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  2. Ni'Len: Just gunna sit here for a bit. Gimme a ring if ya show up
  3. I've a game later today than i am running... so I'll only be available for like 3 more hours? 12:25pm PSt rn.
  4. Wizzzargh (GM): beep beep
  5. Charles will aallegedly check the thread in 30 min or so
  6. Charles P.: Hello.
  7. Wizzzargh (GM): heyo!
  8. Charles P.: I'm excited to take my newly beefy character for a spin.
  9. Ni'Len: The minute i walk away from my comp
  11. I TRY
  12. Wizzzargh (GM): It's true, these were posted like 3 min ago tops
  13. Ni'Len: I am glad atleast this at whim game works.
  14. I am in another where the GM is just awful about boh responding to questions or letting people know when he is avaialbe.
  15. "Oh I usually get on at four my time, but whenever is good." ... *doesn't actually check on at four or really ever.
  16. Also zero games system...
  17. UGh
  18. rant over.
  19. Wizzzargh (GM): good rant
  20. Ni'Len: thx
  21. Monk or thief?
  22. Wizzzargh (GM): thief! (though I don't know why I'm choosing)
  23. Ni'Len: Charles.
  24. Charles P.: ?
  25. Ni'Len: Kine, or Godheart
  26. Charles P.: Ooooh.
  27. Theif. Theives are fun, monks can be fun too, but in a more satisfying, less adrenalin pumping way.
  28. Both your chars don't seem to have any real strong reason to be adventures though...
  29. Ni'Len: Godheart it is!
  30. Kine needs to become nothing.
  31. It takes experience to become nothing.
  32. Need to find and destroy all the thingness.
  33. And Godheart needs to make sure that people are keeping proper accounting of their goods and loot.
  34. Wizzzargh (GM): Ok, last time, you were talking to Whatsisface AKA Abu Baruq about nightmare rituals
  35. Ni'Len: Mhm
  36. and getting paid a wholr 120
  37. something
  38. 1200 maybe
  39. Wizzzargh (GM): 1200c ye
  40. Charles P.: Yeah, Kine seems cooler than Anneken. If I was running her I'd walk up to people and say stuff like "open your eyes..." Right before I blonded them, or "listen,"
  41. Wizzzargh (GM): Abu Baruq has offered to host a souped-up nightmare for you or any interested parties (Kine or Anneken, either works)
  42. Charles P.: Oh! "Look Hyoma."
  43. Wizzzargh (GM): Alternately you can do whatever
  44. Charles P.: Walk up to someone who just lost a child and be like, "This too, shall pass..." Then shut down their emotions.
  45. Wizzzargh (GM): but if we have only 2-3 hours before Ni'len has ta go, my recommendation is just to check this short thing out.
  46. Charles P.: Dark stuff...
  47. Ni'Len: Kine it is then
  48. Godheart will do so later.
  49. Make a proper apprasial of what these things are worth
  50. Scurvy Jude is interested in this portal to another realm.
  51. Wizzzargh (GM): You will reconvene with Abu Baruq at an abandoned house in the 3rd district. He and some of his helpers have set up a ritual circle and are wearing dark robes with gold embroidery. There are two circles within the circle, and within one circle is the deflated wineskin. In the other, is the rather worse-for wear head of that slave who died in the nightmare realm!
  52. Kine of Nullic is also interested. There is new making, she is becoming, and must find a way to stop that.
  53. Scurvy Jude makes a note to remember to bury people...
  54. Abu Baruq: The nightmares are self propagating. Any who die within a nightmare, become a nightmare, and then the new nightmare lures others in to die within, and so on. That's why the Halls deem it so important to destroy them swiftly.
  55. Kine of Nullic: "They are makings...Boo"
  56. Scurvy Jude: "There were a lot of dead in the nightmare that we destroyed."
  57. Kine of Nullic: "Mannnny"
  58. "They deserved nothing...poor things."
  59. (brb you know why)
  60. Abu Baruq: A pity- there was likely a way to access their deeper nightmares, and their greater rewards.
  61. From what I understand, those deeper nightmares contained within still exist, but they cannot reach the Kingdoms of Day without finding a lesser, weaker nightmare to use as a conduit.
  62. But do not concern yourself with a deep delve- I merely wish to enlighten you as to nightmare rituals, and this will be a shallow excursion only!
  63. Kine of Nullic: "Why do you wish us to know this?"
  64. "I only have so much room in my head..."
  65. "LEss than most..."
  66. Scurvy Jude: Can I roll forbiden lore for the ritual he's doing?
  67. Abu Baruq: Well, Jude has triumphed against multiple nightmares, and sold to me both times! It's only natural to be pleased to meet someone else who can handle themself, and to invest in them.
  68. Wizzzargh (GM): No need Jude- he's going to explain it and even give you a copy.
  69. Scurvy Jude: I wanna learn something cool about it though, something he doesn't know.
  70. Lile "oh btw it'll turn you into a 12hd wyrm if you break this line here..."
  71. Oh well, I'll get a chance to use my new feat sooner or later.
  72. Wizzzargh (GM): The ritual is completed soon enough- a dark gateway replaces the head of the bandit, and the wineskin crumbles to dust. 15
  73. Abu Baruq: I have expended enough energy to make the gateway in and out permanent, so if you need to flee, you need not retrieve the Anchor- simply go back the way you came.
  74. Kine of Nullic: "interesting...?"
  75. Scurvy Jude: "Thanks fer that. I thought you were coming along?"
  76. Hp:7
  77. Abu Baruq: If you have no objection to me taking a share of any treasure, me and my men would be delighted to accompany you.
  78. Kine of Nullic grumbles.
  79. Kine of Nullic: "You just wanted to show us this?"
  80. Scurvy Jude: "Well, it looks like my companion here has qualms with it, at least. If we can't handle it, you'll get it all, I suppose."
  81. Kine of Nullic: "We have seen that nightmare.
  82. Wizzzargh (GM): Baruq smirks. "I wouldn't be so sure..."
  83. Scurvy Jude: "Well, any advice from the expert?"
  84. Kine of Nullic: "What do you mean?"
  85. "It makes?"
  86. "What is with everything making!?"
  87. Abu Baruq: Take few risks! I know not what awaits you, only that it is a shallow nightmare and should not be unduly dangerous.
  88. But they are ever treacherous and resistant to those He nods at Kine who seek to unmake them.
  89. Kine of Nullic: "I do not make... or unmake... I give to nothing..."
  90. "Anyway... this is filling my head..."
  91. "We best be off...in..."
  92. Scurvy Jude: "Riiight... Well, thanks, I'll be right back."
  93. Scurvy Jude enters the nightmare portal!
  94. Jude recognizes the place! It's the bandit gorge! However, there are Carriers from the Vulches Nightmare flying overhead.
  95. Kine of Nullic follows behind.
  96. Charles P.: if I were a beter roleplayer I would google the syptoms of scurvy and apply them to jude, but that just seems like a lot of effort, plus I'll constantly be forgetting about it.
  97. A powerful thirst afflicts you as soon as you enter- Add a slot of Thirsty to your inventory. It gives 1 encumbrance while you have it. Checking your waterskin, you see it has become empty.
  98. Kine of Nullic: Teeth fall out.
  99. fatigue...
  100. Bloody gums...
  101. rashes
  102. Red spots..
  103. ummm
  104. Kine of Nullic: Loss of appeitate. and pain in muscles.
  105. Scurvy Jude: "This is the place where I met that man. There's a well for us to get a drink from, if we can... That seems like as good a place to start as any."
  106. Kine of Nullic: irratiablilty.
  107. "Man?"
  108. Scurvy Jude: "Uh, he travelled with us for a month... My slave?"
  109. Kine of Nullic: "AH... your man."
  110. Scurvy Jude looks for the hideout
  111. Wizzzargh (GM): Down a tunnel under a tree, just as it was in reality.
  112. Scurvy Jude: Do we need to climb up? It was elevated if I recall.
  113. As*
  114. Wizzzargh (GM): Nah, you're probably thinking of how you climbed up after descending
  115. Kine of Nullic: "So this is a real, place? Not made?"
  116. Scurvy Jude: "The nightmares aren't real, as we know reality. They're places of dark magic."
  117. Scurvy Jude heads for the well.
  118. Kine of Nullic: "So you meant your man..in a nightmare?"
  119. "Like those children?"
  120. Wizzzargh (GM): Scurvy Jude passes through the room of heads on spikes, then down stairs, then into the room where the two guards gambled at the table.
  121. There are bloodstains and silver pieces on the table, as well as a deck of cards, but no guards.
  122. Kine of Nullic: "Cards..."
  123. Kine of Nullic shuffles through them
  124. Scurvy Jude draws a card!
  125. Wizzzargh (GM): The deck is rather ghastly in design, depicting mutilated bodies, scenes of torture., etc. Still, the suits are legible and the deck is full.
  126. Scurvy Jude: Oh, I didn't see Kine had them already.
  127. Wizzzargh (GM): From beyond this room, you can see the bridge going across the chasm is set up so you may cross.
  128. Scurvy Jude: "We can play a hand after I have a drink, yeah?"
  129. Scurvy Jude leads the way across the bridge
  130. Wizzzargh (GM): The chasm's bottom cannot be seen- in reality, it should be about 25 feet below you. It looks like a bottomless pit-LOOK OUT 6
  131. Kine of Nullic pockets the,
  132. A corpse was dropped from the sky, rebounding off the ropes of the bridge and disappearing into the gloom below!
  133. Ni'Len: There is a blue bird...
  134. Wizzzargh (GM): That's the one that dropped the corpse
  135. Kine of Nullic: "Do you have a bow...?"
  136. Wizzzargh (GM): Nearly whacked Jude as he crossed
  137. Scurvy Jude looks for something to throw...
  138. Wizzzargh (GM): Nothing on the bridge, so it'll have to be something from your inventory
  139. Scurvy Jude hurries across the bridge
  140. Scurvy Jude: If there's another body, I'm gonna catch it.
  141. Wizzzargh (GM): You enter the room where you feasted and betrayed the bandits. The floor and walls are sticky with an unlikely amount of blood.
  142. No corpses or bandits in here, though. There is the hole inthe roof that should lead to bedchambers, above, and the trapdoor that leads down to the well should be somewhere under a silk rug.
  143. Kine of Nullic: "There is no one here..."
  144. Wizzzargh (GM): Your thirst is only increasing.
  145. There should be some wine in some of the chests, as well as silks.
  146. Scurvy Jude: "I suppose he was a little broken up about that. He would have been even more suprised when I killed him though."
  147. Scurvy Jude heads down.
  148. Scurvy Jude: Oh wine?
  149. Wizzzargh (GM): It's a bit closer than the well
  150. Scurvy Jude: I don't remember wine.
  151. Wizzzargh (GM): Roll wis
  152. Scurvy Jude: A measure of wit! 1
  153. Wizzzargh (GM): Jude doesn't remember any wine! A fog clears from his eyes, and he sees something written on the blood on the wall!
  154. Open The Chest Jude
  155. Scurvy Jude: Creepy.
  156. Kine of Nullic: "...Real not real."
  157. Scurvy Jude opens the chest alright... By smashing it against the wall! 7 7
  158. Scurvy Jude: I need some smack...
  159. Wizzzargh (GM): The chest remains shut and intact, but after it lands, you hear skittering and rustling from inside
  160. Like it's full of nothing but rats
  161. Scurvy Jude: "Into the pit with this garbage."
  162. Wizzzargh (GM): Resisting your thirst a while longer, you return to the bridge to pitch the chest (perhaps all 3 chests?) into the chasm
  163. Scurvy Jude: Oh! Can I peg bluebird with them?
  164. Kine of Nullic: You can certianly try
  165. Wizzzargh (GM): They're weighty but Jude IS quite strong
  166. Scurvy Jude shakes the other two chests to see if they skitter
  167. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup, they all sounds suspicious
  168. Scurvy Jude hurls sum chests 25
  169. Wizzzargh (GM): No good- (disadvantage)
  170. Scurvy Jude: "What does real not real mean?"
  171. Wizzzargh (GM): They were too heavy to make good projectiles and you watch glumly as they descend into the gloom
  172. Hold up!
  173. Kine of Nullic: hm?
  174. Scurvy Jude: Hey one of those rolled a 16 so I just need another hit right?
  175. Wizzzargh (GM): There's someone crawling up from the gloom below- a bandit witha scimitar held in his teeth!
  176. Scurvy Jude: Fer disadvantage?
  177. Wizzzargh (GM): I'm just taking the first 2 rolls to be the first thrown chest, so you still have 2 chests
  178. Scurvy Jude: Oh. K.
  179. Wizzzargh (GM): The bandit climbing has seen better days- they're stained with blood head to toe.
  180. Kine of Nullic: aaah
  181. Scurvy Jude: Is there a table?
  182. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup
  183. Scurvy Jude: "I don't know if I really want to wait for that thing to get up here..."
  184. Scurvy Jude points out the bandit
  185. Kine of Nullic: "As in go back?
  186. Or throw things at it. and assume the fall will kill it?"
  187. Scurvy Jude answers by pickin up the table and walking to the archway
  188. Scurvy Jude: "Here's yer welcome wagon!" 2
  189. Wizzzargh (GM): It catches on a rocky outcropping and bounces wide. Curses!
  190. Scurvy Jude is craving sum crack...
  191. Wizzzargh (GM): And water!
  192. Scurvy Jude: ...but mostly crack...
  193. Wizzzargh (GM): In fact, your delay has caused you to take 1 point of dehydration damage!
  194. Scurvy Jude: !
  195. Wizzzargh (GM): This is definitely an unnatural thirst what plagues you
  196. Scurvy Jude throws a chest 23
  197. Kine of Nullic drinks her wine.
  198. Scurvy Jude: ...and one for bluebird too! 16
  199. Wizzzargh (GM): Gravity helps you not at all against bluebird, but aids you against the climber!
  200. It is knocked from the wall and cast into darkness, all without so much as a cry of terror or pain
  201. Kine of Nullic: "I have a sowrd you coulddrop on him.."
  202. "OPE nevermind.."
  203. Scurvy Jude: "Let's get a drink, I'm dying of thirst."
  204. Kine of Nullic hands him her other bottle of wine.
  205. Scurvy Jude opens the trapdoor to head for the well
  206. Scurvy Jude: "No thanks, I think you'll need it more if this well turns out to be dry..."
  207. What looks like an abandoned and thoroughly looted barracks. The well has bloodstains around it.
  208. And is at the far side of the room.
  209. Scurvy Jude heads for the well, looking around for a bucket, or some such.
  210. Kine of Nullic: "I don't know... you are the diseasied one.."
  211. Wizzzargh (GM): There is a bucket ona rope for this very purpose
  212. Scurvy Jude gets sum drink!
  213. The rope extends fully but no splash of water is heard.
  214. Scurvy Jude: I don't want to lose my teeth, so it turns out Scurvy Jude really was Iron deficient Jude all along.
  215. "Dammit."
  216. Scurvy Jude hauls the bucket up.
  217. Scurvy Jude: Was that bird made out of water, perchance?
  218. Wizzzargh (GM): Anothe point of Thirst damage to Jude! Arabella was momentarily sated by wine.
  219. Kine of Nullic: THE BEAST!
  220. Wizzzargh (GM): It did not look like it, Scurvy Jude.
  221. Kine of Nullic: STOLE MINE WINE
  223. Wizzzargh (GM): cough cough
  224. Kine of Nullic: hehehe
  225. Wizzzargh (GM): KINE was sated
  226. Arabella fought stuff in this well
  227. she was on the mind
  228. Kine of Nullic: is cool
  229. "....That bird was blue.."
  230. Scurvy Jude: "Let's check the bedrooms, maybe they've got the anchor."
  231. Scurvy Jude rushes to the bedrooms
  232. Kine of Nullic: "We don't need to wory about the anchor I thought."
  233. "Do you think he will pay us for it?"
  234. "Pay you?"
  235. Wizzzargh (GM): Jude laboriously hauls himself up the rope into the bedrooms.
  236. The silk bedding shifts and writhes, as though many small creatures were beneath it
  237. Kine of Nullic stabs at onesuch lump.
  238. Scurvy Jude: "I'm not sure how it works, there's supposed to be money in here though..."
  239. Kine of Nullic: "Might be the only thing fo money..."
  240. Wizzzargh (GM) re-mentions there were silver pieces on the gambling table back in 7
  241. Scurvy Jude just smashes the whole thing with his sheild 19 4
  242. Kine of Nullic: Yeah.. But I wanted the cards.
  243. Wizzzargh (GM): You each smash and stab a few of the lumps
  244. Scurvy Jude: Nobody wants silver >:(
  245. Gtfo
  246. Kine of Nullic: I mean...
  247. Wizzzargh (GM): Oh so you'll loot 10c bedsheets but not silver coins worth 10c each? Noted, all treasure will come in fabric form
  248. Kine of Nullic: Thnak you
  249. The lumps scurry out from the bedding!
  250. Kine of Nullic: ....like...
  251. Scurvy Jude: Lol. It was a sweep! We just grabbed everything and hoped it added up.
  252. Kine of Nullic: Scarbs?
  253. Wizzzargh (GM): Actually they chew their way out
  254. Yeah, they look like big beetles, but with unnaturally sharp and large mandibles
  255. Scurvy Jude: stomp stomp 24 11
  256. Wizzzargh (GM): 11
  257. Scurvy Jude: That's my third one!
  258. Wizzzargh (GM): Scurvy jude stomps them before they can nibble his fgeetsies
  259. *feetsies
  260. Scurvy Jude: "Let's not bother the rest."
  261. Scurvy Jude does a quick search of the room for water.
  262. Kine of Nullic: "These are thing...I do not like thing."
  263. Wizzzargh (GM): Nothing apparent. Then you hear a voice from below!
  264. Voice: Arabella... now you're the one trapped like a rat, arabella...
  265. Scurvy Jude heads down to talk with the archer.
  266. Kine of Nullic: "....The beast?"
  267. Wizzzargh (GM): The moment Jude shows part of his body over the hole, there's a twang and an arrow 8 1
  268. Whizzes past him.
  269. Kine of Nullic grabs a chest. and drops it down the hole.
  270. Wizzzargh (GM): 1
  271. Kine of Nullic: um...
  272. Voice: Slow, Arabella... come down and use your fists again, see how that turns out... excited giggling
  273. Wizzzargh (GM): (I just rolled a save since you didn't roll an attack)
  274. Scurvy Jude: How many attacks am I going to draw if I rush him?
  275. Kine of Nullic: Yeah. it didn't work.
  276. Wizzzargh (GM): You'll be dropping straight down, so probably an arrow (and the tunnel is not wide so it'll get advantage to hit you). But then you'll land on top of or right next to the archer, so
  277. Scurvy Jude rushes the jerk, he's thirsty dammit!
  278. Wizzzargh (GM): Survy jude drops down the shaft... onto an arrow 16 4
  279. Scurvy Jude: 7 9
  280. I'm snorting smack from now on, I swear.
  281. Wizzzargh (GM): Hah, looks like the arrow caught in his codpiece, released early and without enough force to take out his privates
  282. Kine of Nullic: eek
  283. Scurvy Jude: "Thanks snakegod. ;)"
  284. Wizzzargh (GM): Jude looks at the archer, whose head is caved in but doesn't seem any worse for wear.
  285. Kine can jump down and take a swing too
  286. Scurvy Jude: What's the attack bonus for adventurers?
  287. Wizzzargh (GM): nuffin
  288. Kine of Nullic: 20
  289. Bueno
  290. waiiit.
  291. Damnit
  292. Wizzzargh (GM): ono
  293. attack rolls wanna be high
  294. Kine of Nullic: YAY
  295. Wizzzargh (GM): stat tests wanna be low
  296. Kine does a mighty plunging attack!
  297. Kine of Nullic: "I'll give you nothing!"
  298. Wizzzargh (GM): Max damage o 6
  299. Scurvy Jude: Also, I bet [VOID]ing the emotions of a nightmare would erase it, bc nightmares are magic shaped by emotion.
  300. Kine of Nullic: WooT
  301. Also save
  302. Wizzzargh (GM): 10
  303. No save
  304. Kine of Nullic: herrumph
  305. Scurvy Jude: It might also cause it to explode though...
  306. Wizzzargh (GM): As in 'it did not make the save'
  307. What sense didja wanna turn off
  308. And yes 'emotional sense' totally counts if you wanna see what happens
  309. Kine of Nullic: guna do a wis check to try that.
  310. 6
  311. Scurvy Jude: !
  312. Kine of Nullic: Mhm
  313. We shall see
  314. (one sec)
  315. Wizzzargh (GM): Kine drops, plunging a sword through the archer. nothing happens, then the archer crumples, intact but inert and motionless. Dead or inactive.
  316. Scurvy Jude: stab
  317. Oh wait.. I'll throw him off the cliff.
  318. Kine of Nullic: hahah
  319. "...He went nowhere?"
  320. Scurvy Jude: "Looks like it."
  321. Wizzzargh (GM): Off he goes and- hmm.
  322. Scurvy Jude keeps the bow.
  323. Wizzzargh (GM): So there's a line of blood from where the bloody bandit was climbing up the side of the ravine
  324. Terminated where you dropped a chest on im
  325. You've spotted ANOTHER bloody line on the far side of the ravine though, and it goes all the way up to the top.
  326. Musta happened while you were at the well and bedchamber and all that.
  327. Oh, and 1 more thirst damage unless you down a bottle of wine to avert it. Your lips are cracking and your mouth is bone dry.
  328. Kine of Nullic: The whole bottle?
  329. Wizzzargh (GM): Yup
  330. A point of Drunkness will doubtless ensue
  331. Kine of Nullic: 12 wis
  332. Wizzzargh (GM): Which just makes you critical fumble
  333. Kine of Nullic: Everytime?
  334. Wizzzargh (GM): Nono
  335. Scurvy Jude: "Can't have him cutting the ropes. Let's go take it out, then I'm climbing down that gods damned monster infested well."
  336. Wizzzargh (GM): just like, if you have 1 point of drunkeness, you'd crit fumble on a 1 on attack rolls or a 20 on skill checks
  337. Kine of Nullic: kk
  338. Wizzzargh (GM): 2 points would make it so you fumble on 1-2 for attacks, and 19-20 for skill checks
  339. Kine of Nullic bottles up
  340. Wizzzargh (GM): and so on
  341. Alright, you head back up past the silver coins on the card table and the severed heads in the room above and through the tunnel and another point of thirst damage and you emerge from the tree
  342. And ol bloody bandit is standing near the exit portal
  343. Kine of Nullic: Are we leaving?
  344. Scurvy Jude: Nope.
  345. Wizzzargh (GM): Jude, you can recognize it as the bandit boss you tossed into the gorge. From it's stance, you have a bad feeling about its level of lethal skill..
  346. (It will inflict auto HP damage as a fighter, so be careful)
  347. Scurvy Jude: And has about 10hp if I recall.
  348. Did that chest do 6 damage?
  349. Wizzzargh (GM): Plus whatever the fall did, he looks pretty mangled.
  350. Kine of Nullic: 15
  351. That was a roll for me
  352. Kine of Nullic runs in with sword. "I'll give you nothing!" 9 attack.
  353. Kine of Nullic: bugger
  354. Scurvy Jude shoots him with a bow. 11 4
  355. Scurvy Jude: Oh, nvrmind, I need my sheild out to parry, so that was another punch.
  356. Wizzzargh (GM): The mangled, crimson-stained corpse twirls past Kine's lunge and directs a throat-cutting slice at Jude's guard! 14 14
  357. Scurvy Jude: Eek!
  358. Wizzzargh (GM): 6 auto damage
  359. or is your AC 14
  360. ok, is 15 looks lie
  361. Scurvy Jude: How does ac work again?
  362. Wizzzargh (GM): gotta roll equal or greater to hit
  363. Scurvy Jude: 15 yeah.
  364. Wizzzargh (GM): on a d20, plus any bonuses to hit you may or may not have
  365. Scurvy Jude: Do I need the parry skill to sunder a sheild?
  366. Just working out some crunch here...
  367. Wizzzargh (GM): You do not, it's just that Parry lets you sunder it for -12 damage instead of -1d12
  368. Scurvy Jude parries the blow for 7
  369. Kine of Nullic: Attacks the villians back 6
  370. Wizzzargh (GM): Shield sundered! But you still have your skill parry available, so!
  371. Scurvy Jude: No, that's my parry for the day, but will I be able to sunder later?
  372. Wizzzargh (GM): Okay, then yes
  373. He's circling around Jude Kine- you can't get a good shot!
  374. Scurvy Jude: Cool, I was wondering just how meta that feature was.
  375. Kine of Nullic: "JUST LET ME SHOW YOU NOWHERE!"
  376. Scurvy Jude tries the ole punch em really hard 14 10
  377. Kine of Nullic: how are you doing two attacks?
  378. Wizzzargh (GM): He's not
  379. Kine of Nullic: OH
  380. attack and damage at once
  381. kk
  382. Wizzzargh (GM): Scurvy Jude slides under the blow deflected with his shield and lands a tooth-shattering blow to the jaw of the bloodstained bandit boss, who drops.
  383. Kine of Nullic stabs the mane.
  384. Scurvy Jude wipes his fist off
  385. Wizzzargh (GM): No response when you drop a sword into him
  386. Kine of Nullic searches him for coin. and takes his sword.
  387. Scurvy Jude: "I really need a weapon."
  388. Kine of Nullic: "I have two swords..."
  389. Scurvy Jude pats the scimitar at his waist
  390. Wizzzargh (GM): It is a scimitar of the sort commonly used by caravan guards. You think you see a glimpse of someone with an eyepatch reflected in it, then it is gone.
  391. Scurvy Jude: "I've got one of those too, their sized for a more common man than myself, though."
  392. They're*
  393. Wizzzargh (GM): The bow Jude took is like a toy in his arms, honestly
  394. Kine of Nullic: "Uncommon?"
  395. Scurvy Jude makes for the well postehaste.
  396. Wizzzargh (GM): Another point of Thirsty damage!
  397. Scurvy Jude: 3hp
  398. I really can't see Kine producing an inspiring speech though.
  399. Kine of Nullic: eh?
  400. Wizzzargh (GM): One way to reroll HP is to have the party leader deliver an inspiring speech, though the leader gets no benefit themselves.
  401. Kine of Nullic: ah
  402. nah
  403. "Let us bring this making to the man."
  404. Wizzzargh (GM): Down the well, Jude finds no water, just a darkness like that which obscures the bottom of the ravien.
  405. *Ravine
  406. Strange noises come from the gloomy depths.
  407. Scurvy Jude: "Well, shit."
  408. Scurvy Jude eyes the Fighters blade hopefully...
  409. Scurvy Jude: Oooh! Can I roll forbidden lore for that noise?
  410. Wizzzargh (GM): Yes
  411. Kine of Nullic: Can I roll nothing on this place?
  412. Scurvy Jude: 19
  413. 1!
  414. Wizzzargh (GM): You can Kine. I expect nothing will come of it
  415. Kine of Nullic: 16
  416. Wizzzargh (GM): The darkness obscuring the base of the ravine is not the Void, Kine. It's a something, not a nothing.
  417. Scurvy jude!
  418. The noise sounds exactly like the time a giant snail latched onto the pirate ship.
  419. Legends say they grow to the size of cottages, and contain pearls just as clams do
  420. Kine of Nullic: ...
  421. Don't.
  422. Wizzzargh (GM): You suspect this is a lower level of Nightmare
  423. Kine of Nullic: Do.
  424. EEEt.
  425. Wizzzargh (GM): And that descending will take you somewhere Baruq did NOT recommend
  426. Scurvy Jude: So, what are the odds that that sword is the anchor for this level?
  427. Wizzzargh (GM): Doesn't seem to fit- this is the Nightmare of your Slave, not the bandit boss
  428. Scurvy Jude: Well crap. My hp is leeching away and we've explored most of this place...
  429. Kine of Nullic: where haven't we gone?
  430. Scurvy Jude goes and starts shooting at the bird 9 3
  431. Kine of Nullic shouts at it loudly
  432. Wizzzargh (GM): Though dumb luck mostly, the eyeless chain-dangling carrier bird avoids your shot.
  433. Scurvy Jude: "There was a secret room, but the bandits never found it, so I doubt that's where the anchor is."
  434. Scurvy Jude points to the pull chain.
  435. Wizzzargh (GM): Well, the slave found it cuz you brought him with
  436. Scurvy Jude: "Watch out, a rock falls when you open it."
  437. Scurvy Jude keeps shooting 7 7
  438. Wizzzargh (GM): tell ya what
  439. you run out of arrows but eventually shoot down the blue bird
  440. It crumbles to feathers and dust
  441. Scurvy Jude: Sounds good to me.
  442. Kine of Nullic: not water.
  443. damn
  444. Wizzzargh (GM): Whatever you do next, it'll incur another point of Thirst
  445. Scurvy Jude opens the secret room!
  446. Wizzzargh (GM): So thirsty!
  447. The moonlit sword-wielding armors stand at the end
  448. They are holind their swords pointing UP though- something that should be impossible for a simple armored suit with a skeleton inside.
  449. There is a 'Clunk' and the expected trap-rock falls from the ceiling
  450. The Rock draws your attention, however- it has jude's face carved on it on the front and back- one shouting and looking concerned, and one looking quietly homicidal
  451. Scurvy Jude pick up the stone.
  452. Scurvy Jude: Picks*
  453. "Well that's just sad."
  454. Wizzzargh (GM): Bam, you think THIS is the anchor.
  455. Also!
  456. Removing the anchor will collapse the realm... and bar access to any dreams of looting a giant nightmare snail for a giant nightmare pearl below
  457. Kine of Nullic: sorry my comp decided to turn off
  458. with no warning
  459. Scurvy Jude: "Maybe we can just bring the rock down? Bc rocks are worth a lot less than pearls."
  460. Wizzzargh (GM): Baruq mentioned he had created a stable portal
  461. Kine of Nullic: "We can bring it to the edge of the nightmare... So our friend can see it?"
  462. Wizzzargh (GM): You can let this level fester in Neth and come back later
  463. Scurvy Jude: "Let's take a lunchbreak!"
  464. Kine of Nullic: "Lunch...break?"
  465. Ni'Len: yeah, Iam good with just looting the rest of it.
  466. Scurvy Jude: Cool.
  467. "Yeah I'm thirsty."
  468. Wizzzargh (GM): aight, so leaving the anchor in place and leaving to get a drink?
  469. Scurvy Jude sets the stone on that table and heads back for some lunch.
  470. Kine of Nullic: Mhm, taking the fabrics, silver, and the rest of it
  471. Scurvy Jude: Lootin fer a livin ;)
  472. Wizzzargh (GM): Fabrics will disturb the creatures in the bed (and the chests that had silks in them were tossed into a ravine)
  473. *allegedly had silks
  474. In any case, there were 93 silver coins
  475. Kine of Nullic: You know what would be cool.
  476. Scurvy Jude: We have the bow, a weird deck of cards, some silver, and the sword. Not much, but that pearl will make up for it I'm sure.
  477. Kine of Nullic: 46.5
  478. Scurvy Jude: 46.5
  479. Heh.
  480. Kine of Nullic: Heh.
  481. Sooo 4gc 6 sc and 5 cc?
  482. Wizzzargh (GM): yup
  483. Baruq inquires as to how things went upon your exit.
  484. Kine of Nullic: HALF WAY THERE
  485. Scurvy Jude: "Great. But the anchor is just a stone with my face on it."
  486. Kine of Nullic: "If we need to close it at anytime."
  487. I would like more wine.
  488. Scurvy Jude mentions about the giant snail and pearls.
  489. Baruq: Interesting. Perhaps you were the worst thing that ever happened to this individual and so left that impression...
  490. Oho, you see? Now, the... enhancement brought about by the sacrifice of the wineskin will extend even to deeper discovered levels, so be prepared should you decide to delve deeper.
  491. As for myself, I have other appointments I must attend to. I have left a scroll detailing the ritual we used- it has the rather drab codename of 'Borehole.' Do with it as you please, and by all means contact me again should you recover more Anchors.
  492. Scurvy Jude: "Will do, thanks."
  493. I suggest we come back tommorow so Jude can buy a sword and regain his parry feature.
  494. Scurvy Jude pockets the ritual.
  495. Kine of Nullic: Thought you had a sword?
  496. how much for a few bottles of wine?
  497. Wizzzargh (GM): Assuming nothing fancy, a silver each
  498. Kine of Nullic: It could be super cheap
  499. might be better if it were actually
  500. Vingeary.
  501. evem
  502. Wizzzargh (GM): You can get low quality wine for 5c!
  503. Kine of Nullic: Nice!
  504. Scurvy Jude: Price on a twohanded sword? Which Jude will weild as a bastard sword.
  505. Wizzzargh (GM): 60c Jude
  506. d8 1handed, d10 2handed
  507. 2 inv slots
  508. Kine of Nullic: 935...
  509. Wizzzargh (GM): Aight, Ni'len is allegedly leaving pretty soon, and delving back inside will lead you into 2 troubles- Nightmares have infinite monsters spawned from pure malevolence so they're never 'cleared'
  510. Kine of Nullic: I need 935 more
  511. Wizzzargh (GM): And snail land ain't even prepped
  512. So I reckon we should call this short session
  513. Scurvy Jude: I will be totally fine with a snail fight and no dungeon at all...
  514. Kine of Nullic: TTFN
  515. Wizzzargh (GM): cya
  516. Scurvy Jude: I was planning to just leap down the well and try to kill it with fall damage in fact. So a snail dungeon will be problamatic...
  517. Wizzzargh (GM): Spoilers
  518. Scurvy Jude: Bc jude will die of fall damage instead of landing on a nice soft snail.
  519. Wizzzargh (GM): the snail IS the dungeon
  520. !
  521. Kine of Nullic: jelly
  522. I am jelly
  523. Scurvy Jude: Oh dear.
  524. Wizzzargh (GM): skeleton jelly?
  525. Scurvy Jude: I hope oxygen deprivation isn't a thing in the nightmare realms.
  526. Wizzzargh (GM): if it's bad, it's in nightmare realms
  527. Kine of Nullic: That worry is why I would like to level up.
  528. Then it won't be a worry
  529. Wizzzargh (GM): Oh btw, label the sword as Boss's Sword and the bow as jafar's Bow
  530. lest we forget
  531. Kine of Nullic: kk
  532. Scurvy Jude: So, are we callin it a day? I've got 3-4 more hours, if not.
  533. Kine of Nullic: damage?
  534. I will be back in 3-4 hours if so.
  535. damage for the boss sword that is
  536. Scurvy Jude: Can I sell the bow and commision a giant one that can fire special large arrows tha add str modifiers to damage?
  537. Wizzzargh (GM): Damage is as normal
  538. Kine of Nullic: d12?
  539. nice
  540. :-p
  541. Wizzzargh (GM): as HD you... you....
  543. Kine of Nullic: nani?
  544. Wizzzargh (GM): (Your HD is d6, so you do d6 with 1handed weapons and ranged, and d8 with 2handers and guns)
  545. Kine of Nullic: ooooh
  546. Wizzzargh (GM): Also Jude
  547. Kine of Nullic: k
  548. Wizzzargh (GM): a Greatbow like that would require some questing to get
  549. Appropriate wood and an appropriate Bowyer
  550. Scurvy Jude rolls forbidden lore 27
  551. Scurvy Jude: Aw, a fail.
  552. Wizzzargh (GM): And as failure on Forbidden Lore cements how screwed you are...
  553. You're probably looking for such a Bowyer in Vint-Savoth
  554. Home of ludicrous custom weapons, and on the other side of the world
  555. Scurvy Jude: So, got time for the adventures of Ivod?
  556. Wizzzargh (GM): Not today! And probably not tomorrow either
  557. Tomorrow being no good for me, not ivod in particular
  558. Scurvy Jude: Alight. Gg, see ya later.
  559. Wizzzargh (GM): cya
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