The Triple Scorre Threat

DoomVroom Jun 19th, 2015 15 Never
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  1. Underscorre watched through a pair of binoculars as Doom Vroom's skeleton danced off into the sunset. One neighbor down, the rest of the neighborhood to go; the timing was perfect. Underscorre watched as the police and paramedics packed up and left, he then set out to make his dream a reality. There could only be one Creepypasta user!
  3. With lemon in hand Underscorre approached Jay Ten's - Jay Ten and Doom Vroom are neighbors- house and went about rubbing the lemon against the siding of Jay Ten's house. Underscorre rubbed the lemon against the house so fast that it caught fire and soon spread to the deceased Doom Vroom's house.
  5. Jay Ten was no slouch and had Underscorre's motivations pegged from the get-go, his powdered wig wasn't just for show. Jay Ten jumped through a window and tackled Underscorre as his house burned to the ground. The battle was so intense that it is beyond my literary skills. However, the fight was broken up by Slanderman, The Break, and Jeff teh Tiller.
  7. The reason that the big three became involved in the battle is unknown to this day, however it is clear that they both disliked Underscorre and Jay Ten (possibly because they were worried about being deleted from the wiki).
  9. Slanderman initiated the breaking up of the fight by shouting insults and mixing them with sailor talk, while Jeff teh Tiller handed The Break a computer as he went off to do Jay Ten and Underscorre's chores to spite them. The computer contained a file called Sanic.exe which would instantly kill those who saw it, however The Break dropped the computer which destroyed it, because it is clumsy and has a tendency to break anything it touches (thus the name).
  11. The Break slumped onto the ground with deep regret. Jay Ten picked up The Break and threw it into the fire which killed it and broke the fire, thus saving Jay Ten's house. Underscorre engaged Slanderman in a "Yo Momma Fight" and defeated him. I cannot express the words as not only do I lack the skill to replicate them, but I'd also be banned like Banning, but I assure you that Underscorre triumphed with grace.
  13. The defeated Slanderman ran off crying into the woods, while Jay Ten and Underscorre became united as administrators. Underscorre came to realize that The Creepypasta wiki wasn't doomed to fail due to bad stories as long as Quality Standards were established and he ended up working together with Jay Ten to come up with a list.
  15. Off in the distance Empyre lowered a pair of binoculars and readjusted his monocle.
  17. For reference on Jeff teh Tiller and the purpose of shameless self demotion*:
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