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  1.                                 Exile: Escape from the Pit for Macintosh
  3. [1/31/1995 release] Version 1.0
  4. Initial release
  6. [2/9/1995 build] Version 1.0.5
  7. Your save slots from Exile 1.0 are fully compatible with Exile 1.0.5.
  9. Exile 1.0.5 is different from Exile 1.0 in many ways:
  10.  - the bug that made the game crash on the II, IIx, IIcx, and older Macs has
  11.     been fixed
  12.  - you can now access a window giving you detailed information on your
  13.     characters and their items
  14.  - spell selection has been revamped, so that all the decisions may be made
  15.     from one window
  16.  - when casting offensive spells or firing missiles, a targeting line now
  17.     appears
  18.  - when moving using that keypad, holding the key down has you keep moving
  19.  - many small bugs and problems have been fixed, and many other things have
  20.     been streamlined
  22. [you can't register this version with a later versions misc.dat]
  24. [3/9/1995 b] Version 1.1
  25. This edition contains many new features and improvements.
  26. These are listed below, and the full description follows.
  28. 1. Saved maps. You can now have your maps included in your save files. No more
  29. tedious remapping!
  30. 2. Item storage. There are now spaces in towns to store your excess items.
  31. 3. Streamlined talking. 'Buy' and 'Sell' buttons make dealing with
  32. merchants/sages/trainers/whatever much easier.
  33. 4. Many small bug fixes.
  34. 6. Better sound and some graphics improvements.
  35. 7. Can now load a save file by double-clicking.
  37. Section 2: What's new in Exile 1.1?
  39.      Exile 1.1 has many improvements over the previous versions, some major, some subtle. Fortunately, for people coming from previous versions, old save slots are totally compatable.
  41. Change I - Saved Maps
  43.      Perhaps most importantly, maps for town and the outdoors are now remembered. When you reenter a town, the map will show everything you saw on previous visits. What is more important, you can now have this information included in your save files.
  44.      Maps are not automatically included in save files. To have them included, select the Save Maps option from the Options menu. Be warned - this will increase the size of the save files by about 50K.
  46. Change II - Item storage
  48.      It's very easy to have many more useful items than places to store them. Fortunately, there are now rooms in Silvar and the Castle where these items can be kept, so that they'll still be there when you re-enter town. You will have to do some talking to people to figure out where these rooms are.
  49.      Be warned - only 110 items are kept track of when you're in town. Don't try to store more than that.
  51. Change III - Spell selection
  53.      Spell selection has been streamlined since 1.0.5. When picking a spell, first click on the caster (in the upper left of the spell selection window), then the spell to cast
  54. (from the list in the lower half), then, if necessary, the PC to cast it on (in the upper right).
  56. Change IV - Waiting in combat
  58.      The "Attack Again" option from 1.0.5 and before has been removed. Instead, there is now a "Wait" button. Selecting this has the active character delay his/her action to after everyone else has acted. This can also be done by hitting 'w'.
  60. Change V - Alchemy info
  62.      Selecting Alchemy Info from the Options menu displays a screen showing which alchemical concoctions you know how to make.
  64. Change VI - Streamlined Talking
  66.      'Buy' and 'Sell' buttons have been added to the talk window. When you press the 'Buy' button, you can access whatever that character has to sell, be it items or healing or training or whatever. Hitting Sell works the same way.
  67.      Note, however, a few people sell secret things. These won't be accessed by the Buy button. You have to find out what to ask about in other ways.
  69. Change VII - Bug Fixes
  71.      As is to be expected, many small bugs have been repaired.
  73. [changed folder icon from mushroom to gate]
  75. [4/9/1995 b] Version 1.1.2
  76. Exile 1.1.2 has many bug fixes and minor improvements over 1.1:
  77.         1. A bug making weapons less accurate has been fixed.
  78.         2. Many other small bug have been fixed as well.
  79.         3. Improved graphics have been added.
  81. There was a bug in version 1.1 that made outdoor maps occasionally disappear.
  82. This was fixed in version 1.1.2, which is available on AOL and CompuServe
  83. and should be at the ftp sites by now.
  85. [title screen changed, some graphics have more shading, the cave walls are pink now, etc.]
  87. [5/30/1995 b] Version 1.1.3
  88. Exile 1.1.3 has several improvements over 1.1.2, including:
  89. 1. Getting items has been vastly improved. A window displaying all nearby items comes up, and you click on which ones you want.
  90. 2. Some improved graphics.
  91. 3. A rare bug which occasionally makes dialogs come up blank has been fixed.
  92. 4. As always, some other small bugs have been fixed.
  93. 5. The Exile FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file has been included.
  95. [6/11/1995 b] Version 1.2      
  96. >>> What's New in 1.2 <<<
  98. 1. There is now a Save button on the talk dialog. Hitting that button
  99. takes whatever the person you're speaking to just said, and appends
  100. it onto the file Exile Talk. This provides simple note-taking for talking.
  102. 2. Background music - Exile 1.2 can play MOD or MAD files in the
  103. background! This version of Exile comes with the file Exile Music.
  104. Make sure it's in the same folder as Exile 1.2.
  105. Should you want background music,
  106.  i. From the Finder, select More Info (command-I) on Exile. Increase
  107.  the memory given to the application by 100k (if you play your own,
  108.  large sound files, you may need to add even more.)
  109.  ii. Run Exile, and select Play Music from the music menu.
  111. To play your own MOD or MAD file, place it in the Exile folder and name it
  112. "Exile Music."
  114. 3. Several minor bugs, including the bug that sometimes made Grah-Hoth
  115. free himself, have been fixed.
  117. [8/8/1995 b] Version 1.3
  118. >>> What's New in 1.3 <<<
  120. This is a major upgrade, with many wondrous new features:
  122. 1. Combat has been reprogrammed to work under an action points system. You can now
  123. move several spaces a turn, instead of just one. combat now moves much more quickly
  124. and smoothly.
  125. 2. The Exile window is larger, and the status screen has been reworked. The display is now easier to understand and looks much nicer.
  126. 3. There is now a text bar under the terrain screen, reminding you where you are and
  127. mentioning what's going on in combat.
  129. [1/20/1996 b] Version 1.3.1
  130. >>> What's New in 1.3.1 <<<
  132. 1. Spiffy new title screen, and nice new game screen layout and buttons.
  133. 2. More small bug fixes.
  134. 3. You can now have a missile, a tool, and a weapon equipped at the same time -
  135.    no more tedious swapping items in and out.
  137. [11/10/1996 b] Version 2.0
  138. >>> What's New in 2.0 <<<
  140. 1. Completely redone graphics.
  142. [1/5/1999 b] Version 2.0.1
  143. [removed Fantasoft branding]
  146.                                 Exile Editor for Macintosh
  148. [3/7/1995 b] Version 1.0
  149. Initial release
  151. [4/9/1995 b] Version 1.1
  152. (Improvements over 1.0 include bug fixes, and more free features.)
  154. Exile v1.1 has new free features:
  155. Unkill All Dragons and Escape Town.
  158.                                 Exile II: Crystal Souls for Macintosh
  160. [?] Version 1.0
  161. [initial release]
  163. Important note:
  164. Some of the copies of Exile II: Crystal Souls v1.0 that have been travelling around were corrupted. If this update doesn't solve your problems and you're getting strange errors, you may want to redownload the entire program.
  166. [11/29/1995 b] Version 1.0.1
  167. Changes between versions 1.0 and 1.0.1:
  168. Many, many small bugs have been fixed. Also, version 1.0.1 of the editor can restore all of your boats to their original positions.
  170. [12/21/1995 b] Version 1.0.2
  171. Changes between versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2:
  172. 1. Many tiny bug fixes.
  173. 2. A crashing bug when too many monsters are summoned is fixed
  174. 3. A loophole allowing obscene bonuses in character creation has been removed.
  175. 4. The Wand of Rats no longer crashes the game when you use it in town mode.
  177. >  3) Has anyone else run into a bug where some Empire raiders
  178. >     suddenly transform into Cotra refugees when you run into
  179. >     them?
  181. This will be fixed in 1.0.2.
  183. [1/24/1996 b] Version 1.0.3
  184. Changes between versions 1.0.2 and 1.0.3:
  185. 1. New graphics for outdoors! The cave ground has a nice stone Texture, as opposed to the boring gray.
  186. 2. The Editor will no longer take away a Crystal Soul once you have place it in the Shrine of Crystals (this fixes something that was screwing people's games up).
  187. 3. A bug causing people to sometimes forget a certain ritual learned in the Barrier Tower has been fixed. If you've already gained this ritual, you may have to go back and relearn it, if you freed the demon after gaining it.
  188. 4. It is no longer possible to leave Akhronath without the key.
  189. 5. Other tiny bugs have been fixed
  191. [11/10/1996 b] Version 2.0
  192. Changes between versions 1.0.3 and 2.0:
  193. 1. Gorgeous, completely revamped graphics.
  194. 2. A variety of minor bug fixes.
  196. [?] Version 2.0.1
  197. [?]
  199. [3/17/1997 b] Version 2.0.1b
  200. Upgrade note - If you downloaded versionb 2.0.1 before March 17, 1997, there was a small glitch in the upload, which interfered with the targeting of spells. Download the current upgrade, and it will correct the problem. Sorry about that!
  202. [10/26/1998 b] Version 2.0.2
  203. [?]
  205. [2/19/1999 b] Version 2.0.3
  206. [removed Fantasoft branding]
  209.                                 Exile III: Ruined World for Macintosh
  211. [1/7/1997 b] Version 1.0 - "The Initial Release, Fabled in Song and Story"
  212.  * Initial release
  214. [1/16/1997 b] Version 1.0.1 - "The Putting Out Fires Release"
  215.  * Game no longer permanently darkens 2nd monitor on 2 monitor systems.
  216.  * New feature - Holding down space when launching game removes opening fade. This makes
  217.    game more stable, and can speed it up as well.
  218.  * New feature - Quite Slow setting in Preferences Window.
  219.  * Problem with getting trapped in Silverlocke's Island fixed.
  220.  * Minor bug and typo fixes.
  222.  Basically, by asking about the right things, it's possible to get orb
  223. stolen type responses before thr ob is actually stolen. Keep playing until
  224. Anazimander says it's stolen when you enter his room and the orb chamber
  225. door is blasted in ... then the theft actually happened.
  227. In 1.0.1 I changed the talking around to make this less likely (though not
  228. impossible) to happen.
  230. >>
  231. When you get the mission from the commandor in Lorelei to recover
  232. the prisoners and effects from the giant fort, she tells you that
  233. the 'The giant's caverns are southwest of here.'.
  234. >>
  236. This is indeed one of many of Exile III's typos. It should be southeast.
  237. I'll fix this before I send out 1.0.1 (hopefully tonight).
  239. Jared Bingham wrote:
  240. > So I kill the big alien slime and head back to talk to the mayor, and what
  241. > does he give me? NOTHING!
  242. >
  243. > Whenever I clicked on "slimes" in any of his text messages, he said
  244. > something about "that's all over now." No nice big bag of gold.
  246. >>
  247. Click on 'Ask About' and enter 'reward' (or just the first four
  248. letters).  He should reward you then.  Took me two days to figure that
  249. out.
  250. >>
  252. This is, of course, not good. In 1.0.1, I'll fix this to make it clearer.
  254. [2/7/1997 b] Version 1.0.2 - "The Correcting the Less Obviously Horrible Bugs Release"
  255.  * It is no longer possible to leave get yourself stuck in the basement of the Keep of Tinraya
  256.    by leaving with your boat in the wrong place.
  257.  * Killing Erika no longer crashes the game.
  258.  * When you encountered the Doomguard in the Guarded Tunnel, and fled without killing it,
  259.    you'd be stuck and unable to win. This has been corrected.
  260.  * The mayor of Lorelei no longer speaks gibberish when asked about 'mayor'.
  261.  * Smoky crystals now combine properly.
  262.  * Other small bug fixes.
  264. The disappearing doomguard in the Guarded Tunnel
  266. (For Macintosh v1.0, v1.0.1): When in the Guarded Tunnel (near Blackcrag Fortress), if the doomguard appears and you leave the dungeon without killing it, you can get permanently stuck. If it appears, either be sure to kill it (so that the portcullis opens) or go back to an older saved game.
  268. The avoidable climactic battle under the Keep of Tinraya
  270. (For Macintosh v1.0, v1.0.1): Under the Keep of Tinraya, when you escape from the cell, sometimes you can flee to the east instead of fighting the big combat to the west. DO NOT DO THIS! Always do the combat to the west first.
  273. [3/18/1997 r] Version 1.0.3 - "The Please Don't Char the Party Release"
  274.  * The quickfire in the Filth Factory will no longer sometimes leap through the trash walls,
  275.    charring the party.
  276.  * Some sounds were replaced.
  277.  * Other small bug fixes.
  279. > I was walking about in the Monastery on of Twan Kwan Leep one day, when I
  280. > went upstairs on the left stairs, come down on the right stairs, when all
  281. > of a sudden boom, there's a click and I'm stuck in the corner of the room
  282. > with anvils.
  284. This is a bug in older versions. If it still happens in 1.0.2, it won't in
  285. 1.0.3. For now, use the leave Town command in the unregistered version of
  286. the editor to lift you out of the stuck spot.
  288. [3/21/1997 b] Version 1.0.3b
  289. The terrain in the small towns is screwed up bug.
  291. (For Macintosh v1.0.3. not 1.0.3b): On 68K machines, the terrain in all of the small towns is messed up. This odd file corruption can be fixed using the 1.0.3b upgrade at www.spidweb.com.
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