part 9
  1228. “Tha….That was dangerous….”
  1230. Miu’s shoulder constantly shuddered as she constantly try to gasp for breathe.
  1232. The pale moonlight shone on the bed, there Miu ,wrapped in a thin blanket, stared at the unconscious Akatsuki, her hand held tightly to the man-made marbled alarm clock. Looks like the during the critical moment, the alarm clock assisted in her escape and saved the day. Although she almost change her decision and avenge her father, but the situation earlier was really urgent.
  1234. “…He should not have died, right?”
  1236. Miu gingerly poked Akatsuki’s cheek.
  1238. “Mmmm….”
  1240. Akatsuki’s reaction made Miu feel relieved, and hurriedly slide down softly from the bed. After she picked up her pajamas, she immediately rushed and left Akatsuki’s room. Gently closing the door, Miu sighed. She should not take tonight’s sudden event seriously; after all, Akatsuki was sleepwalking, once he wakes up, he should have no memories. And —
  1242. …Apparently, his imouto has already died.
  1244. Akatsuki should not use his the death of her own imouto as a joke. His face had a sorrow expressions, it did not look like a lie either, so she should have found out the truth, which she should not have known, by the unfortunate events.
  1246. “…Good night.”
  1248. Miu muttered to herself. Tommorow, she will have to go to school. It will be her very first experience. If he was still alive — No, if he really is protecting me in heaven…
  1250. …I wonder if my father would be happy for me?
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