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DartCraft Beta 0.2.19 Changelog

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May 29th, 2014
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  1. Beta 0.2.19
  2. - Bugfix: The Zelda Hud no longer shows empty health when a player has less than 1/2 a heart left.
  3. - Bugfix: DartCraft should now add Force Grinding recipes for ores that are added too late to have been recognized previously.
  4. - Bugfix: The Force Grinding recipe for Force Furnaces now returns 3 Force Ingots and 2 Iron Ingots, instead of 5 Force Ingots.
  5. - Bugfix: Fixed a bug where certain DartCraft items could be errantly re-infused with different upgrades.
  6. - Bugfix: Fixed a possible NPE when holding mod items that use similar data structures to dartcraft upgraded items.
  7. - Bugfix: Removed the Force Pack Upgrade as an upgrade material when Initial Pack Size is already set to maximum.
  8. - Force Torches can now trigger a tome's upgrade data the first time that upgrade is used. This allows the Time upgrade to be trigged from a Force Torch, which is especially helpful if Time Rods are disabled for some reason and Time Torches are not.
  9. - Added a config option to modify the base amount of resources used by the infuser. This can be decreased to 1/4 or increased all the way up to 4x. It is not recommended to change this value.
  10. - Massively toned down particle effects when Force Leaves are broken.
  11. - Diamond Dust has now been added to the Ore Dictionary as "dustDiamond". This can be disabled in the config if so desired. DartCraft recipes and implements cannot use Diamond Dust other than DartCraft's.
  12. - Dart Iron can now be infused, one at a time, in the infuser into Force Ingots. Liquid Force and MJ are required for this.
  13. - Added Force Canes as a Tier 4 IC2 Crop. These can only be obtained by crossbreeding. Similar to Stickreeds, Force Canes will mature into reed-like plants, but they will yield Force Gems when harvested. Force Canes look similar to Sugar Cane and Stickreeds, but are tinted yellow instead of green and cannot be harvested until they reach maturity.
  14. - Added Yu Canes as a Tier 8 IC2 Crop. Yu Canes yield small chunks of u Matter which can be combined into UU-Matter from IC2. It takes 4 pieces of u Matter to make one UU-Matter.
  15. - Added old-school UU-Matter recipes back into the fold, as well as some new DartCraft ones. These recipes and Yu Canes can be disabled in the config.
  16. - Added the "Force Burst" system. Players can hold down the Force Burst hotkey to build up charge. Players can then right-click while holding the hotkey to burst forward and/or upward slightly at the cost of magic. Force Bursting cannot be used again while in the air. Magic use can be disabled in the config.
  17. - Charging a Force Burst itself does not use Magic, but holding a a max charge burst will slowly decrease a player's magic.
  18. - Force Bursting offers some Fall Damage grace for a short duration.
  19. - Force Bursting is more effective for players wearing Force Armor with the Wing upgrade present.
  20. - Force Bursting also adds exhaustion (hunger) to a player. Be careful.
  21. - Added the "FartCraft" config option. When enabled Force Bursts will sound like expulsions of gas, and will also help certain crops grow faster. This is a per-client option that can be set by each individual player.
  22. - Force Farts will also work on IC2 Crops to some degree as well as crops from the Magical Crops mod. This growth effect can be disabled server-side.
  23. - Force Bursting will briefly allow for invulnerability, based on config settings. This only occurs when the burst intensity is at least 50%, and will last for the max duration set in the config multiplied by the intensity coefficient. (Ex. a 75% burst will last 20.0 * 0.75, or 15 ticks.) Default number of ticks is 20. (1 second.) This can be disabled in the config.
  24. - Force Bursting can be set to only work when Force Armor with the Wing upgrade is present on the player, or even completely disabled as well. By default it is allowed from player spawn. (As long as they have magic.)
  25. - The Force Burst hotkey is F by default. The default hotkey for the Force Key is now V.
  26. - Freezing is now a Tier 2 upgrade.
  27. - Bane is now a Tier 4 upgrade.
  28. - Rotten Flesh can now be frozen into Leather using Force Freezing recipes.
  29. - Force Ingots can now be crafted by combining "ingotLead" or "ingotNickel" with a Force Gem. Both of these recipes output two ingots and can also be used in Forestry's Carpenter.
  30. - Added Ex Nihilo integration. Force Saplings, Feces and Eggs can occasionally be sieved from Dirt blocks, and Force Gems can rarely be sieved from Gravel blocks. Feces can also be composted to fill 1/4 a barrel while Force Saplings and Force Leaves fill 1/8 a barrel.
  31. - Added the Force Biome. This biome is tinted slightly yellow, will generate Oak/Birch trees and occasionally Force Trees. Amount of Farm animal spawns are up as well, and monster spawns in this biome can be disabled via a config setting, if you so choose. Dirt and Gravel does not spawn below the surface, allowing for more streamlined mining efforts, and IC2 crops will grow more easily and effectively due to the increased fertility of the soil. Power Ore is more common in this biome, and occasionally underwater lakes will contain Liquid Force instead of Water. This biome's generation can be disabled in the config.
  32. - Added Fairies and Fairy Fountains. Fairy Fountains will randomly spawn in new chunks and contain mystical pools of water illuminated by a strange power. Fairies will occasionally spawn from these fountains and they will restore a player's health when touched. Spawn rates for fountains can be changed and they can even be disabled.
  33. - Fairies can be stored inside Force Flasks, and when present in a player's inventory when they die that player will respawn in the same dimension at the point where they died with all their items and experience in tact, expending both the Flask and Fairy in the process.
  34. - Added the option to regenerate Fairy Fountains, as well as control the speed with which regeneration occurs. By default it waits 10 ticks between each chunk regeneration, but the time can be decreased to 0 or even increased up to 100.
  35. - Added Force Rod variations to NEI based on which upgrades are allowed in the config.
  36. - Added Zelda style Bombs. Bombs are crafted using Fire Charges and Golden Power Source. Right-clicking a bomb will place it down in the world, where it will explode after the configured amount of time. By default the explosion will destroy all blocks that are destructible via explosion based on its configured strength. Also by default Bombs will not destroy ore blocks but instead drop them into the world as temporary indestructible items.
  37. - By default Bombs will harm players, but they can be configured to not harm players.
  38. - Added the Super Bomb, crafted from normal Bombs. The Super Bomb has 4x the fuse and by default 8x the power of the normal Bomb. Super Bombs will not drop any blocks by default and can also be configured to destroy bedrock as well.
  39. - Bombs and Super Bombs have been given familiar sound and visual effects.
  40. - Bombs and Super Bombs do not like to get wet. If they fall into water or are rained on they will defuse and disintegrate.
  41. - Added Unbreakable Force Bricks in all the 16 colors. These blocks cannot be crafted or broken and are only used by DartCraft structures.
  42. - Fairy Fountains have been given an unbreachable perimeter using Unbreakable Gray Force Bricks. However, on two of their sides there are slightly cracked bricks that can be bombed away, giving players access to the fountain and fairies within. Only DartCraft Bombs and Super Bombs can break these cracked blocks.
  43. - Force Furnace Experience Core experience bonus is now only 2x instead of 10x by default. This is now configurable as well.
  44. - Added 3D models for Chu Jelly.
  45. - Added crappy 3D models for Force Rods. Force Rods now each have their own individual gem color as well.
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