Puck Makes Pony Feels

Nov 17th, 2012
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  1. «Puck» oh dear
  2. «Calc» I'm fine with that
  3. «Puck» oh you
  4. «Calc» Alrighty then.
  5. «O-O-T-N» Yes.
  6. «Calc» Is good.
  7. «Puck» indeed
  8. «O-O-T-N» Yee.
  9. «Calc» ..So... Hmm..
  10. «Calc» New episode tonight..
  11. «Puck» so we're talking about spending tomorrow visualising ourselves as ponies all day
  12. «Puck» I mean, yeah, I head it'll have pinkies
  13. «Puck» *heard
  14. «Calc» Wait what to that first sentence
  15. «Ewo» why would you ever not expect that first sentence
  16. « O-O-T-N» Why would you do that, Puck?
  17. «Calc» I have better things to do.
  18. «Calc» Shooting virtual people in the face.
  19. «Puck» "you met me at a very strange time in my life"
  20. «Calc» >tfw you can't shoot virtual people in the face as pone
  21. «Puck» I can!
  22. «Ewo» Also because I'm apparently contagious
  23. «Puck» Pony mod for every game!
  24. «Puck» Its true
  25. «Puck» she is.
  26. «Puck» Deathly so.
  27. «O-O-T-N» >mfw I realize it might be possible to hallucinate yourself as a pony by visualizing it for long enough.
  28. «Puck» OOTN
  30. «Calc» >tulpa
  31. «Calc» >tfw you have no face
  33. «Ewo» I suppose I haven't been male in RP ever
  35. «Puck» please, come in, poni a seat
  36. «Calc» Hey guys.
  37. «Puck» yes?
  38. «Calc» Anyone noticed the new general on /mlp/?
  39. «Puck» nope
  40. «O-O-T-N»» crotchtits?
  41. «Calc» Yeah.
  42. «Puck» oh my what
  43. «O-O-T-N»» Yes, I did notice.
  44. «Calc» I saw the thread get made
  45. «Calc» Well, the thread it originated from
  46. «O-O-T-N»» So did I.
  47. «O-O-T-N»» but yes, Puck. Where are we having this conversation? And when?
  48. «Puck» ootn, picture it.
  49. «Puck» you now have hooves
  50. «O-O-T-N»» Yess.
  51. «Puck» and fuzzy adorable ears
  52. «O-O-T-N»» eeee
  53. «Calc» Make him squee hard, Puck.
  54. «Puck» and all that fuzzy wuzzy fur, its so soft and warm
  55. «O-O-T-N»» Oh god its too much.
  56. «O-O-T-N»» Stooppiiit
  57. «Puck» and you cant help but want to have all these nice things, all day long
  58. «O-O-T-N»» Ohh my goooshh
  59. «Puck» then you can get ear scratches like a good little pony
  60. «Calc» (Mention something about brushie and tails
  61. «O-O-T-N»» nnnnmmahh
  62. «Ewo» holy shit I have never gotten brushied
  63. «Puck» I think we need to all sit down and brush each other
  64. «O-O-T-N»» Collective brushing session? Yes.
  65. «Calc» Weird tingling feels what Puck what the fuck did you do
  66. «Ewo» it's happening.
  67. «Puck» I didn't do anything, not my fault your little pony self wants brushies and belly rubs
  68. «Calc» He's good.
  69. «Calc» He's the replacement Zephyr.
  70. «Ewo» Everyone's little pony self wants brushies and belly rubs
  71. «O-O-T-N»» Oh my god belly rubs.
  72. «O-O-T-N»» I want belly rubs so much.
  73. «Calc» Alright, Puck, let's just say we're in that collective brushing session
  74. «Puck» mm hm
  75. «Calc» Each brush of the hair makes it longer, gives it more pastel colour
  76. «Calc» And before long we'll be brushing our tails
  77. «Puck» aahhhhhhhh
  78. «Puck» my own medicine....
  79. «Ewo» just make it happen goddamn I'm starting to kick my legs
  80. «Puck» it tastes so sweeeeet~
  81. «O-O-T-N»» Aaaahhhh! You guys are too much.
  82. «Puck» that gentle tug on the mane and tail......
  83. «Ewo» Look, you're just doing it now, okay?
  84. «Calc» Brushing the hair over the ear.. Making the ear all colourful and furry
  85. «Ewo» You are now brushing my tail. So my head is satisfied with the feeling coming from a place
  86. «Puck» starting from the base, slowly pulling along its length....
  87. «Calc» (I can imagine 1/3 sitting at his desk curled up in his chair twitching from feels)
  88. «Puck» get out of my room
  89. «O-O-T-N» Hnnnnnmmrr
  90. «O-O-T-N» ImaponyIamaponyIamapony
  91. «Ewo» puck you are giving me brushies okay
  92. «Ewo» like right now
  93. «Puck» that gentle voice from above you as you lay on your cushion... "Good pony."
  94. «Puck» I am indeed
  95. «Ewo» this is going to be worse than when I first discovered pettings
  96. «Calc» Back massage.
  97. «Puck» soft bristles from the brush pushing down through your coat, massaging your skin...
  98. «Calc» I wouldn't be surprised if 1/3 had a tail hanging out of his pant's by now.
  99. «O-O-T-N» I love you guys so much right now.
  100. «Puck» it leaves the fur clean and fluffy, with such a pretty color to it
  101. «Puck» you can't help but feel more and more safe and relaxed as the brush return for each and every stroke
  102. «Ewo» I am actually squirming right now
  103. «Puck» Then the fingers start
  104. «Calc» Imagine if this type of treatment did make people into ponies.
  105. «Puck» slowly pulling through your mane, catching lightly on the soft curls
  106. «O-O-T-N» I'm just going to sit here and writhe in my chair now.
  107. «Puck» gently scratching your skin to and fro as the work their way down your back
  108. «Ewo» I'm on a couch
  109. «O-O-T-N» Being overwhelmed by pony feels.
  110. «Ewo» puck you have a gift
  111. «Calc» What if Ewo had wings, Puck?
  112. «Puck» the other hand lightly sits on your head, working back and forth along the back of your ears
  113. «Ewo» this is no what if situation I do have wings
  114. «O-O-T-N» Wings that need to be preened.
  115. «Calc» Puck? Could you fit wings into this?
  116. «Ewo» Couches are not good for spreading out wings D:
  117. «Calc» Keep going Puck.
  118. «Puck» as the hand moves down, finally pulling free of your springy man, it brushes the base of your wings, sending shivers up your spine
  119. «O-O-T-N» Oh god I felt that one.
  120. «Puck» it works its way out over the leading edge of your wings, gently pulling them from your side
  121. «Ewo» I almost fell off trying to get enough room for my wings
  122. «Puck» the muscles flex relaxingly, and their weight rests gently into the steady grip
  123. «Ewo» You're a terrible person and I love you puck
  124. «Puck» fingers tug softly at each feather, pulling them into place with little dancing shocks of feeling
  125. «O-O-T-N» Eeeeee Puck why are you so good at this?
  126. «Puck» they go deeper, finding more and more sensitive feathers further into the wing, ensuring that each is in its proper place
  127. «O-O-T-N» S-so unfair.
  128. «Puck» the other hand leaves your head to travel down your back and start the same process along the other wing, both of them now working in tandem.
  129. «Calc» How's the writhing, 1/3?
  130. «Puck» your wings are fully unfurled, each pulled softly outward by the little tugs, twitching occasionally from the sensations
  131. «Ewo» you can send two messages in a row
  132. «Ewo» it's okay
  133. «O-O-T-N» Its developed more into catatonic twitching.
  134. «Puck» they finally work their way towards the very tips, where the most sensitive flight feathers twitch with anticipation
  135. «Calc» I don't know why but I'm smiling tons.
  136. «O-O-T-N» ahhh!
  137. «O-O-T-N» I swear to god Puck.
  138. «Calc» (Once he's done I'll pastebin it
  139. «Puck» with a final run along the leading edges of your impressive display the last feathers are pulled into place, and you feel the muscles gently retract in comfort as they fold snugly to you side
  140. «Ewo» I have never had the life goal of getting someone to willingly brush where my tail would be but now I do.
  141. «O-O-T-N» So snug.
  142. «Calc» What about the hooves, Puck?
  143. «Ewo» I think you're a contagious person too, Puck
  144. «Puck» you sigh in bliss as the hands guide them there, and work their way out gently from under them, scratching your sides as they go
  145. «O-O-T-N» Im gonna cry.
  146. «Puck» they slide down your furry sides, creeping together ever so slowly around your chest
  147. «Ewo» damn it I just kicked the wall accidentally
  148. «Puck» the fingers open and close, the hands moving up and down at odds with each other over you belly
  149. «Ewo» I am glad I'm not alone
  150. «Ewo» in enjoying this like this
  151. «Puck» your cant help but squirm side to side as they reach up, almost to your neck, only to plunge back down to very nearly meet your legs folded beneath you
  152. «Puck» every stroke stirring the fur and leaving waves of lasting tingling all along its path
  153. «O-O-T-N» I cant even control myself anymore.
  154. «Puck» the hands slow, increasing the pressure gently, and move out from beneath you to flow under your front legs, up along the sides of your neck
  155. «O-O-T-N» Oh please behind the ears again.
  156. «Puck» scratching and dragging the fur upwards along with them, they sit at the base of your jaw, moving back and forth along the line of your chin
  157. «O-O-T-N» ohhnn thats almost even better.
  158. «Ewo» okay I'm going to be Heartfire for a really good while now
  159. «Puck» they pull back gently a few times along your cheeks, smoothing the fur,and migrate upwards, following your head back along the sides of your mane
  160. «Puck» each set of fingers craw deliciously up the backs of your ears, nails dragging lightly.
  161. «O-O-T-N» oohh nmndsnnmsksdjuhni; mn.k b .knbhjkl;/aq'
  163. «Puck» they then gently cup each ear, and you feel little circular motions along their edges
  164. «O-O-T-N» hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  165. «Puck» the fingers move and scratch, and pinch and pluck their way up and down each rim
  166. «Calc» It's happened.
  167. «Puck» then, almost without notice, they dive back onto the top of your head, scratching at your scalp and pulling through your mane
  168. «Ewo» okay no I can hardly type
  169. «O-O-T-N» Puck, you've broken me.
  170. «O-O-T-N» I'm broken now.
  171. «O-O-T-N» Take reality from me, I dont even want it anymore.
  172. «O-O-T-N» You can have all my stuff.
  173. «O-O-T-N» I'm just going to live in my head from now on.
  174. «Puck» the weight of the gentle movements slowly moves your head down onto the soft cushions, and you let your chin rest in their embrace
  175. «O-O-T-N» And there will be nothing but petting and scratching and rubs for the rest of eternity.
  176. «Ewo» puck we may have another person for this scheme/disease/whatnot
  177. «Puck» warmth surrounds your entire body as you slowly succumb to blissful slumber, and you rest easy in complete and utter comfort.
  178. «Puck» whhhhhuuuhahahhahahhhhhhhhh
  179. «O-O-T-N» Can I just be warm and happy for the rest of my life now?
  180. «Puck» that was the best most painfully good thing I've ever dont
  181. «Puck» *done
  182. «Puck» Yes ootn, I think we can
  183. «O-O-T-N» Good.
  184. «O-O-T-N» All is good with the world.
  185. «Calc» Copypasted it
  186. «O-O-T-N» In my little pony world.
  189. ~~~~~~~~
  190. (Tune: On Top of Old Smokey)
  191. ♪ I am a cute pony~ all covered with fur. I snuggle to sleep~ and try not to stir. ♫
  192. ♪ I roll on the floor~ belly up to the air, so that you would rub me~ through my soft hair. ♫
  193. ♪ I may have been human~ a long time ago, but now this sweet pony~ has nowhere to go. ♫
  194. ♪ So if you pet and you brush me~ you know I'll love you, forever and always~ it will be just us two. ♫
  195. ♪ Now all need is my rest~ to close my wide eyes, and dream of my Master~ so pleasant and wise. ♫
  196. ♪ So please don't you wake me~ just let me sleep, so these wonderful dreams, I may yet keep. ♫
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