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  1. Hi Amazon
  3. I've explained why I cannot provide this knforma in every email since the initial restriction, I've also explained fully why I listed and given evid of purchase that I have.
  5. I have so shown you photos clearly showing that the item is genuine yet you continue to respond with the same message like you have not even been listening or reading my many emails to you
  7. As a buyer I am very impressed by your customer service and delivery times along with great prices however I am severely disappointed in your support for sellers on your platform.
  9. As a result I think I will be forced to look elsewhere to purchase my goods even if it is more expensive or takes longer because I know the system and way you treat sellers on the back end of your system.
  11. It's unfortunate we have to part ways like this as your service on customer side is good it's just a shame you cannot make the same personal effort in dealing with sellers.
  13. I suggest you remove merchant fulfilled and just sell with cooperations and larger businesses because only they will have the information you are requesting here not sole traders like me or the majority of the.sellers that what you are today.
  15. I'm expecting an automated robot response but it's ok I'm mainly writing this for Reddit so others can learn how you treat sellers and simply ignore everything they say and instead automate responses with no way to telephone you or speak to anyone.
  17. Shame on you Amazon
  19. Regards
  21. X buyer X seller
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